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AEE Report: XCritic Speaks To MILF Superstar Magdalene St. Michaels

By Rob Perez

Magdalene St. Michaels is a one of a kind porn star, a woman who is much older than even most MILFs in the industry, yet has developed a very huge fan base composed of men, couples and lesbians. Her scenes with Girlfriends Films are usually the most anticipated as Magdalene, a trained actress, offers fans a very realistic image of whatever character she is portraying—whether she is playing an understanding, caring older woman, a seductress, a coniving bitch, or sub. Plus her sex scenes are just unbelievable, in particular her work with young girls in such series as Mother/Daughter Exchange Club or Lesbian Seductions. Her scene with Jelena Jensen in Women Seeking Women 77 remains one of the most talked about scenes and pairings of 2011 in which Magdalene, normally a dom with younger women, allows herself to fall under the spell of Jelena and her big boobs—a personal favorite of Magdalene. Where in the past if you wanted to see women Magdalene’s age in movies you had sit through badly edited amateur porn, Magdalene has proven that women in their 50’s can be just as sexy and sexually appealing to porn fans of all ages.

What do you think of this turnout at the Girlfriends Films booth?

I think it’s amazing. I actually haven’t been over here yet. I just got here and I would say it’s one of the craziest places around. I’ve just done two interviews already.

Is it true you were discovered here at AVN?

I was. I was discovered here at the expo five years ago. My husband and I actually needed a break from Los Angeles and we heard that there was something going on here. So we bought a pass for three days and we realized that, being nightowls and this being Vegas—it’s a 24 hour city—that we didn’t actuallly go to the expo that we spent all this money for. So we went to the last hour and we see this sign at the back of the hall that says girl/girl, and there was Dan O’Connell from Girlfriends Films. He was in this little booth packing away his stuff, it was five to five literally, and he looked up at me and said, “Hi! Are you a model?” And he looked so surprised, like genuinely happy to see me. It took me by surprised but I told him that I did when I was younger. I didn’t quite know what the term model meant and I said “Why do you ask?” and he said, “Well, I film girl/girl lesbian erotica and I’m looking for an older woman because we have a older/younger line. You walked up and you have a different look but I like it.” So I filled out an application and he asked, “Do you like women?” I said “Yeah I love women. I’ve been with women before.” And I told him about my huge breast fetish and that I love real, natural, humungous boobs. That’s what I masturbate to most of the time. He told me the films have a lot of romance and kissing, touching, connection and passion and I thought that would be something I could be really good at, that I won’t be nervous about and I can apply my acting to it. That’s how I started five years ago.

How old were you at the time?

I was three months shy of 50.

Were you surprised that he was interested in casting you in one of his movies?

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Absolutely! I was totally shocked. I watched porn years ago but not much. I didn’t keep track of porn but I didn’t even know older women were even in porn. I guess I came along and I believe in faith, and I think it was meant to be. It changed my life completely. People from all over the world have come to meet me and that’s what so exciting about this. I get amazing fan mail from people all over the world.

Were you nervous when you did your first scene?

We shot [that] film and Candy Girl who was running the camera couldn’t believe that it was my first time on camera. She thought I had done this before. It seems like I’m a natural. [Laughs]

What mainstream stuff did you do prior to adult?

I was in Executive Decision where—I was blonde at the time—I played a hostess at a restaurant. I actually got blown up in the beginning. I still get residuals for it. I’m still a member of the unions. I did something in the early 80’s called the Wild Life. I’m in the credits but I think I was cut out. Turk 182 set in New York about some spray painter. I was in a big crowd scene but I was cut out of that one but I still get residuals. I’ve also done a lot of theater.

Theater in England?

No but I did some stuff at school in England. School plays and amateur dramatics, a lot of musicals because I love to sing and dance. My mother was a dancer. I did Oliver! and a couple of other things like South Pacific and Oklahoma. Then when I came to this country I studied acting. I studied Meisner, Playhouse West but I never took the step to really push myself further in acting. I don’t know if it was insecurity or being a perfectionist. I don’t think it was fear of rejection but obviously there‘s not the nerves associated with filming porn than there is filming mainstream, I don’t think.

Do you have plans to do mainstream stuff?

I’ve always paid my dues to the Screen Actors Guild, obviously under my real name and I’m actually thinking of going back and doing some other stuff like that. I was a late bloomer in a lot of ways. My life is like a roller coaster. It goes up and down, you don’t know what’s around the next corner, what’s going to happen the next minute, the next day. For me my life has changed for the better the older I’ve gotten. It took me this long to actually accept myself, love myself, saying “Screw it” to everybody, and just be who I am with no apologies. Like me, don’t like me. If you like me that’s great but I have to be me. I feel like I missed my 20’s in a way, but I’m reliving my life now. It’s never too late to do anything.

As an older woman when you’re performing with these 18, 19 year old girls, do you start to feel self-conscious when it’s time to get naked around them?

A little bit. I’d like to think most of the younger girls I’ve performed with genuinely like women. That’s what Girlfriends Films wants, and they’re not going to be freaked out by somebody because they’re older. The 30+ year age difference the fans really want to see that. They don’t want to see a 10, 15 year age difference. They want to see a big age difference. So you get the experience of an older woman seducing and teaching the younger woman as well.

Do you enjoy working with much younger girls?

Oh yeah, absolutely. For Dan I’ve broken in several girls new to the business. It’s like their first girl/girl scene and they’re nervous. We tell them what to do, lots of kissing and touching. I get a aroused looking at them, going “Wow, look how they look. I used to look like that 30 years ago.” [Laughs] But I think all women are insecure about something in some way even younger girls.

What was it like having sex with Jelena Jensen?

Absolutely amazing. That scene rocked. I got so much good positive feedback from that scene.

I spoke with Zoey Holloway and she told me it’s in the works you and she will be performing together in a scene. Is that true?

I’m hoping someone will book us together because I didn’t find out til recently that she was the age she was. When I found out her age and met her I said, “Wow! You’re smoking hot!” There’s actually a lot of women I’d love to do scenes with that I haven’t.

Who are your fanbase? Young men, women, couples . . . do you have a lot of lesbian fans?

I do. Actually I have some right now that were on the Girlfriends Films’ forum that loved what I did and then they joined the Girlfriends Films forum, and then they started posting on certain topics. They would start DM’ing each other and making friends, then follow me on Twitter, we would start skyping . . . one of the couples is from England and they’ve become a couple because of meeting through me. It’s like I’m this matchmaker of people. The majority of my fans are lesbian. A girl wrote to me the other day and said, “I came across your work and it’s very beautiful and sensual. I hadn’t been with a woman before and I’m a flight attendant and I was with another flight attendant,” and she learned from me what to do. I get the most amazing emails. I don’t do a lot of work but people are finding me. I have people here who have flown in from New York, Israel, Australia, The UK . . . I love people and I love talking to people. It’s awesome.

Do you enjoy performing with men?

I do, not as much as women. But I will say that when I worked for Sweet Sinner—Nica Noelle’s company—her boy/girl is a lot like this, a lot like Sweetheart Video. She has story-driven movies and it’s like real-life lovemaking, very tender and gentle, like real life should be. I think that’s what people are getting switched on to now. I think people are starting to have this need to connect with people that they need.

Before I let you go I have to ask since you’re English, Beetles or the Stones?

[Laughs] I don’t know. I wasn’t into the Stones so much in the 70’s. I wasn’t even a big Beetles fan. In the 70’s I was more into pop music, KC & the Sunshine Band, the softer pop stuff. Not the heavy metal stuff.

So if I asked you to pick between the Who or Led Zeppelin . . .

I couldn’t even tell you a Led Zeppelin song.

In their prime who would you have sex with, Mick Jagger or Robert Plant?

Probably Mick Jagger.

Cover images courtesy of Girlfriends Films, Sweet Sinner films.

Women Seeking Women 77 images courtesy of Girlfriends Films

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