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Director Bob Sherman interview

Two things that I like about Bob Sherman's work are that he is his own man and he has his own vision of what the audience wants to see. This director realizes that the viewer wants to experience something fresh and not be bombarded with the stale run-of-the-mill productions that so many directors succumb to out of convenience. His work in The Session definitely fits his vision completely. Now, Bob Sherman is expanding his talents into the music video industry. The very fun and catchy Pop That Tooshie song and video performed by lead vocalist Alana Evans shows Mr. Sherman's ability to capture the appropriate essence of that song into video form. He has the knack to conceptualize a vision quickly and easily translate it to his performers. He does not waste time. I hope that other musical artists hire Bob Sherman for their video shoots because his directing talents need to be seen by the public and I guarantee that they will be quite impressed with his work. 

Hi Bob, congratulations on your Pop That Tooshie video for the Lord of Acid song. How did the band contact you to direct this fun video?

Thank you for that. We actually networked on Twitter. I have been a fan of their music since the early 90's and simply offered my services and pointed them to previous works. They were very enthusiastic and took me up on it.

How did you arrive at the concept for the video? Why did you decide to make two versions of the video: a mainstream and an adult one?  

Well, the clever lyrics and musical hooks really made Pop That Tooshie a pop techno-dance track that I felt had the potential to catch fire pretty quickly. Lords of Acid gave me 100% creative control of the project. I listened to the track a few times and decided not to do something abstract, nor shoot the totally obvious club/bar based video with random girls, but instead I chose to seize some of it's obvious attributes such as the opportunity to feature Alana Evans as it was her vocal debut. I contacted Alana Evans and she was very enthusiastic about doing it.  

As far as my concept or direction for Pop That Tooshie, it was not really very complicated where I should go with the track as the song is clearly a booty song. But, I also wanted to touch on some of the band's apparent historical fetishes, themes which often reappear over the years in their lyrics and cover art and offer the music video some diversity. I offered to do two versions of the music video to capitalize on the adult venue as well as mainstream market. Also, I felt that controversy and alternate versions of Pop That Tooshie would be in the long and short term interests of this legendary band Lords of Acid (LOA) that has been fighting for sexual expression in music since 1988.  LOA agreed with doing two versions which further demonstrates this band's ability to push back at the establishment and status quo.  

The mainstream version premiered on  www.VampireFreaks.com http://vampirefreaks.com/playvideo/?v=222744  hosted by YouTube and hit 45,000 views in eight hours before being banned.  While the mainstream version of the video does contain flashing imagery, shows girls kissing as well as some foot fetish content which is extremely common and accepted on YouTube, it does not contain nudity.  Since then it has reposted on www.VampireFreaks.com in it's entirety where it initially premiered bypassing YouTube's hosting, so you be the judge.  Both VampireFreaks.com and the band Lords of Acid agreed that Youtube killing the title "Pop That Tooshie" was completely unwarranted.  

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In my opinion, YouTube pulling down the video speaks to the trouble the band has had with censorship and likely has more to do with the lyrical content which is what has made this band great over the years rather than the imagery. The adult version is also my personal "Fuck You" answer to the general YouTube community that simply does not support free speech nearly as much as they support and host stolen content.  My hope is that musicians and bands will continue to push the envelope without fear that their art will be censored and thereby redraw the lines of liberty as to what is acceptable content and help to grow new Internet forums from which to broadcast their works.


How did you enjoy working with Alana Evans and the rest of the hot ladies at the video shoot?

Well, they were very cooperative and all of them seemed to have a lot of fun doing it. I'm a team player and shooting hot girls is a relatively easy thing for me to do.

Could you please inform us on some of your prior experience in the music industry?

Sure.  I've been a singer/songwriter since I was 16 years old and had my first band at 17.  In a family of professional musicians dating back many generations and even a niece currently attending Julliard, music is simply part of who I am and who we are as a family.  In the 90's I worked from not only a retail standpoint in the record stores, but also was mentored for years in the recording studio Midi-Works in Las Vegas under the direction of the legendary flamenco guitar player and studio owner Toto Zara from the band Zaras,  http://www.totozara.com. I also was the front man of a couple of Las Vegas bands and we only performed original music tracks.   

I suspect that with the upcoming Urban X Awards nominations that some of your work will be nominated again. How did you feel when your film The Session was nominated for Feature Movie of the Year at last year's Urban X Awards? It must have been a huge surprise.

Well yes, I am hopeful that Urban X Awards this year will produce some nominations as we captured a half dozen nominations last year.  Just a few days ago, it was announced that Anjanette Astoria was nominated for Best Milf and Flash Brown has been nominated for Best Male Performer. Last year, I was really pleased that The Session was nominated by Urban X Awards as it really was a lot of work shooting, editing and producing that film. Actually, it was nominated for not only best Feature Movie, but best Director and best Girl/Girl Scene as well with Anjanette Astoria and Jennifer White.

One likely nominee could be 103 Degrees in South Central that showcases Flash Brown. Could you tell us about your experience in filming this well-produced film?

Well interestingly, this was a seven scene project from three directors, of which I directed three, but edited all seven. Flash Brown gave me four of the scenes which I felt had a real urban and honest feel to them. The sex was more sincere and the camera work was shaky, picture quality grainy, but in a good way. While I know that most adult studios like the camera work to be steady and in the pocket for whatever reason, that is really not the case in mainstream movie making whether that be in reality shows or in major Hollywood films. Why it's got to be the true in porn I still have absolutely no idea whatsoever. Also what is not true in porn is that most studios do not take the time to grab and promote original music. In the case of 103 Degrees in South Central, we have an entire E.P. from the very gritty and gangsta rap artist "2K The Murda Man". Those tracks really helped give the film it's edge. My favorite scene in 103 Degrees in South Central is with Flash Brown and Kendra Secrets. Most don't know that they were an item at the time. It's clear when you watch this scene that there was a real connection. At times, when editing, I felt like I was looking in on something I shouldn't be looking at in porn...something real.

                                                                     Anjanette Astoria, Bob Sherman

You have been working with your wife Anjanette Astoria in launching personal websites for Flash Brown Productions, Dirk Huge, Seth Dickens, Hot Buttered Porn, Richard Mann, Anjanette Astoria and your company website Shinefish Entertainment. How would describe each performer and what special qualities do they bring to their sites?

Each of them bring culture, edge, grit, color and content.  I'm tired of the same old porn which many studios continue to produce, five scenes, five positions, twenty minutes of H.D., or 3D that nobody wants to see.  What about acting?  What about a script?  What about music placement?  What about a theme that is not always got to be some slapstick or ripped off title?  What about not doing another parody and doing a real movie?  Can we please not do another parody?  These guys have the core qualities of making real movies in the future that have porn in them rather than run of the mill porn that will never make it in the movies.

Since you have a great appreciation for music, could you tell us your thoughts on how important music can be to the success of a film or even the progression of a storyline?

Wow!  That question really sums up the problem in porn, doesn't it? Music is art and the majority of the public understands that now even if they don't like the music. Music, especially original music with lyrics helps protect and insulate porn giving it additional, indisputable artistic value. Hollywood understands how important music is in a movie, but porn companies are still thinking like they did 15 years ago, everything gonzo or polished gonzo. Porn studios today are always looking for the new face rather than the new legend. They are like restaurants producing massive amounts of junk food rather than taking the time to make something really special that will be remembered. My hope is to one day take porn into mainstream movies, to make movies that are remembered for a multitude of reasons other than the fact that the film may have showed hot and steamy penetration. Music without a doubt is a necessary component in adult films of the future. While other studios toy with options like 3D and HD, I hope to toy with the option of making a real film that matters, that people will remember. What I love about Lords of Acid is that these guys actually have the balls to cross over. Lords of Acid's band members are truly leaders in the music industry. They understand that they will be taking hits and criticism from those with little understanding, from those who don't appreciate art, from those who do not celebrate freedom of speech or freedom of expression.   

Are there any websites or upcoming projects that you would like to promote? 

Well, we are launching RichardMannsWorld.com next week so stop by and check that out.  Keep an eye on www.ShinefishEntertainment.com, so will announce future endeavors there also. 

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Thanks for asking and thanks for the interview!

Interview by Apache Warrior

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