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My Present to You: Paige Paine

If you read my articles about Exxxotica, you know I was planning on doing some interviews at the show. Well due to some background noise and my rather basic video camera, some of those interviews never happened. But I am going to make those up, and first up, is the lovely Paige Paine. I have run into her a few times at the various Burning Angel events in Chicago, and she is fairly new to the business, but has joined the Burning Angel crew and we can't wait to see where that takes her. So without further ado, here is my interview with Paige Paine.

1. Tell us a little about yourself, how long have you been in the industry, where are you from, etc

Born in Aurora, IL. grew up in Chicago. Lover of all things nerdy, cute and fluffy. I am tattooed and pierced with many more pieces I'm working on. And I like erotic shit too, duh! But aside from the nude and porn life, I work as a Vet Technician :) I love animals even though I eat them :( That makes me mad but I have poor self control. So modeling-
Started shooting "body" modeling at the age of 18 for a Yoga wear company but knew in my heart I wanted to just be different haha. So at 19 years of age I shot my first nude set for Suicide Girls. I was never accepted to be an SG so I moved on and just expanded my portfolio with hot photos and started camming and selling content. I shot my first porn this past January (2012), it was a girl girl scene for BurningAngel.com. It was exhilarating and a lot of fun and I plan on staying with this company for a long time ;)


2. Any big highlights so far in 2012? Any big projects coming out in the next few months?

I got to work with BurningAngel.com, had an EPIC time at this years Exxxotica Expo, and I got to shoot with my favorite photographer of all time Steve Prue aka TmRonin.
This year has been amazing although I don't really have anything else planned at the moment you do learn that in the adult industry things just happen last minute notice ;)


3. Any interesting hobbies, or what do you do in your free time?

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I'm a lazy cat lady! Like super super chill lazy crazy cat lady. I love to play video games! I really am not the party type. I love to sit at home, toke and play my PS3. SO if you're a gamer and you wanna shoot zombies in the face with a porn star just add me on the PSNetwork ;) My username is PaigePaine


4. Is there a dream scenario or scene you would like to do?

Anything Halloween themed please! Or a girl orgy ;) I've also dreamed of doing a scene with Skin Diamond. Man, that would be the day :D


5. And because I am such a big movie guy, seen anything good in the theaters, or is there a TV show or book that has been taking up your free time?

To be honest I don't go out to see movies. They're over priced and I just wait for them to come out on DVD and I download them hahaha. I DID go see the recent Madea movie because I have a big black mama just like Madea and she loves the "christian message" in his films while I just like the ghetto humor.



6. What's currently playing on your Ipod?

I'm in a crazy Rob Zombie, Mudvayne and Korn kick. But all old school stuff. None of this dub-step shit.


7. If you had to tell people who aren't familiar with you to check out one thing of yours? What would that be?

I will always give mad support to my Burning Angel girls! Check out the website! Hot tattooed girls that know how to fuck, what could be better?


8. Favorite tattoo?

My Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli, themed half sleeve that is being made into a full sleeve :)
If you know who that is....you are amazing.


9. Favorite video game? What was your first gaming system?

Kingdom Hearts one and two :) My first gaming system was my gameboy color. I remember when the color came out and all the "cool kids" got one and I finally got one. It was like the best day of my little kid life. Then my brother got a Super Nintendo and we went crazy playing the original Power Rangers game. We'd beat it like once a week. I miss those days haha!


10. Any advice for anyone out there who is thinking about getting into the business?

If you're not comfortable 100% with yourself, DON'T DO IT. You are gonna get turned down a LOT at first and people are mean and can say nasty things about you when they get jealous. Just be prepared for all the negativity that surrounds this career path. But there are plenty of upsides so do not get your hopes down!
Some girls just get into it because they want to be different and be nude and be seen as attractive but like I said you need to be comfortable with your body before you ask for that kind of attention. Just be yourself :)


11. Did your thoughts and ideas about porn change after shooting your first scene?

I always knew it was an open and free community but when I was on set for the first time I realized, how awesome it really can be. The whole Burning Angel crew was super down to earth and hilarious and friendly and EXTREMELY easy to work with! Joanna puts you at ease for your scene and even the camera guy can make you laugh and smile and it's not like a creepy GWC (Guy With Camera) is just shooting you to get his rocks off. Everyone congratulated me when my scene was done and joked around that my orgasm sounded so hot from the other room, it was just great. Great experience.


12. How is life being a porn star in the Midwest?

Kinda sucks. Everything is filmed in LA, so in order to work with people you gotta take time off work and such and get tickets and fly out. It can be a hassle. I plan on moving to Nevada in the long run and that would help and be much closer to LA.
Until then I just have my own content to sell here and I have photographer friends who film it and edit it. So it's not all a loss. I can be original and film whatever I want and wear what I want and sell it. It works :)
Will be on Clips4Sale in the upcoming months so stay tuned!


13. What would you like to plug, website, twitter, blog, etc?

Fans can follow me on my twitter, I'm on it all the time and I try to post pics a lot. @PaigePaine



I would just like to thank page for taking the time to do this interview with me, and hopefully you are excited about seeing more of her in the future. She is just another reason why we all seem to love the Burning Angel girls, always real nice and friendly to their fans, and that is greatly appreciated.


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