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AEE Quickies Pt. 3

By Rob Perez

During our trip to the 2012 AEE we met so many interesting people that we just didn’t have time to sit down and talk to each one of them at length. Instead, here’s part three of our quickie recap of some of what they had to say to XCritic.

Amy Brooke


How does it feel to be here at AEE/AVN?

I love being here. I love meeting my fans and everything about it. I love Vegas too. It’s exciting especially when awards come up, you get antsy and butterflies.

Are you signing for anyone specifically?

I’m with LA Direct Models so I’m signing at their booth and for me as well to promote my site.

How many fans do you have on Twitter, Facebook . . .

I don’t have a Facebook. They deleted it. I think they think I’m too nasty. As far as Twitter followers, 48,000 I believe.

You’re one of the top girls I bet.

I hope. [Laughs]


Do you like Vegas in general?

I do. It’s always a lot of fun. There’s always something going on.

When’s the last time you had sex?

This morning. [Laughs]

With a guy right?

With a guy. I like cock better than vagina.

And the last time you masturbated and what did you think about?

Yesterday. What did I think about? I thought about this gang bang that I did last week.

What films do you have coming out that the fans should be on the lookout for?

Deviance 3 I just shot, the big production for Adam & Eve. And this new gang bang coming out called No Limits with Zero Tolerance.

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How many guys?

It was five.

Obviously there was anal, DP . . .

Totally. Double anal, of course. [Laughs] I shot a scene with Tory Lane for our websites. We got fucking crazy. We got narly. We had a good time.


What do you want to promote?

Just my website, www.amybrooke.com. And get more Twitter followers @AmyBrookeXXX. I’ll just keep on getting nasty.

Nikki Delano


What are you here promoting?

I’m here at T.I.T.S. booth, Two In The Shirt, repping my new T-Shirt.

What are up for at AVN?

One of the parodies that I was in is up for a nomination, American Dad XXX from Exquisite.

You worked with Evan Stone on that one. How was he to work with?

He’s a really good performer. He’s been in the game for a long time so he’s really good.

What are you most looking forward to here at AEE?

Meeting the fans.

Nacho Vidal


Who’s one of the best performer’s you’ve ever worked with.

TT Boy.

Approximately how many films have you directed in your career.

Maybe 200. Most of them for Evil Angel.

What’s your favorite series to direct?

Right now it’s Made In The USA.

What projects do you have coming out this year?

I’m shooting a lot of stuff now in the US so there will be more Made In The USA films

Joey Silvera

What new series do you have coming out in 2012?

Nacho Vidal the Sexual Messiah, I’m shooting another edition of that. I’m continuing the Teacher’s Pet series, and of course my strap-on series, different series. Miss Teen Strap America.

Any new trannie series?

I don’t know about new series but it will happen.

Ron Jeremy


What do you make of the new mandatory condom law just passed by the LA City Council?

Obviously, actors don’t mind wearing condoms. But it puts us in an unfair advantage. In Europe, Asia, amateurs, the couple next door or down the block, they’re not using them. So people are not going to want to watch our movies. It’s putting the final nail in the coffin of the industry. So they already are fucked. Secondly, if they really care so much about people’s welfare why aren’t they bothering the R-rated industry? When they shoot a sex scene why not make them reach for a rubber. Or show it on the bookcase, show the guy reach for it, that’s all. It’s a bunch of garbage. It’s religiously backed. It’s that AIDSHealthcare Foundation is hooked up with Shelly Lubins’ organization, so they don’t really give a rats ass about our welfare. They want porn out of business. That’s all. They’re not sincere.

What’s another pressing issue facing the adult industry?

That and freebies. You Porn, Porn Tubes, Porn Hubs . . . when you can get stuff for free why are you going to go buy it? People are going out of business. This is a very small convention compared to years before. It gets smaller every year. You can’t compete with free.

What are you here promoting?

Ron De Jeremy Rum, and of course HotMovies.com. They’re my guys. RonJeremy.com goes to HotMovies.com.

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