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Rock Star Phil Varone interview

It's always been a fantasy of many men to be a rock star. Furthermore, it has also been a fantasy to fuck as many beautiful women as possible. Of course, rocker Phil Varone is one of those selected few who has accomplished both. However, with his newest venture into the sex toy craze with Calexotics, he definitely states that now with his DR. FEELGOOD dong that "... (I) can finally have sex with all the women I missed out on while touring." Moreover, Phil has one of the best looking cocks that I have ever seen in porn. Thus, his sex toys should be quite successful. Never to rest on his laurels, this man has also created a new series that penetrates the swinging lifestyle in Swinging American Style. In his own words, he states that he wanted to "... show what real people swingers do when they get together." With everything that Phil Varone has in his life, it is no wonder that men want to be a rock star.

Hi Phil, you have definitely lived a fascinating life. Your newest venture has you creating sex toys. Why did you decide to get involved in this avenue? How much hands-on input do you have from the design and to the way those pleasurable toys are packaged?

I guess you can call it a bucket list. After I did the Playgirl spread, I had the idea of doing a penis mold. I never heard of a Rock Star that molded their penis for production, so I figured it was time. Once Calexotics was on board, we sat down and really wanted to create a cool rock n roll looking product. They allowed me to have total control creatively and working with them only made it better. The packaging is my actual flight case from touring and was the original idea I walked in with when pitching myself for the penis mold. It’s amazing to see the finished product and I couldn’t be more happy with Calexotics and the Sex Toys & Rock n Roll Collection.

I think that your association with California Exotic Novelties is a very good fit. What are your thoughts about them?

Amazing. They are the best! I’ve said this before. When you sign a deal with a company, you have to be on the same page. With Calexotics, we were on the same 100 pages. I’m very grateful to be working with them.

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How did it feel to have your penis casted for the DR. FEELGOOD dong? What are your thoughts about having so many women be screwed by a replica of your cock? It must feel pretty cool and surreal.

Surreal is the word for sure. I still don’t believe it to be honest. Even holding the product in my hand, it still hasn’t sunk in how amazing this is. The great part about it is I can finally have sex with all the women I missed out on while touring.

Since we are talking about your dick, when was the first time that you had sex?

I had sex when I was fourteen with my high school girlfriend. She was my first everything and still is a close friend of mine.

As I view your line of sex toys on the California Exotic Novelties website, my personal favorite are the Phil Varone Rock Hard Nipple Clamps. What are your thoughts on kinky sex and the phrase "the kinkier the sex, the better it is?"

To be honest, I say do whatever makes you feel good. (Legally that is). I have many friends that are into kink and have taken to levels that are petty intense. It’s not my thing so much, but again, I feel that people need to explore their sexual desires and enjoy themselves.

I have always been very impressed with your drumming talent. When did you first start drumming and what was your first drum set?

I started playing drums in grade school. My first drum set was a put together set that my parents bought for 75.00 dollars when I was eight I think. I still have it in storage.  

Many people do not realize how much stamina it takes to drum during an entire concert performance. Why did you want to be a rock and roll drummer?

I think it’s every kid's dream to be a rock star. Once I started getting into music as a kid, I knew that I wanted to be a rock star. Kiss was my favorite band back then and I had posters all over my walls and used to daydream while I played my drums to records.

Your celebrity sex tape was incredibly successful with both critics and the fans. Personally, I was surprisingly satisfied with the sex. Could you tell us about your swinger videos?

Those sound quite intriguing. Thank you, I appreciate that. The swinger videos are a series called “Swinging American Style”. I’ve been in the lifestyle for many years and wanted to show what real people swingers do when they get together. The first one is called Texas Fuck'em. I had some friends over the house and we played the swinger version of Poker. The people in the series are actual swingers and most are my friends for many years. I love the non porn look of it. I think porn gets too polished and boring and I just wanted to make something that looks like it would if you filmed your own video at home.

A major similarity between rock stars and porn stars are tattoos. Why do you think that adult stars love to get ink on them? Do you think that too many tattoos on a porn star chick can be too much?

I don’t really know why porn stars get tattoos. I don’t think the occupation has too much to do with that. People who have tattoo will tell you it’s a lifestyle, and has nothing to do with occupation. Personally, I love tattoos on women and porn stars. The more the better.

What were some of your best experiences that you had as being a member of Skid Row and Saigon Kick?

The best experiences are meeting your idols, living your dream, and playing live. It’s a pretty cool gig to play drums for the fans every night and again, surreal. When I look back at my life, I’m very grateful for being able to do the things that I have done.

Are there any websites or projects that you would like to promote?

My site is PhilVarone.com. The swinger movies will be in stores or go to Vivid.com and the toy line is in stores everywhere or they can buy it on my site and I will sign the box.

Interview by Apache Warrior

My email account: [email protected]
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