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Siri Interview

Blonde Bombshell Bares It All


Siri is a vivacious 24-year-old Minnesota native who also resided in Texas before moving to Los Angeles and getting her start in porn during February of 2012. Having only been in the industry for just shy of a full year, Siri has already amassed an impressive collection of scenes for which she’s starred both online and in film. Affording her the title of Miss FreeOnes Best Newcomer of the year for 2012, and most recently earning her an AVN nomination for Best New Starlet. I had the unique opportunity to speak with Siri who was joined by her husband, Brad, via telephone. We discussed several things, including her choice in stage name and how it’s been likened to the mobile phone app popularized by a certain Cupertino, California based computer company, a common misnomer that’s finally been put to rest. Here’s our interview. —Charles Bukkake 

Siri sounds a lot like the Apple voice command software…


I’m wondering whether or not that ever came up in previous interviews or on shoots?

So, my name, yes it does sound suspiciously like the iPhone lady. It pretty much comes up in every single interview.

I’m sure it does, yeah.

Yeah, it’s a cool story I guess. I began the planning process to move to Los Angeles and break into the adult industry during June of 2011. The first thing I did after choosing my stage name was to create a Twitter account. This was like four months before the iPhone 4S was released, so I had no idea that it was going to have a feature called ‘Siri.’ It was like a total weird coincidence.

Wow. Yeah, I thought that maybe you just pulled it directly from the pages of Apple, but apparently it was just a coincidence, huh?

It was a complete coincidence, and I mean of all things I was so shocked that that’s the name that they chose for that feature. I’m a full-blooded Scandinavian, part Swedish and part Norwegian. A very common name in Sweden and Norway is Sigrid; the nickname for Sigrid is Siri. So, that’s how I arrived at that, kind of looking at my heritage and deciding on a name I really liked. The other thing that made me decide on that was that the name Sigrid in Old Norse actually means “beautiful victory” when translated to English and I was like, that’s cool.

Would it be safe to say that you began shooting in February of this year?

Yeah, my first shoot ever in the industry, once I was signed by an agent, was the first week of February for Reality Kings.

So, let me ask you, what made you want to get into porn originally?

When I was 19 years old and in college, I was actually an out lesbian. I had come out to my family and friends, and the girl I was dating was really into watching girl/ girl porn. [She] referred me to a website and she said, “You should watch this, they do lesbian porn.” So I watched it and I thought it was the coolest thing, and the more I watched it the more I was like, “I can do this. I could move to San Francisco and be in porn.” And of course over the years, that idea kind of evolved and transformed into me just wanting to be in the Los Angeles porn industry, doing what I do now.


You mentioned you’ve had lesbian encounters earlier in your life. When it comes to being on camera, do you prefer to work with male or female talent and why?

I wouldn’t say that there’s a preference. It depends on the scene and it depends on the other talent. That’s just a hard question to answer. It’s kind of like, do I enjoy sex with women more or do I enjoy sex with men more. To me, they’re completely equal. It really depends on the partner. I’ve had girl/ girl scenes that I enjoyed way more than any boy/ girl scene I’ve ever filmed. But I’ve also had several boy/ girl scenes that were better than some of my less positive girl/ girl scene experiences.

I want to talk to you about your recent shoot with Scoreland.com where you took on two guys. Now, was that a first for you?

On film it was, yeah. I’ve definitely had that kind of experience many, many times in my personal life, but that was the first one for me on film.

What were the challenges with that particular shoot? The fact that you wear a size ‘10’ shoe kind of comes into play I think.

[laughs] You must have read my recent post on my blog.

I did.

Awesome. I’m glad you read it, that’s cool. The main challenge for me that day seems so “on the surface.” It doesn’t seem to be that bad, but I don’t think a lot of men have ever worn a heeled shoe that’s like three sizes too small. It’s almost impossible. So, there I am with my relatively large feet, as compared to most women. The costume required I wear these size ‘7’ shoes, these construction worker boots with like three or four inch stiletto heels—thin little heels. It was tough balancing; I mean I really just had to kind of talk myself through it. Up until the camera came on and we were actually having sex, I had to talk myself out of throwing in the towel. That’s probably an exaggeration, but it was pretty frustrating.

Yeah, I can imagine. I haven’t personally seen that scene, but were there a lot of breaks that you took just to kind of get your stuff together, or was it just one continuous shoot. How did that work?

Well, once we started filming the video there were some breaks. I mean the intro to the video was in this warehouse and the actual sex portion took place in like an office break room type set. We did have a good break where I took my shoes off and stuff, but I mean I was wearing them for several hours.

I think you mentioned on your blog that you were afraid you’d twist your ankle or fall or something like that. It had to be frustrating. Would you say that, that was one of the bigger challenges that you faced on set?

Oh, absolutely. If you watch the trailer on Scorelands’ website their opening shot is of me pulling a dolly stacked with cardboard boxes, and I’m doing this strut, you know, so it makes my boobs bounce a lot. And I had to do this wearing those shoes, and I’m like, “I’m going to fall and die!” [laughs] It was a little nerve-racking, let’s put it that way.

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We mentioned your shoe size, that you’re a size ‘10’. I think it’s safe to say that you’re a “bigger girl” when compared to the industry standard. Where do you feel that someone with your body type fits in the industry?

That’s something that I’ve addressed or that I’ve talked to my own fans about. I wear a size ‘10’ shoe; I’m 5’9” so I’m a little bit taller than the average woman. But as far as my body type and my size, my measurements are smaller than Christina Hendricks’. My measurements are the same as what Marilyn Monroe’s were with the exception that I have, well, larger boobs [laughs] But when you look at it that way, the average size in the U.S. for normal women is a ‘14’. It’s a weird place to be. I’m smaller than the average American woman, but still larger than the porn average, which as far as I’m concerned is about a size ‘4’ or ‘6’. That’s like an extra small or a small in clothing size. On one end I have all of my fans who are fans of me, but they’re also fans of Jesse Jane, and they’re fans of various adult stars, most of whom are more of the adult average size. Those girls may have different body types than mine, but my fan base [is comprised of] the same people.

What do you consider to be your greatest physical attribute?

Of course, my boobs. I love my breasts and I am fortunate to have natural HH cups. But I am most often told on shoots that it's my face. When I am selected for the DVD cover on some of my films, they tell me it's because my face is one of the prettiest. So when my audience considers me, I am quite happy if they come for the boobs, but stay for the face.

So, I know we talked a little about your shoot with Scoreland. Now, I understand the difficulty in a shoot is dependent on the type of scene that you’re cast in, who you work with, the direction that you get, but what are some of the other difficulties you face when you’re on set and what are some of the perks that you can discuss?

The difficulties that I face on most sets are all very similar. If they have central air conditioning, they have to turn it off because it’s too noisy and the mic will pick it up. While we’re doing the deed itself and getting sweaty, since the AC is not on, it can get uncomfortable for the time being, but I mean I wouldn’t say it would really influence my performance that much. It’s just one of those things that can add to the challenges of a day on set. One thing that always influences me or at least poses a challenge is the size of the guy’s penis. I’ve gotten people who look at me and they go, ‘Well, because you’re a little bigger you can take these giant cocks.’ And I’m like, “No!” [laughs] I’m not built that way. To give you a reference point, the biggest thing that I can take comfortably is like Ramon Nomar and he’s still not on the bigger end of what you can find in the adult film industry. And the biggest perk is pretty obvious: I get paid to enjoy sex on film.

How important do you feel it is to interact with your fans and do you think that having a strong online presence is necessary to make an impact in pornography?

Yes, absolutely. I think that interacting with my fans openly and being accessible is the most important thing to being successful. That’s the only reason I believe that I was in the running for Miss FreeOnes Best Newcomer this year; it’s because I was constantly interacting with fans through my blog, on Twitter and posting on message boards. I still do that to this day. And lots and lots of fan e-mails. I spend several hours, at least six hours every day dealing with fan interactions, and on some days it’s even more.

What would be the weirdest piece of fan mail you’ve ever received?

I’ve gotten a few e-mails from Saudi Arabian princes, or so they claim, looking for marriage.

That’s pretty out there.

It is, right? And the funny thing is that they’ve read my blog far enough that they could find my e-mail, but they didn’t read it far enough to find out that I’m already married!


 You’ve been nominated for several categories in this year’s Score Awards, so as a recent newcomer, what are your thoughts on this? You must be very excited.

I’m super excited. I’ve been tweeting everyone on Twitter to vote for me! I’m taking the same approach that I did with the FreeOnes contest. So, I’ve been nominated for Score Newcomer of the Year, Voluptuous Newcomer of the Year, Voluptuous Pussy of the Year, Voluptuous Ass of the Year, and also Score Hardcore Performer of the Year. That’s a lot of categories and I’m very honored.

What is your opinion on tube and torrent sites and how they’ve impacted the industry? How have people you’ve worked with and people you know in films been affected by this illegal downloading of content?

I’ve been super outspoken on my blog about that. Nobody in the industry that I’ve met is supportive of the tube sites. No one is even really neutral; everyone pretty much hates them, because it’s changed things so much for the way that it works for us in the industry. Of course, I haven’t been there for the complete transformation since I’ve only been in the industry under a year, but anyone else who’s been in the industry for a while will tell me, ‘Yeah, well our pay has been reduced significantly. I used to get paid way more for a scene and now I get paid way less, and a huge reason for that is that fewer people are actually buying memberships to sites because instead, they’re watching it for free on tube sites.’ It really upsets me and I think…for so many people, porn is something they do in secret. People don’t go around and say, ‘hey, did you see the new porno that came out?’ Your average person doesn’t. It’s not really a topic of conversation. So, I really feel that there’s this underlying feeling in a lot of people whose only choice it was to pay for their porn. I think there’s a feeling of, ‘well this product is shameful in some way,’ or ‘I feel a little guilty consuming it, and it might be immoral even though I enjoy it while I’m watching it, so it’s not worth my money.’ I really feel that there are a lot of people who feel that way, whether or not they realize that’s what they’re actually thinking.

Moving on to payable content, I’d like you to discuss Clips4Sale.com. How you became a part of it and what the response has been like so far.

I opened my store about five months ago and it’s just steadily grown in sales. It’s become super successful for me, which I’m excited about. I actually started it because I was getting a lot of requests from fans to create custom videos. So, I would create the custom video for the fans and send it to them directly. But then I thought, well, isn’t there some other way that I could sell this video that I just recorded and make it available for other people to download and watch. And of course, soon after I even had that thought, I was on set one day and someone mentioned having a Clips4Sale store, and I was like, what’s that? As soon as I found out I went and signed up and started building my store.

Cool. And how has the response been?

It’s wonderful. I’ve got several custom videos every week that I’m filming for clients. Not only have I steadily built up a clientele for my custom clips, but on top of that, I love being able to have the creative control to make a 10 minute clip of whatever I want, put it up and see how it sells. I like being in that position. It makes me happy, and it’s a different way to express myself creatively.

What were some of your expectations when you entered the industry? And have they been realized?

In retrospect what I expected before getting into the industry was shockingly realistic compared to what it’s actually been like. There are some minor differences, but overall I did have pretty realistic expectations. It also helped that my husband and I have had friends who were in the adult industry and who gave us advice prior to moving out here. But once I started working regularly and had a number shoots behind me, I realized it’s really just like any other industry. I realized that as a performer, and as a female performer specifically, I’m pretty much subject to the whims of producers and whatever they need in their content at any given time. For everyone in the industry, work is very up and down and not really regular and reliable. I think that’s even more so for women sometimes, because there are so many girls in the industry and so many different looks. Getting hired depends on what producers need to fill, like, ‘all we need is a redhead who does anal.’ And that’s not me, so I’m not going to get hired. The other thing is fan requests. Someone wrote to Naughty America and said, ‘can you cast Siri in a scene with Johnny Castle?’ And the next day I get a call from my agent saying that I’ve been cast in a scene with Johnny Castle for Naughty America, because one person contacted them and asked for it.

Is there anything that you wouldn’t do on camera?

As far as sexual acts, the one thing that I would have no interest in doing physically, which would not even be worth the pain, is double vag. I would never consider doing that, ever. 


Are there any studios or performers you look forward to working with?

Oh, absolutely. Girl Candy Films is probably the top at this point, [they’re] just an awesome crew and it’s always a lot of fun on set. It’s a super positive experience working with Nica Noelle and Girl Candy; they really take care of the talent. Of course, that’s girl/ girl only, so I would also have to say Naughty America. I’ve shot with them a ton of times and it’s always been a positive experience shooting for them, too.

We’ve reached the end of the interview so if there’s anything that you wanted to discuss that hasn’t been mentioned thus far, we can do that now.

So, speaking of Girl Candy Films I’ll be in a feature. I’ve also heard it called a star vehicle DVD, I’m not sure what the proper term is, but it’s a DVD [where] I’m in all of the scenes and my name is in the title of the DVD itself. [It was] built around me, with four girl/ girl scenes. I don’t know when it’s coming out, but it’s on the horizon and it should be soon. I’m super excited about it because it’s something that will be totally fresh. For every person who’s watched other scenes that I’ve done whether girl/ girl or boy/ girl, this content won’t be like any other sex scene you’ve seen me in, it’s quite different. The title of the DVD is Luscious Lesbians: Exploring Siri. Oh, one other thing I wanted to announce is that I will be signing for Girl Candy Films at the Adult Entertainment Expo around the AVN Awards in Vegas. Speaking of AVN, they have just nominated me for Best New Starlet 2013, so having that industry recognition means a lot to me.

Photo Credit: Carlos Toledo


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Twitter: @SiriPornStar

Web: www.SiriPornStar.com

Clip Store: clips.siripornstar.com



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