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Something's Rotten in Vegas--XCritic Speaks To 18 Y/O Fetish Porn Wonder Bonnie Rotten At the 2012 AEE!

By Rob Perez

We at XCritic usually defer interviews with up and coming porn starlets to our colleague and renowned expert on fresh, newbie talent Bill the Hobbyist. But XCritic couldn’t pass up the chance to speak with the drop dead gorgeous, 18-year-old up and comer Bonnie Rotten at AEE recently. This being her first interview, this Ohio native had plenty to talk about and show off. In fact, if it weren’t for the no nudity rule at AEE we probably could’ve gotten Bonnie to take it all off. We’ll get to see plenty of Bonnie soon when her scene with Max Hardcore is released. That’s right, Bonnie filmed her first porn scene with Max and according to her, she absolutely loved it. OK! If she can take on the likes of Max, then Bonnie can definitely handle the best cocksmen in the business. And don’t worry Hobbyist fans; Bill already has Bonnie in his sights for a future edition of Newcomers and Fresh Faces.

So what’s a Midwestern girl like you doing in porn?

Basically, I got dragged into it. [Laughs] I’m just joking. I never really looked into the business or any aspects of it. I started doing webcamming with MyFreeCams, and I uploaded a bunch of stuff. I’m on Clips4Sale and KinkBomb now, then I met Max. Max wanted to shoot me so it was my first porn.

Did Max do it all to you?

Yeah. [Laughs] All the good stuff.

Max is known as probably the roughest performer of all time.

We did everything but fisting and anal.

You think eventually you’ll move up to anal.

Yes, eventually.

How was Max as a performer?

He was fun. I had fun.

Why did you want to get involved in this business?

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It just seems like it could be a lot of fun, a lot of the people are really cool and I like to fuck. So why not have fun while fucking. [Laughs]

Is this your first time in Vegas?

No, it’s my second time in Vegas. I worked the Fetish and Fantasy Ball. This is my first AVN. It’s fun. So far so good.

So you recently shot for Max, was it for a particular line?

I’m not sure what the name of the movie will be yet because it’s going to be developed and it will take some time. But it was shot and he’s got the clip and it was awesome.

I’m looking forward to seeing you naked, unfortunately you can’t get naked here.

I know. We’re at a porn convention let’s see some tits.

Do you watch porn?

Yes. I watch porn all the time.

So you’re one horny girl.

Yeah. I like fetish stuff.

How many tattoos do you have?

About 30, 32. I haven’t counted in a while.

What kind of sex are you into?

I’m into consensual rape.

Consensual rape. That’s a good way of putting it.

Yes. [Laughs]

Have you done gang bangs or threesomes?

Yeah! Gang bangs are fun.

How many guys?


How do you get five guys to do you at the same time?

You fuck one then you suck one, then you suck one and you fuck one over and over. It was a band.

Are you into girls? What kind of girls are you into?

Yes. Hot bitches with big tits and nice asses, tan with dark hair.

Do you like them with tattoos?

Not really.

How many girls have you had sex with?

Twenty five, 30.

When you’re with a girl are you a dom or sub?

I’m not a dom yet but I’m studying to be a dom, and I’m submissive right now.

How many guys?

Eighty. [Laughs]

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Twelve. He was 13.

How old was the oldest you were with.

Sixty six. It was Max [Laughs]

Do you like older guys? What’s the age range you generally like?

I like between 35 to 60. It’s a pretty broad range, huh? [Laughs]

Do you like being naked? Do you like showing off your body?

I’m a stripper. I strip in Ohio, Houston, Vegas and a few other places.

I’m heading to Ohio to watch you strip?

I’m not there much. I’m traveling and modeling. I actually started doing pin-ups and car shows.

I take it you’ve always been very sexual?

Yes. Kinky, sexual, YTS—young tender slut.

What sort of fetishes are you into?

I’m into BDSM, suspensions, spanking, electrocutions, clothes-pins, nipple clamps, butt plugs. [Laughs] The Sybian is my favorite.

What’s your ethnic background?

I’m Italian, German, Polish and Jewish.

How much do you weigh?

Max wants me to get into double digits. I’m 103 right now.

Do you plan on being in porn for a long time?

I want to branch off and do the whole fetish thing.

Do you have a Twitter or a website?

You can find me on Twitter @TheBonnieRotten, and my website is www.bonnierotten.com.

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