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Sean vs 2012 AEE: Day 2: Hello my name is......

After a great start to AEE, and a somewhat decent night of sleep, it was time once again to head to the Hard Rock Hotel and get ready for another day of fun, including some more interviews, and of course hanging out with my fellow Xcritic family.

I started off the day with an interview with Joanna Angel. This was one of the interviews I wasn't that nervous about. I have spoken to her many times and I figured it was going to be an easy interview, I had my questions ready and figured this would be a way to get caught up on her and the Burning Angel world.

And after a nice chat with Joanna, I huried up to the Wicked Pictures suite and was looking forward to getting a few interviews with some of the girls, and I was able to get interviews with both Jessica Drake and Kaylani Lei.

And as an added bonus, I got a short little video with Jessica and her co-host Rick talking about their STFU podcast (which you can find on Itunes)

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I missed out on getting an interview with Alektra Blue, which I am sure would have been the one I really would have been nervous for. If you have read my reviews, you know how much of a fan of hers I am. But luckily later that night when I was walking around with @Xcritic, we saw her and introduced ourselves, it wasn't a long conversation, but I enjoyed it either way.

So after my interviews were done, and after going back and forth between the convention and the Wicked suite, I decided to walk around the show floor and say hi to some people, especially a few I have chatted with on Twitter a few times.

But much like the previous day, I made one of my first stops the Elegant Angel booth. I think if there would have been another day of convention, I could have gotten a personal parking space at their booth. But I would hope by the pics, you can see why. I was able to get a few pics of Tori Black, who we all were glad to see signing at the booth.

But let's not forget the other ladies, including Skin Diamond and Jessie Andrews

And luck would have it, that when I was near the booth, I was able to witness an unexpected wet tshirt contest of sorts with Holly Michaels. As stated, she made my list of girls I want to see more of, and this was just yet another reason why she made that list. Didn't get that great of pics of the event or video. But you can bet I will try to use the power of the interwebs, to solve that problem. If anyone out there can help, please send links to @seandps. I do have a video coming up in a later column that makes up for missing this one. But you will have to wait for that.

After a few minutes for me to slow down my heart rate, it was off to walk around the floor. And there was a special lady I was looking forward to running into. And this lady made quite the impression on me and @RobGPerez, as we both were under her spell after seeing her in person. I had chatted with her a few times on Twitter and we talked about our fundrasiers (which she was nice enough to help with mine, so I helped her out with one of hers). Sexy and thoughtful of others, a great combination. That lady was Kortney Kane, who also made my list of girls I want to see more of this year, and do you agree?

As I walked around a bit more, I happened to spot Garcie Glam at the Elegant Angel booth. She was one of the ladies that I was late to the party on. I met her for the first time in Chicago, and after I saw her in This is Why I'm Hot, I have been a fan. What can I say, I am getting a little slow in my old age.

And the also had something new this year, MyFreeCams.com had a booth where they had a bunch of the cam girls there and they were camming live from the convention. And they had a big group picture just outside the main gate, with some guy, not sure who he was.

And then after that, I met up with @Xcritic and decided to follow him around, as he introduced me to a bunch of cool people, and I got to learn a little more about the business too, as we chatted with directors and peformers. I got to meet Lee Roy Myers, who I would run into numerous times after that, Will Ryder, and Axel Braun. I also got introduced to Dana DeArmond, who I would be interviewing the following day. And we both chatted with Leilani Leeanne, who is fairly new to the industry, but she is one of Speigler's girls, so you know she is going to be one to watch for this year.

And you may be asking yourself, WTF, there has been no mention or pics of Lily Carter. But for those that have been patient, I give you perhaps the best picture to describe the fun that was had at AEE. And it's an easy choice to be my profile pic on the site, and one I won't forget, ever.

Here is the AWWW, how cute picture

and here is the front runner for my Xmas card this year. I mean who wouldn't want this picture up on the wall with the rest of the family Xmas cards. OK don't answer that, but this is the real winner, thanks again Lily Carter for the pic, and for @xcritic for taking the picture.

When I got back home and if anyone asked how Vegas was, this was the only picture I needed to show them.



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