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ATTEN-HUT! General Vicky Vette in the House Ready For Action!

Being a fairly new starlet as well as writer I am VERY pleased and HONORED to present to everyone out there this exclusive interview with Vicky Vette as she gives us a little peek inside of her 'Army', expresses her not-so-secret soft spot for canine creatures and the never-ending love she has for her fans.

Ladies and gentlemen here is the beautiful, smooth and fast riding Vicky Vette!

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I see you were born in Norway, is this where you grew up? How did you end up in the US?

No I was really only in Norway till I was 4 and a 1/2. My parents immigrated to Canada, and I only made it to the land of milk and honey in my mid thirties for business purposes.

What led you to submit your photos to Hustler? Was it an impulse move or did you have dreams of becoming a Porn Star?

No, lol… I never dreamed of being a porn star in a million years… I just wanted to bust out and do something crazy and unconventional. I felt like I was being choked living in a small conservative town. I worked very hard and always tried to do the right things. One day I lost a huge account because the woman's son was eyeballing my boobs. Unbeknownst to me, the top button of my very plain white blouse had popped open and the 20 year old was feasting his eyes. His mother picked up her things and haughtily walked out of the conference room without signing the deal we had worked on for months. I was so furious. I thought, OK fine, you want to be that way? Then I'll give them something to look at! I got the boob job week later. That was in 2000. I still only sent in the pictures to Hustler in 2003, when the neighbors were fighting over which church we should go to…

It is very impressive that you went from winning an amateur photo contest to building your own Vette Nation Army , how did you do this?

Very slowly, lol… and getting the right people to help. The business of adult was really geared to DVD releases when I first got into it.  I shot like crazy for DVD's the first few years.  In 2006 I was touring through Europe taking some time off from shooting & started putting up more videos at my site.  The site grew and after a few months I got the stupid idea of focusing on the internet.  When I saw how much my image was saturated online because of shooting for other companies, I decided to stop shooting for anyone and only for my site.  A lot of people thought I was crazy and actually a rumor circulated I was retired.  It took me winning a contest in 2007 for the Booble Girl of the Year for people in the business to realize I was shooting regularly and that my fan base was actually bigger because of the stuff I was doing on the internet.  During the contest website members started referring to themselves as the 'Vette Army'. We thought it was cool and tried doing a promo video of sex to military music. I thought it might end my career but the members loved it and 'Vette Nation Army' or 'VNA' stuck.  After about a year of running my site I thought it would be cool to bring in a couple of girls… 3 led to 5… 5 led to 7…. and now we are up to 13 and growing.  It was many many hours of making every mistake in the book & figuring out how to compete against what is a male dominated industry of webmasters.  I have a lot of girls to thank who showed trust in me to run their sites for them while we were still relatively small.  It wasn't easy but I think now we are a force to be reckoned with.   

You have live cam shows daily on your website; the one that caught my eye is the one of you fucking Spider Man. Have you always had a Spider Man Fantasy? Do you and your VNA girls often do funny things like that in your shows or are those just reserved just for Halloween?

The Spiderman thing was last minute…. an unplanned costume that we found that we thought would be funny.   We try and do funny things all the time. It is not easy to come up with new ideas week in and week out.  All the girls are encouraged to make the shows their own. Sometimes we sing karaoke with a vibrator or a penis. Sometimes we sing with a penis in our mouth. Sometimes I sing happy birthday to a member with my ass. We've had everything from gangbangs to body painting to team BJ on live cam.

What is your most memorable scene or cam show that you have done? What made it become permanently etched into your mind?

Good question.  There have been a lot over the years.  Probably the ones that we do on the road or with well known girls. For years our members said that the cam shows I did with Puma Swede in 2007 were the best they had ever seen.  I had never met her & we did a couple of strap on shows that were off the hook.  There's nothing like meeting a girl on camera for the first time & having chemistry. It's either there or it isn't.  I did a couple of shows in Spain called the "Melon Show" which everyone enjoyed.  People appreciated the effort of flying to Spain to broadcast live.  The biggest live show for the network was the recent #TeamBJ live event with Sara Jay & Angelina Castro.  The hoards of people trying to get into the show crashed the server for a short while. 

You are quite obviously very beautiful, I personally want to know what your secrets are to seemingly being unable to age because you obviously have the fountain of youth in your living room! Every woman wants to look young and beautiful forever so please tell us how you do it!

Awe thanks! Good Norwegian genes & lots of working out. I run with my dogs, and I train in a boxing gym regularly & above all…. don't smoke or drink.  Partying too hard is likely the biggest thing that ages people in our business I think.

 You won Miss Free Ones this year, as you should have, what was that like for you knowing you are the fan favorite? 

It genuinely is awe inspiring to me. It's validation for the years of hard work building a fan base from the ground up through grassroots working social networking. I came second two years running. To win it was a massive relief.  I don't take it for granted. Freeones is one of the biggest players in the game and they really try to run a 'clean' contest. You have to have the fan base & votes to win it.

Besides Jenna Jameson, you are probably the most followed porn star on twitter. I always see you tweeting all day, every day and interacting a lot with your fans. Though I am sure you adore your fans, what is the strangest thing someone has tweeted you?

Strangest? I get strange every day - everything from 'what does your pee taste like' to "your parents must be so proud of you" to 'I can smash you in the ass' to "can you fart in a baggie and send it to me". I'd say getting a personal message from Anthony Robbins to be out of the blue and 'strange' in that I wasn't expecting him to tweet me.  I ended up getting invited to one of his three day events which was amazing. I went to the seminar and walked on hot coals!

How did you come up with your name? Are you a fan of Corvettes or is there another type of "Vette" out there?

I drive a convertible corvette, I've always loved them, they are sleek, sexy, curvy and fast like a hot woman. That’s why I chose the name. I got the car later!  Besides… Vicky Prius or Vicky Mustang didn't have a ring to it.

How long do you plan on staying in the adult industry, do you have any other career aspirations in life?

Well as long as people want to see me having sex, and pay to see me having sex I'm totally willing to do it, lol…. There are a lot of challenges left.

What about personal aspirations? What could you accomplish that would make you say "I can die happy now.”?

Not a tough question at all. I always wanted to run a Shelter for abused and abandoned dogs. I would take in homeless people too, and make them walk and feed the dogs in return for food and a clean bed. I think if I can get that done… I will have fulfilled my biggest personal life's goal.

What are your guilty pleasures as far as music, television and food go?

Ice cream… Ice cream… and more Ice cream while I watch Sons of Anarchy or Desperate Housewives.  Music? Def Leppard and anything 70's like Pink Floyd.

If you could be anyone else for a day who would you be? Please tell us why.

Dog shelter owner. Yeah... I know I have dogs on the brain.

If you could change anything about the current state of the adult industry, what would it be?

Stolen porn…. without a doubt.  Making a living in adult is not easy when people are stealing from you.  The consumer now thinks it's perfectly acceptable to steal what you create. The sad thing is that people inside the industry encourage and help stealing. It's like a snake feeding on itself, eating its own tail.



And now some "Why the fuck are you asking me this?" Questions...

What do you think about the recent purchase by Disney of the Star Wars brand?
I am more of a Star Trek fan… never did the whole Star Wars thing as much, although Chewy was delightful and I would do the princess. Hell I'd do them all. Teach Han Solo a thing or two. Hopefully they do better with the next 3 Star Wars movies than the last 3.

What is your favorite brand/scent of dish soap?

Soap? Porn stars don't wash dishes? Joking… I don't use brands anymore. I use a local soap I buy from someone who makes it completely from scratch. It's completely organic and smells amazing!

What did you dream of last night? If you do not remember, what was the last dream you remember?

Last night I dreamt I was being chased by midgets, through a subway system, then I got into a tanning bed, and it turned into a rocket ship and went into space.  

If you were a crayon what color would you be and would you be scented or just smell like wax?

Let's go with hot pink and smells like oranges. Who wants to smell like wax?

Is the world really going to end next month? If so, how would you prefer it to end?

Nope. The world's going to be here and so is Vicky Vette.  If it does end, I'd prefer it to end by…….snuggling under a big warm blanket, with my most favorite person in the world, all 3 dogs on my lap, with a big bowl of caramel ice cream, after just having had sex, and then the lights go out.  

What do you think of when you eat Skittles?

Ewwwww… my dog's name is Skittles!

If you could be invisible for a day and creepily follow someone who would you follow and why?

I’d follow you.  You seem like you hang out in lots of sleazy places… lol.

What color is your toothbrush? Does it vibrate?

No vibrating toothbrush... I have enough stuff that vibrates in my everyday life.

What kind of mattress do you have? Have you ever fucked on a Tempurpedic mattress and is it as difficult as it seems it would be?

I can fuck on anything!

What did you do on your 23rd birthday?

OMG that was 24 years ago... I can't remember what I did last year. LOL. I might have been in Hawaii skydiving….

A few final questions...

What is your motto in life?

Live Long & Fuck A Lot.

What advice do you have for other women in the adult industry as far as being able to be able to reach their own successes and owning their own brand?

Don't let anyone tell you that you "can't". I was told at 38 not to bother getting into adult by a number of agents. Apparently I was too old.  Well here I am almost 10 years later. If you want your own 'brand' you have to be prepared to work at it. That really means being prepared to shoot regularly for your own site and sometimes passing up quick money for other websites. Stuff that I shot 7 years ago is still competing with my own website to this day.  It also means working at your name & image and building a fan base on a daily basis. It may be more fun to party your ass off but things move quickly, and if you don't take care of the fans by interacting & engaging them, someone else will and you will be forgotten in an instant.

Anything that you would like to add or promote?

Yes. I am very proud of www.vettenationLive.com, the new extension of the Official Sites that I run. We are giving free software to solo girls who want to cam in our network so their members can get all our shows for free. I am thrilled so far with the reaction & I have high hopes for it.


Thank you SO to much Vicky Vette for doing this interview and know you are welcome to follow me around anytime at any sleazy place I am at, you can even spy on me naked in the shower if you want!

Interview by Leya Falcon XOXO

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