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TS Tasha Jones interview

With the Olympics going on right now, I consider Tasha Jones a marathoner. She has been through many peaks and valleys in her life that it's refreshing to see her come through it all with a good life. Tasha is an effective role model and spokesperson for transgendered people. That's why her radio show is such a powerful vehicle to educate more people about transgender people. As she mentioned in her interview, "education leads to understanding which leads to acceptance.." The adult industry should be grateful that we have special people like Tasha Jones around.    

Hi Tasha, I admire how you have been able to persevere through your rough times in life. Where does that determination come from?

It comes from my childhood and people who treated me badly. I had a very lonely childhood with no role models or any parenting to guide me and try to support me. My father was never part of my life and when he was around, my life was worse off because of it. My mother was very young when she had me and made it clear from the first words that I remember hearing her say: “You fucked up my life.” I found a diary that she wrote right after I was born. She talked about all the ways she tried to get rid of me, in detail, as well as how she tried to kill herself while she was pregnant and after she gave birth to me. I think she truly hated me or maybe just resented me for the way her life turned out because of her getting pregnant. Her actions, or lack thereof, were not like any parent I have ever met.  Even a bad parent has some care about where their child is at 3 am on a school night. Not mine.

What I might say now may sound odd and some people might not understand, but I do not view this as all bad. I had an uphill battle ahead of me being Transgendered. I needed that strength to make me the person I am today. I am a person who always sees the glass half full. I try to see that there is good in everyone and give everyone a chance. I think if I allowed myself to let my past guide my life and hold feelings of anger towards those who hurt me, I would be no better than they are now: bitter, nasty and always blaming others for their misfortune.

I think being so alone made me very independent and determined to show my family that I was a good person and worth loving. A huge part of me wanted to prove my self-worth to them. I also had to prove them wrong. I was not a freak like they thought. In the end, I learned that it is not what others feel that matters, it is how you view yourself and live your life.

Did you always know that you were a woman in a man's body from an early age?

I have to say, I hate when people put that question that way. Here is the thing. I am not in a man’s body. I do not look like a man or feel, talk or even think like a male. I was also born intersexed, with both male and female reproductive organs, so my mind set might be different than others. (The topic of being intersexed is a very long chapter in the book I have been writing about my life).

I always knew I was a woman. I did not know anything about Transsexuals until I was 16. I started to live my life as a woman at 9 years old and until 16, I really just thought I was a woman. I have never known what it would feel like to be a male. Even when I tried to be one at 12 to please my family, I always knew inside myself who I was.

Being a fan of transsexuals, I am so glad that you have your own radio show. How did you start this venture and what do you want your listeners to come away with from your shows?

I started it to give myself and other Trans people a real voice as well as being able to be free to talk about sex positive topics. Trans people do not really have much of a voice in my eyes. I also like the idea of asking the guests questions that other interviewers would not ask - not to mention some sexy talk is always nice. I get to be myself.

I want the fans to have fun and feel like they can get to know the guests/myself more on a personal level. I want them to be able to phone in and talk to the guests/myself like we are old friends. Sometimes people who are in the adult world can be unapproachable in the fans minds. I want to change that and give them an outlet to be able to ask the questions they have always wanted to ask.

I also want to have a place for Trans women to be able to promote whatever they are doing. Movies, books, phone sex/webcam or even stuff they feel they wish to address. The show is not an adult only type of show nor a show only based on Trans issues or guests. I plan on having a wide range of topics. It can be whatever the guests/listeners want it to be week to week. There is nowhere out there that is available for Trans girls in the media to really be free to express themselves without judgement. Now there is!

What types of content and subjects will be aired on your show? What is the format?

The sky is the limit. So far on the show I have covered a number of topics: Personal stories on my life. I tried to cover some real news stories, but that is just not my thing. I am not someone who can read lines very well. I have had porn stars and up and coming stars on. I had two of my guests have radio sex live on air. A few weeks ago, I made it to the big time. I got callers pranking my guest, TS Wendy Williams. That was a first and was a lot of fun to be honest.

I have a Trans woman, Tobi Hill-Meyer who is filming a documentary about Transsexual lovers. It will be different for me because when I was doing my research there were so many terms that I have never heard before. So, I am going into this interview hoping I do not come off as an air head, lol. But I really like that this interview is something different than I am used to doing. I think the way people grow is by doing things they are not used to doing.

As for format, I like to make it as real as I can. I put my headset on and just talk like I am talking to a girlfriend. My guests feel the same way. Most say it does not even feel like an interview. But I still get answers to my listener’s questions as well as my own. It works and that is what matters.

For me, I have noticed that there has been a significant growth in transsexual porn in the past three years. Why do you think that tranny porn has become more popular?

Education, acceptance and of course the Internet are some of the reasons it has become more popular. People needed and still need to be educated that being Transgendered or liking different genders is not a shameful thing. We are not some dirty little secret that guys can take out and play with whenever they need to get off. People are seeing that there is room for all genders/sexualities in life not just in the porn world, but in real life as well. Education leads to understanding which leads to acceptance which leads to a small town guy looking online and feeling ok with jerking off to TS porn.

Another reason is that people are seeing there is a market and lots of money to be made. So now they’re willing to offer us a bone! Not to mention there are more Transsexual Stars today than there ever were in the past. I feel that is because of the Internet and how easy it is for a girl to use her webcam, do some shows and boom she has a name and a way to make money at something she likes.

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The last reason I think is because people’s views on the Adult world have changed. It is not as dirty as what people used to think it was. People see that most adult stars treat an adult job like any other 9-5 job. Other Transsexuals who used to have a melt down over the term “Shemale” are also seeing that it is all about how you view your choices and what you choose to identify with. Being in porn is not a shameful dirty thing.

I remember when I first started when I went into chat rooms with the name “ShemaleTasha” other transsexual girls really used to blast me. Saying things like “the term Shemale is disrespectful to us” I never backed down. I will call myself whatever I wish, but now no one blinks an eye. But it really used to upset me because these are people who are going though the same issues as I am. But they’re judging me because I choose to be an adult star and I am proud of it.  It really showed me that there was more disrespect towards Transsexual adult stars coming from other Transsexuals than anywhere else. Thank god that has changed.

I think that it is pretty cool that you enjoy performing your webcam shows so much. What is it about them that really make them so enjoyable?

I am in control. Because I am not charging for my webcam shows, I can do whatever I wish. That changed it for me. When I was doing webcam shows and getting paid for it, I hated it. I had to do what the viewers demanded from me. I had to sit there like I was a piece of meat selling myself up and kissing ass with a smile on my face, hoping to God that someone would be so kind as to take me for a 5 minute private show so I can make a couple of dollars. For the guys, it was not about the show it was about playing the games and getting as much as they could from me for free until the next girl popped in and then they would do the same to her. That really turned me off of guys online. I hate games and BS.

 I walked away for many years from webcam shows, and now only go on when I want to get off or need some attention. Let us be honest, I have 100+ people telling me how beautiful I am and people get to watch me make a mess all over my desk. They're begging for me to allow them to clean it up. How could that not be fun and not to mention one hell of an ego boost! I think most girls who do free cam shows do it for that reason. Even though in the back of my mind I know most of them are full of shit. I just allow myself to take it all in for a moment and then move on.

Your fans will have the opportunity to see you in a porno flick once again. Could you tell us about Tasha's Trashy T-Girls Vol. 2?

Yes. We just started filming Vol. 2 on July 12th. We continue to shoot on Aug. 2 with Wendy Summers. This one will be much different than the last film. We will have twice as many girls and it is much higher quality/budget than the last film. Most of it is being shot at Goodhandy’s night club in Toronto in front of a live audience. I like my videos to be more real than staged or acted. So being able to film in a Transsexual night club just adds to the whole reality part of the video that I try and go for. This is in part why I have more video clips/webcam shows than I have on dvd's. Or why I have never worked with the big name studios. Reality is more of a turn on for me.

This video will also be different than most videos out there today, because when a guy has a dick up Dita’s ass and she is screaming in ecstasy or I am gagging on a cock and have precum messing up my lipstick - that is all real. There are no scripts or retakes. Mandy Goodhandy, Todd Klinck and myself just take the still or video camera and just start shooting. We never know who will join in from the audience or what sexual acts will be done. It is all in the moment.  It makes it real for the models and the viewers!

I am also going to be filming some of the video myself. I am going to do some directing for this video, but as I said, I really try and just let the models do whatever they wish to do. We also have the webcam going though the whole shoot so people online can watch it all happen live on http://www.worldonthefringe.com. I really think people will enjoy something different.

When I think about your name Tasha Jones, I get an image of a very confident and strong-willed woman who is a real go-getter. You know what you want and get it. Am I correct with my assessment of you?

In a way you are correct on some levels. In my professional life, I am very much like that. When I am in the role of “Tasha Jones,” I am a real go getter, I can be kind of cocky because I know how to put myself out there to get a man’s attention. I know when doing a webcam show what gets people really turned on. When it comes to sex or putting on a show, that is second nature to me. I can always put that sex kitten look on my face, say a couple of words, and open my mouth to please a man. Really being Tasha at times is a lot of fun and gives me great pleasure in more ways than one. When I walk into a club, I always have my tits out and you get the vibe of sex whenever anyone is around me. That is who Tasha Jones is.

But my personal life is another story, I am very different, less confident and really shy. About two years ago, I lost my confidence both personally and professionally. I was really in a bad place and was about to give up on life. Then my best friend, now my husband, stepped in and saved me from myself. I finished college for nursing. Moved back home to my family and through his love, I was able to have confidence within myself I never had before to reach some of my personal goals in life. Having love and acceptance in your life really does change you as a person and your outlook on life. I have never had true love until now.  It has made me a better person in all levels of my life.

How long have you been in the industry? How did you get into the adult industry?

I started working for Video Secrets in 1997 doing webcam shows. I was one of the first T-Girls they hired to do webcam shows. I filmed my very first movie for Mandy Goodhandy/Todd Klinck in 1998. It was never released; it was really bad. I watched it today and do not understand where my head was, thinking it was so good. I also did my first shoot for Grooby in 1999. I opened my own website in 1998 and started dong webcam shows and I started producing my own content. In 2002, Tasha’s Trashy T-Girls Vol 1 was filmed.  What I did not know till many years later was that it was one of http://www.amvc.com  top sellers that year.

But, I owe my start to Mandy and Todd. Todd was the one who shot most of my movies and really was the type of guy that allowed the model to do what she wanted and he just sat back with his camera in hand and rolled. Because of that, I got some amazing shoots/content which really brought a huge amount of attention to start my adult carrier. I also learned for myself what looked good and what did not look good when shooting porn.

Mandy started me out on the website path. She owned the first ever Shemale adult website in Canada. I ended up owning the second. But she also showed me that there was so much more than just being a model/escort. She is and was a business woman who I respected enough to watch, learn and in my own way, try to follow in her steps. Out of everyone in my life I have ever met, she is the one I have to thank for where I am today as a person and a business person.

What does all of the recognition that you receive from fans mean to you?

It really does mean everything to me. Their support has really gotten me though some very hard times in my life. Unlike some girls out there today, I have a smaller less vocal fan base. You have to remember that I was doing pictures/movies/escorting online before anyone else in Canada. So a lot of tranny lovers today from Canada and some from the States have known me for years. The problem is that Canada is not the States. We did not have Grooby or the population/market to grow as fast as they did. But in Canada, like David Hasselhoff would say, “I was very big in my own right.”

What traits of a woman do you admire most? What makes a woman sexy? What traits of a man do you admire most? What makes a man sexy?

I love to kiss a woman, the softness of her lips and skin, her touch, and her overall nature. It is a real turn on for me. When I have intercourse with a woman, I am lucky to last two seconds inside her wet, soft pussy. It is very different than what I am used to. I do like to change it up now and then.

A man is simple. He is the man. His manliness, his musk and his control over me really turns me on. I love a man to just grab me and use my body and my mouth. He can do whatever he wants to me. Nothing better than feeling used after a man just gives it to you rough and dirty!

But then, there are times when I will use the male or female as my sex toy. Grabbing and fucking them hard. I think it is best to say that I really just like sex with any gender.

I get so turned on when a transsexual makes out with either another She-Male or female performer. Could you tell us how you feel when this type of pairing occurs and when you are paired up with a cute guy?

Male, female or Shemale, it does not matter about the gender for me, I am just a sexual person. Whoever I shoot with of course, I would rather have someone that I am attracted to. That cannot always happen. So you smile and make the best of it. Why mess up a video shoot or make the other person not feel good about themselves?  That is a bit selfish. I always find something about a person that turns me on.
A good example is my last shoot on July 12th. Part of the video that you will see is guys with masks sitting on the sidelines jerking off. That is all they are there to do is watch and jerk. Once I was done with my part of the video, I pointed to them and told them to come over. They walked over slowly unsure of what to expect. I put a condom on each of their cocks and sucked them until they blew their loads. I can tell you that the audience loved it. In that part in the video, everyday guys who are not 6’4 with a 10 inch cock will love it and most of all, those  guys walked around like they were kings all night and had smiles on their faces. Not to mention other guys would not stop talking about how cool that was and how they wish that would have happened to them. That for me is more important than looks alone or cock size.
If you like Shemale on Shemale action, then you’re going to love my new movie. Wendy Summers and I had something special planned for our webcam show on August 2. Her part of my video will film her doing a live webcam show for Worldonthefringe.com website. This will be filmed live at Goodhandy’s night club like the last shoot. Close your eyes and think her ass, my head and a whole lot of pumping. You will have to either watch online or even in person to see what we have planned. If you’re not in Canada or able to watch online, the video should be out by years end.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I love movies, watching tv, computer games like Call of Duty. Sometimes I try and bake. I am really into oral sex. Just getting on my knees, sucking someone’s cock until they cum and then they can leave. That could be a hobby, right?
Since you have spent time in both the United States and Canada, is one country more transsexual accepting than the other? What is it going to take to rid the bigotry that many people have for transsexuals?
I would say both countries have their ups and downs. I do spend time in USA because my husband lives in the States. But it is hard because I live as a woman. So no one knows down there that I am Transsexual. I have not had first hand knowledge of discrimination from the States. But reading the news about Transsexual abuse down in the States, it does seem to be worse than Canada.

I think Canada itself is more open and welcoming. Do not get me wrong, Canada has its issues because sometimes we are a bit “too” welcoming. But it is a great place to live and we have free health care…lol

I will say this over and over again and always stand behind it. Education is the only way change will have any impact on our lives. You can force a law onto people. Force your beliefs and rights. But you will never change someone’s personal feelings with force. People may disagree and that is ok. But, with the amount of demanding, forcing our rights and beliefs onto the world, in some ways, we are doing the very thing we are fighting against. I do not wish to start a huge debate over this. But, sometimes some people just take things too far and in the end, it could hurt us rather than help. On the other hand, yes, change needs to happen to protect our rights. But, I think it is more on how this is done that could do more harm than good.

What is your favorite thing about being an adult performer?

The sex and meeting some really great fans!! It is like being a mini celebrity sometimes. It really also can be such a confidence booster if you view this life in a respectful way. It is all in how you view the adult industry as well as how you view yourself.

Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote? What are you currently working on film wise?

As I said, I am filming Tasha Trashy T-Girls Vol 2. That hopefully should be out by years end and who knows Vol 3 might come out soon after.

My radio show.  http://www.tgirlradio.com. It airs Sunday nights @ 9pm (Eastern time) but you can also listen to the podcasts of my past shows though the website.

Goodhandy’s night club in Toronto, Canada. It is the only club of its kind in Canada. It has T-Girl nights 4 nights a week (Monday-Thursday) http://www.goodhandys.com.

http://www.worldonthefringe.com it is Goodhandy’s social network. That is where you can see me do my free webcam shows. They also have a pole cam so people can watch the T-Girls at the club work the pole. On Thursday nights they offer live Shemale sex on webcam.

Thank you so very much for this wonderful interview!

Tasha Jones

Interview by Apache Warrior

My email account: [email protected]
My Twitter account: https://twitter.com/ApacheWarrior

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