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Melina Mason interview

The all around female performer in porn is hot stuff with the fans. With Tori Black not making films anymore and Gracie Glam only doing girl on girl work nowadays, there is a void to be filled. Melina Mason is the right woman to fill it. Her unabandoned love for filthy sex is inspiring and refreshing. It's a big reason why Evil Angel has her in many of their films. She also looks the part too. Melina is a fearless performer who has not been in this industry that long.  

Hi Melina, you are fearless. I enjoy your energy level during your sex scenes. How long have you been in the industry? What have been your most pleasurable moments so far? What has been your least pleasurable?
Thank you, 'fearless' is a word I don't mind being associated with. I've been around the industry for a few years. I was a nude model from 2009-2010. I started girl/girl scenes in 2011 and I didn't start getting serious with my career until mid-2012 when I started boy/girl and anal. Even though I've been around, I feel brand new. Pleasurable moments in porn? Well that would be most of them. I feel the most satisfaction when I overcome a limit I thought I had, like fitting Mike Adriano in my ass. That was a victory. The least pleasurable moments I have experienced are all the politics that go on behind closed doors. I get it, it’s the entertainment industry, but I was not fully prepared to deal with the business in that way. I'm just here to fuck.

What did you do before you entered the adult film world?
I've been working since I was fourteen years old, I've had all kinds of jobs from telemarketer to crime scene clean-up. I went to college for a few years and decided I'm not the scholarly type. All I've ever wanted was to do porn since I was in elementary school. It feels good to have finally made it here. Living my dream at twenty-two is pretty great.

What was the biggest surprise for you about the adult industry when you started?

That would be when I realized I could have multiple orgasms! You should have seen my face-oh, wait, you can it’s all on camera thankfully. Before porn, I never had vaginal orgasms. I thought there was something wrong with me. Just turns out I wasn't getting fucked properly. Now I can have literally unlimited orgasms. It’s incredible. I can come twenty times if you let me.

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You have worked with Evil Angel for several films. Could you tell us how it feels to be so liked by them? Which performance for them has been your favorite?

It’s a huge compliment to work for Evil Angel on such a regular basis. They are on my level when it comes to the type of porn they shoot. I like making filthy gonzo scenes and they let me. I'm pleased with my performance in Ass Party 2. My ass got fucked hard in that scene!
What traits of a woman do you admire most? What makes a woman sexy? What traits of a man do you admire most? What makes a man sexy?

What makes a woman sexy for me is tits, ass, and face. I'm not interested in having a female partner. So, as long as she looks good, I don't really care about her personality. If she’s a bitch, I'll just fuck her harder. For a man, I have a seemingly endless list of qualities that I admire and consider sexy. Beyond the physical aspects, I'm attracted to men with the following qualities: pride, ambition, respectfulness, supportive, loyal, honest, empathetic, deviant, intelligent, optimistic, confident, protective, independent, and he must love to cuddle!  
How does it feel when you meet your fans? Do you they recognize you in public?

Meeting fans is surreal for me. I'm usually a very private person and when I get recognized in public, I'm never ready for it. I got in a cab a few weeks ago and the driver was like ‘Hey I know you, you make the porno movies," and I was just like, "Yup," it was awkward. I've had some very pleasant experiences too. I was outside of a strip club in San Francisco and a guy came up to me and told me he was a huge fan and then left me alone. He was very respectful.
Many adult stars are animal lovers. Are you one of them? Are you a cat or dog person?

I love animals! I love cats, but I'd rather have a dog. I'm looking at puppies right now actually. I wanted a pet fox until I recently found out that they need a lot of outdoor space.

Are there any industry people (actors, actresses, directors, etc.) who you have not had the opportunity to work with yet and want to very badly and why? What would be your dream scene?  

As far as performers go, I think I've worked with everyone on my wishlist so far...lucky me! I still want to fuck everybody though. There are still some companies that I'd really like to work for like Vivid, Wicked, and Digital Playground. It would be an honor to perform for such great and legendary companies. I don't have a dream scene, but I have dream movies. I've written a few movies so far. I'm searching for the right opportunity to produce them. One of them wouldn't be legal to distribute in America so I'm rewriting that one. One of the other ones is about hookers and all anal. I'm obsessed with whores.
How were you as a kid growing up?

My childhood was nightmarish. I was a problem child in every sense of the word. I probably took ten years off my parents life expectancy with all the stress I caused them. Sorry Mom and Dad, love youuu! I'm probably still stressing them out, but at least my problems are self-contained.  
What are your hobbies and interests?

I'm very interested in writing. I write a lot. I like to spend time strategizing and planning for my future in porn and beyond. I'm also a Netflix hound and I love doing things around home like decorating. When I'm not being a sexual athlete, I'm quite stationary.  
What is your shoe size?

What is your favorite thing about being an adult performer?

I enjoy the change. The industry is a constantly-evolving entity. I don't do well with routine so its rapid growth and innovation that are exciting to adapt to. This is the longest anything has ever kept my attention. I feel like I'm chasing it.  
Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote? What are you currently working on film wise?

I have a lot of projects I'm currently working on, but until I make some breakthroughs I'd like to keep them private. Expect to see great leaps from me in the near future. For subliminal clues on them check out my twitter @melina_mason.

Interview by Apache Warrior

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