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AEE Report: XCritic Speaks To One Of Porn's Most Exciting Performers, London Keyes

By Rob Perez

Besides looking hot, London Keyes is also one exciting performer to watch. Not only is she great to watch but whenever she performs she appears so into her scenes, a key factor in making a real hot sex scene. Of course any male talent fortunate enough to work with London will probably say just looking at London who exudes sex is enough to get them chubbed up. I was chubbed up when I spoke to London, the very first interview I conducted at AEE, and she was more than happy to speak to XCritic about her breakout year!

What would you say was the highlight of your career in 2011?

Doing my anal scenes. Getting into anal.

How many anal scenes did you do last year, approximately?

Like 15, 20? I just started doing it, towards the end of 2011.

What AVN Awards are you up for this year?

Oral Sex, All Sex Series and a few other ones.

How much would it mean to you if you did win any awards?

I would love it. Then it would mean, obviously, that I’m good at what I do. Regardless, I have established myself and my fan base so I know I’m good at what I do or think I am at least. [Laughs] I hope I am.

You are. You are one of the best performers today.


Can you talk about your breakout film, L Is For London?

That was my first anal. Every anal scene in that movie that’s my first anal anything I’ve ever done, in my personal life and on camera. I’ve done it a few times but not like really stick it in, take it out . . . but that was my first, full on anal experience.

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What hurts more the first time, a toy in your ass or a penis in your ass?

It’s hard because with a toy you have more control over it but it has less give than a dick. With a dick it’s like you don’t have the control. You have the fear factor in your head like, “Is he going to ram it in.” You’re not in control. There’s a whole other person in there. It’s different.

One of my favorites who appeared in the film is Jayden Jaymes. Was she gentle with you?

Yeah, I love Jayden. She’s so sweet.

Is there time to have sex while at AEE/AVN?

[Laughs] I highly doubt it. I’m not working. I’m not doing scenes. I’m not doing anything.

But in your personal time is there time?

No, I don’t think so.

Is there time to masturbate?

[Laughs] I barely have time. It’s so shitty. I always have to remind myself because it’s such a detox I feel. It’s a good to have time to yourself.

Which film of yours from 2011 are you most proud of?

L For London. It was all me. It was mine. I picked everything up to the talent, music, everything. Myself and Jonni Darkko really teamed up and did that. We picked wardrobe, he took me shopping. He made it mine. He let me do and choose what I wanted.

There were two oral gang bangs, one was a large oral gang bang the other was much smaller in comparison. How intense is it to shoot oral gang bangs?

I don’t do a lot of them actually. I wish I did more. I love giving blow jobs.

In general, why do a lot of girls say they’re the best at giving blowjobs?

I don’t know why. Maybe it’s an ego thing like, “I can not just get him off with my pussy. I can get him off with my mouth.”

Where would you rate your blowjob skills on a scale of one to 10?

I don’t know. Hopefully like an eight.

Are we going to see more anal sex scenes in the future?

Totally. That’s all I’m shooting right now for my site, www.londonkeyes.com.

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

I want to fly.

Scale of one to 10 where would you rate yourself lookswise?

I don’t know. Like a seven, eight.

What’s the difference between vaginal and anal sex?

I feel anal is more intimate. You have to really know the person and really be able to communicate to do it, so it’s more of an intimate thing. Not everyone can do it.

When’s the last time you had anal?

Not too long ago. Maybe two weeks ago.

What does it take to make a really hot sex scene work?

Chemistry. Always. For sex to work in any way, shape or form I feel like it’s chemistry.

Can you describe one of your hottest sex scenes ever?

I can’t. I’ve done so many and I’ve had so many different partners and everyone is different.

Cover courtesy of Evil Angel

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