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Wendy Summers interview

One thing that I really like about Wendy Summers is that she enjoys putting on a show for her fans. On account of her theatrical background, storylines are an important factor in her webcam shows. She realizes that it gets both her fans and herself very turned on and it is a major part of her success. Moreover, this self-described geek and girl-next-door has a lot of fun being a transsexual performer. Her authentic nature is not an act. It's clear from her webcam performances that what you see is what you get. She is a lot of fun.

Hi Wendy, I like your sexy girl-next-door persona. How long have you been in the industry? How did you get into the adult industry?

Thanks. I'm not really sure what to say when people refer to me as having "a persona." This is just kind of me. Maybe it's because I'm down-to-earth and approachable. I reek of the girl-next-door. I'm really geeky, funny and pervy. My fans who've been with me from the beginning tend to use the word "authentic". I really try to have a piece of who I am in all my sets and I think that shows in my work. Maybe that's why people perceive it as a persona? As for getting into the industry?

It was a dark and horny night.

About a year ago, I was bored. I turned on my webcam and logged into I-friends. Turns out people liked seeing me naked and masturbating. Which works out really well since I like being *seen* naked and masturbating. Within a few months, I rose to being one of the top stars on I-friends.net. In fact, I was the first transgendered performer that they invited into their adult star program.

So, webcam became my gateway drug. I started shooting stills and videos to promote my webcam chat. As I got out on the web to promote, I first started to encounter the world of porn. I figured since I was shooting for me, why not for others as well? Last spring, I reached out to Grooby to shoot with them and things have been booming since.

What does all of the recognition that you receive from fans mean to you?

It means I've done something fucking right! Maybe it's my own background in the performing arts which is going to make me sound all pretentious, but at it's core, porn is Big Letter "A" Art. Basically, it's the art of getting someone off. I love the creative aspects of pulling a scene together and trying to focus all the elements so the guy at home watching it will not only get off, but walk away saying 'fuck, that was amazing." So, when a fan tells me he busted the biggest nut ever to me ramming my lightsaber up my ass, I consider that a success.

I love your playful behavior. Could you give me your feelings about your cam shows and what you want your fans to receive from them as they watch you?

For me, Cam shows are my favorite part of this whole adult entertainment gig. There's an intimacy there you just don't have shooting porn. I like connecting one on one with my fans and really getting to know them. The job of a webcam performer is part lover, part therapist, part performer and part friend. When I chat with someone the first time, I take a few minutes to learn what they dig. The better I understand where their head is at and what their interests are, the better the experience I can give them. I set a scene in my fan's head. For example, if I'm with a fan who's craving a more intimate GFE kind of experience with a TS, I might start the fantasy talking about the two of us lying next to each other in bed.

He rolls over and wraps his arm around my soft bod, His face nuzzles my neck and he can smell the light scent of cherries from my favorite lotion. I reach back and begin to lightly trace the contour of his thigh with my nails, slowly working my way towards his inner thigh. He begins to kiss my neck and I let out a little gasp. I turn and look over my shoulder at him, lock eyes, and give him a sultry smile. He rolls over on his back and I go with him. I’m now on top of him. He can feel my warm breasts across his chest and feel my hair trail it's way down his stomach as I lower my mouth down towards his cock. I look up at him, and seeing the broad grin on his face, I know he wants me to suck on him. That’s when he feels my own cock starting to harden against his leg.

At the same time as talking through our fantasy, I make sure to give visuals on cam which reinforces that. For example, I use my nails on my own thighs to suggest how I would be touching him, or exposing to cam the part of my neck he would be kissing.

Dammit now I'm horny lol.

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I have a habit of becoming addictive for my fans. Each time we spend a few more minutes together, we're really able to expand and build upon the connection developing from our previous sessions. I've got a number of fans who I probably know better than their wives do. It's that kind of connection I really dig. When a guy can walk away feeling relaxed and happy after having been with me, I feel great.

What traits of a woman do you admire most? What makes a woman sexy? What traits of a man do you admire most? What makes a man sexy?

I think I'm truly gender blind LOL. I can't say there are specific traits to each gender that I dig. I'm really drawn to similar things in both genders. Give me someone who's strong in the mental sense, who digs the little joys in life, and is active and that's someone I'll be attracted to. Let's face it: self confidence is sexy!

That being said I have a huge thing for geeks regardless of gender. And I use geek in a very broad sense. In my mind, a geek is someone who has a very strong passion for a certain aspect of life: be it gaming; science fiction; cars; sports; etc. If you can babble joyfully for hours end on end on a topic, yeah I'm gonna melt.

What was the biggest surprise for you about the adult industry when you started?

Did you know a lot of this shit is shot in hotels? LOL. I didn't until I started doing just that. Now I can't look at porn without thinking... that's a hotel; that's a producer's house. I've been shooting up and down the East Coast for the past few months so I've been in many of the "go-to" hotels. It's disconcerting now to see a room I shot in LOL.

I think the other thing which has been suprising is the difficulty finding male talent who will shoot with transsexuals. Plenty of guys will have sex with you, but when you start laying the rigors of a shoot and what's required of a male performer, they tend to shy away.

Who are some of your favorite transsexual performers who you enjoy working with?

To date I've only shot scenes with another new-on-the-scene TS, Sadie Hawkins. We did a hardcore together for Shemale Strokers's Bang My Tranny Ass and also a foot worship scene for my own website. I absolutely adore her. She's a blast to work with.

I've got my short list of folks I'm dying to work with once schedules coincide: Brittany St Jordan's at the top of my list. She's been a mentor to me and I really dig the attitude she brings to her work. Not only is she a class act, but I truly respect anyone who has so little concern for what she shoves up her ass. Another on my list is Liberty Harkness. Again she radiates an energy that's compelling to me.

Looking at this short list, I realize I'm really drawn to working with performers who truly love the work and have a similar passion to my own towards making porn.

How were you as a kid growing up?

I sort of marched to the beat of a different drummer. I did my own thing mostly. Being a TS, I developed a lot of coping mechanisms. I grew up in a family where I couldn't truly express my gender, but I ended up finding lots of little adaptations to quietly rebel. Reading and fantasy were both ways I dealt with things; I played house using action figures LOL. I definitely was a ham though. My love of quirky jokes and word play started at a young age. My favorite joke back then was "How is playing the piano like a slippery sidewalk?" "If you don't see sharp, you'll be flat."

Come to think of it I was basically me now, with smaller tits, shorter hair, and a lot less maturity LOL. Although fans of my twitter feed (Shameless Plug: www.twitter.com/wendysummerscom) may disagree with me being more mature now. LOL.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I love being outdoors; particularly mountain biking and hiking. The woods are very zen for me. I spend a lot of time shooting pooL. I’m a huge fan of clubbing. I love getting on the dance floor and shaking my booty. I love to read comics mainly Marvel and some independent titles. Atomic Robo always makes me chuckle, for example but I’m really digging Avengers Academy at the moment for suerhero stories. Marvel just canceled another favorite of mine: X-23... bastards! I X-box too. I love the LEGO games and Rockband. Lego Indiana Jones 2 is what I'm working on now.

I'm just a dirty nerdy girl and I love it LOL.

What is your favorite thing about being an adult performer?

I get paid for something I'd do anyway. What's not to like? LOL.

Honestly, I dig the challenges of producing my own work. I've been lucky in that regard. I was such a hit on webcam. I've had the resources to set out and do my own thing in porn. I originally started self shooting for my fan club on Ifriends. That was successful enough for me to hire a producer to shoot my content. Suddenly, my budgets were growing. Now I'm on the verge of launching my own subscription website and I can see how it's all my hard work that's making it happen.

The reality is, this business pulls together all the skill sets I’ve spent my lifetime building. I spent several years working in theatre and film production on both a technical and administrative level. I’ve worked professionally as an accountant, a freelance writer and I’m now working for a marketing company. These experiences give me a unique perspective. A nice combination of horny bitch with an artistic flair and business sense.

My artistic background definitely informs what I’m doing. There’s a fun theatrical quality to my work. It’s something fans who’ve already discovered me have taken notice of. I regularly hear from them on how they love that what I’m doing Is so different from the other TS solo porn out there.

Someone recently referred to my own work as “prop porn” and it’s something that resonated with me. Probably 80% of what I’ve shot for myself tends to be “story-line” focused and centered on a physical element which has a real connection to the person I am. For example, I have a huge love for movies, particularly nights at home snuggled on the couch with someone special. One of the HD videos which will be released soon is me fantasizing about a night like that with someone special. Featured heavily in the shoot is a bowl of popcorn. I don’t want to spoil the fun, but I guarantee no one watching that video will ever think of popcorn in quite the same way again LOL.

Beyond the theatricality, the other element which seems to excite my fan base is the rawness of my work. I make porn that’s about things which excite me or turn me on. My work is very much informed by my personality and my life as a whole. Fun. Playful. Geeky. Anything I find cool finds it’s way into shoots. And my enjoyment of the subjects we shoot definitely comes through.

Basically, I make porn which appeals to me -- a little cool, very hot, but also out there a bit. I’ve been lucky in finding producers to work with who get that. Recently I’ve done a number of shoots with Remy out of Virginia. She’s very good at navigating the fine line between masturbatory porn (ie. something I’ll enjoy) with porn that makes people masturbate (something my fans enjoy). And thankfully the work we’re shooting seems to resonate well with my rapidly growing fan base. Ultimately, if I make something I like and people get turned on by it; I consider that a win. And I hope to be successful enough to keep doing just that for a long time.

Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote?

The obvious plug I need to make is for people to check out both my fan club and webcam shows on Ifriends. http://www.ifriends.net/VisitMe/WENDYTGNEXTDOOR.

In the immediate future, I have two solo sets about to hit in December. The first will be on December 2nd on www.ShemaleStrokers.com. A really hot kitchen scene where I blast my load all over my glasses. Then at the end of the month, I think December 23rd, my latest set will go up on www.ShemaleYum.com. I believe it will be the comic book themed set I did for them. That was a fun one to shoot. I take Thor's hammer straight up my ass. You don't know how good it feels to harness the power of a god between your legs LOL.

My other big project at the moment is converting www.wendysummers.com over to a subscription website. At the moment, the site houses free samples of content in my Ifriends fan club, but we're gearing up to convert it into a fully featured subscription website. We've got all the content shot and ready to go so the focus now is on getting the website architecture done. I'm expecting our relaunch in late December/ early January.

Interview by Apache Warrior

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My Twitter account: https://twitter.com/ApacheWarrior

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