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Nikki Delano--Freaky & Geeky

Interview by Rob Perez 

This year’s crop of new girls is one of the strongest in recent memory. While each girl has their own unique qualities, what makes Nikki Delano standout is her down for anything attitude and the confidence she exudes on and off set. On set she is one porn’s most exciting performers to watch, wearing down even the most veteran of cocksmen. Off set, even when speaking with the real Nikki Delano, there’s no stopping her. She intends to go far in porn, not just as a performer but Nikki even has plans for her career post-performing. The John Jay College of Criminal Justice graduate is off to a great start. She’s recently been nominated for XBiz’ prestigious New Starlet of the Year award, and odds are she’ll also be nominated in the same category at the other major awards show next year. She had long lines awaiting her at EXXXotica LA, Miami and New Jersey, at Adultcon, and will be appearing at her first AVN Expo this January. Fresh off the very first Porn Star Roadtrip tour, Nikki is currently the spokesmodel for Two In the Shirt (TITS). And when she’s not doing scenes for major studios such as Brazzers, Wicked, Hustler, Digital Playground, Evil Angel, Bang Bros., Jules Jordan, Naughty America, etc., she’s making mainstream movie appearances. In the 10 months she’s been around, Nikki has clearly made an impact on the adult industry. Read on to find out what Nikki plans on conquering next.


You’ve said in previous interviews that you have always wanted to do porn. Why have you always wanted to enter the business?

I have an infatuation with sex and I also love people watching me. I like the spotlight on me and I love to have sex. I love to fuck. I think combined with those two it makes it ideal. [Laughs]

When you say you love having sex are you picky when it comes to guys?

It depends. I go for looks sometimes. Sometimes I go more for personality because the guys who are really hot are assholes. It all depends.

Have you been with a lot of assholes?

I’ve had my fair share. It’s funny because when you first meet them they’re so sweet but then you get to know who they are and they’re undercover assholes. You can’t really spot them. You got to have a conversation with them to really know what they’re about.


Do you remember when you had this infatuation, this realization about wanting to do porn and being watched?

I started having sex when I was 16 but I started watching porn when I was 18, 19, during college. I didn’t want to stray away from my studies and do porn because it consumes your life and school.

Before porn you were an avid porn watcher?

Yeah I was. I watched porn online.

What kind of porn movies are you into?

I like to see girls with strap-ons fuck each other . . . kind of like ultimate surrender. I think it’s hot.

Have you done scenes like that yet?

I haven’t. People say I should because I do wrestle on the side. I wrestle here and there for Cat Fighting Angels. And I’m good. [Laughs]

Have you done a lot of lesbian scenes?

More so in my personal life. Not so much on camera. I’vedone some on camera with girls but it’s more personal life.

In your personal life are you the one who picks up the girl or is it the other way around?

It’s mutual. Sometimes it could be the girl. Sometimes it could be me. It’s always a mutual thing. It’s more of an eye contact thing. I have good interpersonal skills so I can read people’s body languages so I know when someone likes me.

Would you say you’re a very dominate person?

I am dominant. I like being in control.

With guys you like being dominant?

It’s funny. Say I’m having sex with a girl I like to be dominant. With a guy I like the guy to be dominant.

So when you’re with a guy you like him to be in control, treat you like his little girl?

You can say that. With a guy I like him to be very sensual, sexual and take full control.

When you’re with a guy who’s small is that a disappointment to you?

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Not really. A guy, if he’s small and has good technique and he knows what he’s doing, then it doesn’t make a difference.


Where did you go to college?

I went to college at John Jay School of Criminal Justice and I have a bachelor’s degree in forensic psychology and a double minor in criminology and addictive studies. Maybe one day I’ll pursue psychology. I could be a porn psychologist for the girls. Who knows? [Laughs]

Is it fair to say that sexually you are a freak?

I am a freak, of course. You have to be a freak in porn. If you go on set and fuck just for the money you’re not a freak. But if you really enjoy what you do you’re a freak.

Are you freaky and geeky?

I’m very freaky. And I have to admit I’m geeky. I like Harry Potter, I like fantasy movies. I like scary movies. I’m a dork and I’m a tomboy too.

Do you like being naked?

Even before porn in my house, my family would be like, “Put on some clothes, put on some clothes.” I’m comfortable with my body. I love my body so obviously, I’m always nude in my house. If I don’t have to have clothes on I’m naked.

Are you naked right now?

Well I have a sweater on right now because the AC is on high but I don’t have any underwear on. [Laughs]


Where would you rate yourself on a scale of one to 10?

I don’t think anyone is perfect. Everyone has a flaw either personality-wise or physically-wise. I’m not conceited. I’d give myself an eight because there’s always room for improvement.

Scale of one to 10 where would you rate your blowjob abilities?

I’m really good. I have my own technique. You suck on the cock and you use your hands and, counterclockwise, one hand is going left the other is going right while you twist and turn. I’m really good at it.

What was it like appearing at the three EXXXotica shows this past year?

It was a lot of fun. You get to meet all the fans and it’s good to see them in person and see their reaction of how they feel about your movies and what they see online. So it’s good. It’s like a warm feeling that you have people behind you that love your stuff, your work. So it’s awesome.

Were you surprised by the number of fans that lined up just to meet you?

Of course. There were so many. Since I am new it was so overwhelming.

When you’re at an event like EXXXotica and guys are staring at you and you know what they’re thinking, how does that make you, not Nikki Delano the pornstar, feel on a personal level?

I don’t take it to the heart. I don’t take it in a negative way. To me it doesn’t bother me. Some girls don’t like it but not me. It’s all good. You can stare. As long as you don’t come around and touch me, that’s a different story.


Do you like getting attention from guys?

Of course. All girls like attention. They like to be the center of attention. So yeah.

Since you’ve been in the business can you tell me what have been the highest and lowest points of your career so far?

I guess I could say the low point has been the beginning and I’ve worked my way up. I haven’t really had any downfall since I started. In the beginning I was brand new, I already started on the bottom and I’ve been working my way up and as you know, I have a nomination from XBiz as new starlet of the year. So I’ve been working my ass off.

How did you find out that you were nominated for an XBiz award?

Most of my fans tweeted me about it.

How did it feel when you heard the news?

I was happy. I was like, “Yay!” I bust my ass and I work hard too. It’s not all about having sex and making money. I bust my ass. I do tons of other stuff on the side.

You want to make a career out of porn?

Yes I do. But that’s not my main goal. I want to branch out to other things as well. That’s one goal but there are other things. You can’t do porn forever. I eventually want to have my own production company. My own agency of girls. I also want people to know that I’m into fitness and I want to have my own fitness empire. It’s not only about porn.

What are some other projects you’re involved in?

My website just came out, NikkiDelano.com. I’m going to appear in a couple of mainstream movies; one called Cold Plastic and the other called Shallow Point. I just did a feature for Hustler. It’s going to be a pretty big feature. It’s the first ever Spanish feature called El Gordo y laFlaca—the Skinny Girl and Fat Guy. It’s a very popular show on Univision, a Spanish station, and I play Shakira. I actually had a choreographer teach me how dance like her. I’m going to be on an online reality show called 86 ED. That will be happening next month or in January. AVN is coming up. And a bunch of other things are coming out.

How did you get involve with wrestling?

I dated a pro wrestler and I got into it. Since he was into it, it intrigued me a lot. Plus I’m a tomboy. I love sports. I love physical contact. I love doing things that are hands on. And I’m very strong.

Can you tell me why you’re holding off on doing anal and interracial at this point in your career?

Stuff like that is more like a fetish for guys. They want it, they crave it. To me it gives something away right away; it’s like giving everything away. So I want them to crave it and want it and demand it. Then I’ll give in. [Laughs]

Are you into all types of guys such as Black guys, white guys, Latin guys?

I’ve dated all types of guys so I don’t have a specific type as far Black, white, Spanish, Asian. . .

Is there anything in porn you won’t do?

As of right now I’m open-minded so I can’t say no. I just won’t do nasty stuff like puke. I won’t do stuff like that. But as far as everything else I’m open-minded.

You think you can handle a DP one day?

I think I can, yeah.

That I would love to see.

[Laughs] I’m tiny as hell but I’m strong. I can handle it.

What have been some of the big films you’ve appeared in?

I appeared in Friday After Next for Wicked. I just did a feature for Digital Playground. I did La Gorda Y La Flaca for Hustler. I’vebeen featured a lot on Brazzers. And so much more. I don’t want to say everything but it’s a lot of stuff.

If you do win any awards in January, who will you be thanking when you get up there?

I’ll be thanking myself because my family disapproves of everything I do. My friends, they’re not super happy. I can actually thank Erika Icon. Erika helped me big time. She’s my publicist. She’s the only person I can thank. She’s a very hard worker.


Before you entered porn you seemed to have had a plan of what you wanted to do, goals and such. How important is it for anyone entering porn to have a plan of action like you did?

It’s very important because some girls get caught up in the mix and just party away, do a lot of drugs and they don’t have set boundaries and goals in mind. So it can end up really, really bad. They’re just wasting all their money, partying their lives away. You need to actually go in there level-headed because porn, for some girls, it’s very hard because it’s a mental battle. Some just go in for the money and they don’t know what they’re doing. But I think it’s very important because it doesn’t last forever. You’re not going to be young forever. You’re not going to look good forever. It’s not an easy job. People think that porn, you’re just getting paid to have sex. It’s not as easy as it looks. You’re on set for many hours and it’s a lot of work, a lot of physical work.

What are your immediate, short-term goals in porn?

Just to win a couple of awards. That will fulfill that void as far as being new. If I have a couple of awards under my belt I will feel more established in porn because I’m still new. There are so many new girls coming into porn. It’s like the “next hot thing.” So to win some awards, for me that would be cool. I won’t just be a new face.

For more info on Nikki Delano, please visit nikkidelano.com. Join Nikki’s fan page on Facebook at Nikki Delano, follow her on Twitter @nikkidelano, and email Nikki at [email protected].

Follow me on Twitter @RobGPerez.

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