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Swinger Phil Varone interview

The swinging community has a very good friend and advocate in Phil Varone. His newest series "Swinging American Style" is going to portray this lifestyle as a more consumer friendly activity by showing that he and his friends are having a lot of fun with no drama. It's this authentic look of how swingers behave and what they do during a swingers party that will hopefully lessen the stigma of this lifestyle. Being a fan of swinging myself, I look forward to watching his films. For the record, the first installment of this series “Swinging American Style Texas Fuck’em” is a highly recommended flick.

Hi Phil, it is great that you are bringing swinging into a more eye-opening focus in your new series "Swinging American Style." Personally, I have always been fascinated in that lifestyle even though I have never swung before. Could you tell us what the concept of your series is and why did you decide to make this series?

I’ve been in the lifestyle for over twenty years and like you, many people are fascinated with the lifestyle and what actually happens between other swinger couples. I thought the way to show real life swingers is to use real life swingers and “Swinging American Style Texas Fuck’em” is just another day in the life of swingers. Having swinger friends come over and play games is a normal thing at my house and with the series, the viewers will get to be a fly on the wall with each DVD.

What do you want the viewers to come away with about the swinging lifestyle after seeing these films?

The main thing I want people to see is that we have fun. We really have a blast playing games and swapping girlfriends and wives. So many people can’t grasp sharing your spouse, but after watching this series, the viewer might understand a little better.

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In "Swinging American Style", I totally loved seeing Kristal Summers and Ava West. Are there plans in having them in your other films?

The funny part is, Ava (Jessica) has been a friend of mine for many years and her and her husband have played with me many times before. Kristal again was a long time friend and swinger and thought it would be great to come and play. As far as future shoots, I don’t know at this point, but it would be fun!

I really enjoyed the camera work in "Swinging American Style" and the fun nature of how everyone in the film is having a great time. Even the cameraman gets some action. It is quite natural and it flows well. Nothing is an act. Is this the tone that you wanted your movie to obtain?

Thank you for that and YES! The whole idea is I do not want to make a porn. I want to just capture friends having fun. Just like if you filmed yourself with your spouse having sex. I want Non-porn looking porn.

I was amazed at your sexual stamina during the filming of your movie. Of course, the beautiful women who you were fucking gave so much incentive to continue to keep fucking all day long anyway. Have you always had a high sex drive?

I have a high sex drive for sure. When I was out on the road touring with Saigon Kick and Skid Row, I was all about the girls. These days, I’m having a ton of fun and if there is a gorgeous girl willing, I’m sure I have the energy. The funny part about watching myself have sex, is how stupid I look and sound cumming. I think I’m going to make shirts that say “Oh..Fuck.”

For those people who want to experience swinging for the first time, do you have any advice for them on how they can start and what they should expect from it?

My advice is to talk about it and make sure this is something you really want to do. Also, make sure your relationship is solid enough for something like this. After that, I would start slow and ask questions about swinging. Make friends with swingers and ask. Knowledge is everything and in this case, knowing as much as you can will only help.

How did you know that the swinging lifestyle was the right thing for you? Is the reason that you can fuck different women at one place instead of only being with one lady a big part of your fascination for swinging?

For me, I knew that I could never be with just one person for the rest of my life. I think that all people should enjoy life and experience different sex partners and also, one of my fetishes is to watch my gf have sex with others. I enjoy watching her as much as having sex with other women.

Your celebrity sex tape "Phil Varone's Secret Sex Stash" was incredibly successful with both critics and fans. Personally, I was surprisingly satisfied with the sex. What was your reaction to it's remarkable success?

I was very happy with the success of my celebrity sex tape. I appreciate Vivid taking a shot with me and I look forward to more success in the future.

How is your relationship with Vivid Entertainment especially during your sex tape negotiations and now, with your swinging films involvement?

It’s amazing. Vivid is the biggest and best and I’m very grateful to be part of the Vivid Family.

Are there any websites or projects that you would like to promote?

My website is PhilVarone.com and of course Vivid.com. For the readers that want to see my sex tape they can go to philvaronessecretstash.com  Thanks!

Interview by Apache Warrior

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