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AEE Quickies Pt. 2

By Rob Perez

During our trip to the 2012 AEE we met so many interesting people that we just didn’t have time to sit down and talk to each one of them at length. Instead, here’s part two of our quickie recap of some of what they had to say to XCritic.

Max Hardcore


(Note: Ebert of Smut will have additional, video footage of XCritic's Interview with Max Hardcore posted shortly)

Will you be revising any of your old series?

I have over two hundred titles in my library and generally, they’re all arranged by series going from one to 20. After 20 then we start a new series. So the active series going on right now is Universal Max and Fuck Puppets. All the rest of them are still available. We’re going to be releasing new movies and the best is yet to come?

What do you think are the most pressing issues facing the adult industry today?

I think the country may be getting more conservative than in the past. I hope not but it seems as though there’s been a fresh assault on the industry starting with me and John Stagliano over at Evil Angel. I’m concerned that they’re going to keep going after the adult industry. I hope not but they might. The other thing that’s really killing us—everybody—is, and you can see it in the reduced size of this show, is piracy. Piracy is a huge problem and these are the things that we’re here to address and talk about and try to do something about. One of the ways that we’re doing that is by shutting down the pirate sites and buying up the ones that we can’t shut down.

What do you make of the mandatory condom law that was just passed by the LA City Council?

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Well, in theory it might be a good idea but in practice it’s not really going to work because it’s going to drive out business underground and people in general, they want to have condom-less sex. I don’t know anybody that likes working with them especially when you got to work over a period of time. Everybody is tested in this business and it’s really addressing a problem that doesn’t exist. There hasn’t really been a problem with transmission of sexually-transmitted diseases in the adult industry. It’s much lower than in the general population. People are tested every 30 days of course and while there has been a few people that have tested positive for HIV in the business, none of them have been proven to have infected other people or passed it along to others in the industry. it’s really addressing a problem that doesn’t exist and just like wanting to shut down porn altogether, it’s the minority trying to enforce their will upon the majority. I think it should be a person’s choice to work with or without a condom. Certainly if a girl wants to use one she’s entitled to it. But if a couple feels comfortable doing it without a condom, they shouldn’t be regulated by the law to have to do it. It’s a private act. That’s how I feel about it.


Do you have a website you want to promote?

www.maxhardcoretv.com, Facebook at Max Hardcore 100, and my Twitter is MaxHardcore100.

Alex Chance


What have you been up to since the last time I saw you in November?

I’ve been shooting for a whole bunch of companies—Evil Angel, I just did a big tit massage movie for Jim Lange that’s going to come out soon. I have a whole bunch of stuff coming out on VOD. I have a shoot in Miami coming up. My issue of Voluptuous and Naughty Neighbors  is coming out in March. And in April I have my second issue of Voloptuous coming out. one of them has my boy/girl the other one has my solo. I will be shooting for Smash Pictures soon. A whole bunch of stuff.

Who are you signing for?

I’m signing for MonkeyBarz.com, the sex belt with handle bars. It helps you fuck the girl harder in all sorts of different positions.


What’s your website and Twitter

My website currently redirects to my Twitter. It’s under construction but it’s www.alexchancexxx.com.


What are your plans after the convention?

I plan on having a shitload of fun and going to a lot of after parties.

Kortney Kane


Do you have a website or Twitter?

My website is www.kortneykane.com and my Twitter is just @KortneyKane.

What are you here promoting?

I did a shoot in Greece called Mission:Asspossible. So I’m promoting that DVD.

You have a really great body. Who else in porn do you think has a really great body?

I think Jessica James has a great body. I think Alektra Blue has a really great body. jessica drake. They’re in my top three.


They don’t have anything on you.

[Laughs] Thank you.

Kirsten Price


What’s your favorite part about being here at AVN?

My favorite part about being here is that I get to see all my porn star friends at once because everyone is running around. Everyone’s working, everyone’s busy. But here we’re all in one area and we get to go out and have fun, have some drinks and good times.

Are you nominated for anything?

I’m nominated for best group scene. I’m also nominated in the fan-voting category—best body, favorite porn star and Twitter queen.

I love the stuff you’ve done recently for Girlfriends Films.

Thank you. I’m actually working for them again in February so there will be more.

 AEE Logo Courtesy of AVN Media

Max Hardcore Photos Courtesy of Ebert Of Smut

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