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SheMaleStrokers.Com interview

With so many trannsexual websites sprouting up on the Internet in recent years, one of the most successful sites has been ShemaleStrokers.com. It has been around for at least 7 years and has turned into one of the leading mega sites (3 updates a week) with over 1000 tgirls shot. This site made a wave originally because of it's focus on Tgirls in solo action. Later, it branched out into hardcore action too. This site was started and originally shot by the legendary Rodney Moore. Their DVD Strokers series has won an AVN award and been nominated numerous times. I conducted this interview with the person who is in charge of Mancini Pictures and ShemaleStrokers.com, Sammy Mancini.

I want to say thanks for all of your hard work in creating significant and top-notch transsexual porn for many years. You really rocked the industry when you focused on T-Girls in solo action. How did you get started in the industry and how did you begin producing transsexual content?

Thank you for the compliments and appreciation! I had already been starring in and filming straight porn for about ten years before getting into the TS market in 2002. I had a good female friend Chimera Chase who produced and directed TS porn, but was only doing sex scenes with transsexuals and men. I also had been using a new camera girl named Allenina who turned out to be a TS. At that time, the thought of shooting those kinds of sex scenes (TS/Male) didn't appeal to me, but in talking to both Chimera and Allenina, I found out that no one was really doing solo masturbation scenes with she-males. Allenina was cute and sexy and she was filming something for me one time and there was a guy on the set who I knew to be very homophobic. After the shoot, he expressed a strong interest in her, and of course, he was shocked when I told him that she was trans. She told me that she would go on dates with straight guys who didn't know she was trans, and when they started to fool around and the guys discovered what was between her legs, most of them didn't stop. So, the thought came to me that while straight guys would not buy the kind of TS sex movies that were currently available,  they might actually be into solo masturbation scenes with a feminine passable TS. A lot of straight men who have no sexual interest in men whatsoever are fascinated and turned on by transsexuals. I was intrigued by the idea and I thought that might be a fun and interesting project to try. Allenina was the very first TS that I shot. I enjoyed it, so I continued to shoot more.

What was your vision when you started out?

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There were a couple of popular TS sites at that time, but they only seemed to feature photos. We focused totally on web movies, which at the time was still not that common. That was why the site became so popular so quickly. I also focused on the girls' personalities, telling their stories of their transition and their daily lives, plus stories of their hot encounters with men. You got to know the model before viewing her naked. This also was a lot different than what was out at the time.

I also admire how the site grew into hardcore action. Why did you decide to take on that direction?

I've always in my mind seen T-girls as women with a little something extra, not the other way around.  I've never had any personal interest in shooting gay content, but I was getting requests for sex scenes. So I looked at it as not that different from shooting a boy/girl scene. To me, it was a just another boy/girl scene, only different. My personal preference was for women and transsexuals but that wasn't as popular as male/TS scenes. Of course, the most popular is TS/TS scenes.

How do you create, make, and collect content for your website?

Up until recently, I shot all the content for the sites and DVDs. We have now hired a handful of other people to shoot for us, occasionally buying content from outside sources if it fits our standards. I still do a majority of the shooting. The editing is either done by myself, someone on my staff, or the person who shoots for us.

How do you decide which content should go on the website and which content should be produced for a DVD?

All the content goes up on the web sites! Then, we pick the best match up of scenes for the DVDs. The web sites require much more content than the DVDs do.

Could you tell us about your well-celebrated DVD series She-Male Strokers? When was the first film produced?

The very first scene was Allenina, shot on May 17, 2002. Vo DeBalm was the second on the 18th,  Kimi Starr was the 3rd in Seattle on the 25th,  Angelica in Seattle on the 26th, and Sofia Santos on June 5th back in LA. That was the first Shemale Strokers DVD. At that time, we were distributing through OGV, and they marketed a lot of gay content, and they wanted to market it as a gay title. I told them that this was a movie aimed at straight guys who like transsexuals. Gay men aren't interested in a woman with a cock.

Could you tell us what are some of the biggest requests from members during a solo scene?

For the majority of the fans, it's all about the cum shot. Second would be the size of their "clit."  Of course, the more feminine the girl, the more popular she will be. The ideal TS is a drop dead gorgeous girl with long sexy hair, natural looking breasts, with a huge cock that cums a quart.

What are some of the best-selling content on your website?

It is always more to do with the particular girl than what she's doing. If the girl is hot and feminine and has that prize package, the fans will go gaga over her. Enthusiasm goes a long way as well!  So really it is the same as any porn, get a hot girl with something special about her and fans will come in droves.

What are your thoughts on the ever-increasing popularity of She-Male porn?

From a business standpoint, when we started, the market was smaller but there were only a handful of sites doing it, so we did very well. Now there are hundreds of sites and only so many transsexuals to go around, so there's much smaller pieces of the pie. It's interesting that a lot of transsexuals hate the term "She-Male." But that's the term that the market recognizes. I don't think TranswomanMasturbators.com would have done as well as ShemaleStrokers.com. It is also really great to see the stigma and taboos surrounding transsexuals and the men and women who love them being chipped away!

With all of the years that you have been producing transsexual adult content, what are some of the changes that you have seen in this industry?

The models have become more professional. In the early days, many of the T-girls I shot were horrified when I pulled out a check book to pay them. Now they know this is a business. The amount of self promotion they do is also an interesting change. Transsexuals can become celebrated porn stars in their own right.

Since you have so much content on your website, how are you able to run everything so smoothly?

Thanks for saying that. When I built this site, I had already had a few years of experience running my straight sites, so I knew what not to do and how to better organize the content.

I love seeing a She-Male perform with a female performer. Will there be more crossover work for transsexual performers?

That is also my favorite. More and more well known female adult performers are willing to work with transsexuals now.  There is much less stigma attached to it now.  When I started shooting TS content in 2002, if a female performer were to work with a TS, she could be blackballed from straight porn. It's not that way at all anymore.  Unfortunately, there was a lot of homophobia in the straight industry back then, but it doesn't rear its ugly head nearly as much now.

I have noticed that there are more beautiful transsexuals nowadays. How do you find transsexual talent?

I find talent mostly through either referrals from other transsexuals, or I contact them through ads they might run, or they may contact me directly because they want to be on the site.

Where do you see transsexual porn in the future? Will it continue to gain in popularity?

I really don't see much change that hasn't already happened. The industry is very compartmentalized, so TS porn will always be a niche product and it will probably always be separated from straight porn, just as you'll never see a gay scene in an otherwise straight movie. I've thought about putting a surprise TS scene in a straight feature a couple of times, but I get told it won't sell in the straight market, and it won't sell in the TS market, because you can't mix genres. To me, that's unfortunate, because it limits a lot of creative possibilities.  Some day, I may just say "Fuck it" and do it anyway.

Interview by Apache Warrior

My email account: [email protected]
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