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It May Be Winter But Katie Summers is Here to Warm You Up!



You have been in the adult industry for a few years now, what is it that brought you into this profession? 

I was a dancer at Rick's Cabaret and a girl I worked with mentioned to me how she used to do porn and thought I would be perfect for it and would fit in perfectly with doing "young girl" scenes and I have the "All-American Look." I was surprisingly really interested in doing it and she hooked me up with her old agent (who is now my old agent), and did my first couple months worth of work in Florida and been doing strong since 09.

 What was the very first scene you filmed, who was it for and what thoughts were going through your head?

 My first scene was June 09 with Reality Kings and I did the scene with Charles Dera. It was both nerve racking and exciting be because it was something new I didn't think I would do and Charles Dera is very hot so I kept blushing and didn't know what to say. I quickly got the hang of what to do and had a blast in the end.  

What has kept you in the industry this long and what are your future plans regarding the adult industry?

 Throughout all the ups and downs, situations in the business, breakouts, and breaks, this is my career, I love doing what I do, I take a lot of pride in my scenes and I always have a good attitude on set, I make everyone laugh, happy, hard, and make them cum. My scenes are real and raw which everyone loves and I'm KATIE MOTHA FUCKIN SUMMERS lol :-P. The future holds more raw and raunchy scenes from me and new projects will be coming out as well.  

I saw you have recently started your own production company with Sinister X, Tragic Beauty, what can we look forward to with that? 

Tragic Beauty is going to be vignette, erotica, edgy, artsy, emotional, intense, and epic. It's my level of "pretty" extreme and me putting together scenes that you wouldn't expect. Yes I understand a lot of companies are extreme and do shocking things but wait till you see what I put out, I promise it will for sure be different from anything else. 

I also remember you were with Foxxx Modeling but left them due to them being what you call "pimps" (I had the same experience) would this be the worst experience of your career? If not, what was? 

It wouldn't be my worst experience but it was definitely a really bad break up and it is what it is and it’s what to expect out of most agencies (NOT ALL) but most. I never really had a bad experience in the business expect for the industry being shut down and took a shot in the butt that felt weird for 3 days lol. 

What was the best experience you have had in adult thus far and what has it taught you about life? 

2012 has been the best experience in my life, everything about this year has taught me that I can take my career and go to the next level with it. I started my own company, my site came out and got nominated, I'm in the 2013 Two in the Shirt calendar, and I got the lead in Not South Park XXX, plus received my 2nd AVN nomination for Unsung Starlet. My life is great, so much love and positivity from my career to my personal life. 

Do you have any other ambitions in other industries or is adult where your heart is?

 I would love to do some more mainstream work, I was in two music videos this year, one for former porn star Bree Olson and the other for my boy Stu Stone's group R.O.T.N and I hope to be in more music videos and hopefully be in some indie films. (Awww we first met on the set of Bree’s video, a fun day!!) 

I know you are a huge fan of Pandas, could you please explain why (besides the fact that they are super cute!) 

It first started as joke, wearing goofy shirts with pandas on them, say "sad panda" or "happy panda" and then I did my research on them and found out how they are not reproducing and becoming extinct so I am looking to find a way to help them out and hopefully talk to a few organizations and people about seeing what could be done. Besides pandas are fucking adorable!


Some South Park Questions...


Speaking of Pandas, I see you are going to be in the South Park XXX Parody (yes, I am jealous yet still very proud of you!) So is sexual harassment panda your favorite character or is there another character?

 Honestly I never watched the show until recently, yes I have seen a few episodes but not a lot, so picking a favorite character would be hard to pick but Cartman is pretty hilarious lol. 

You love women and men, so would you want to fuck Mr. Garrison after he became Ms. Garrison? Why or why not? 

Are you asking if he became a TS would I fuck him? LOL (Yes, Katie, Mr. Garrison did become Ms. Garrison in the actual cartoon)

 Do you know why on Earth it is always Kenny getting killed and will be be killed in the XXX parody?

 I think it's funny that Kenny always dies and who knows why, maybe no one really likes him so they find ways to kill him. Kenny in Not South Park XXX has a funny scene I will wait and let everyone see it. 

What is your favorite episode of South Park? 

My favorite episode is the Christmas special with Mr. Hankey. Kids were sitting on his lap like he was Santa Claus, I think it’s funny how it’s a terd and the commercial they have for Mr. Hankeyis hilarious.  

I know you are a big fan of anal but would you ever go so far as Mr. Slave went in letting Mr. Garrison stick Lemmiwinks up his ass hole? What is the most extreme thing you have ever stuck (or wanted to stick) up your ass hole? 

I'm weird when it comes to objects, I think the most extreme thing I've done to my ass is fist it and even that freaked me out and still does, but I do not mind 9' cocks as thick as a bottle going in my ass hole. 

 Would you rather have Randy Marsh or Gerald Broflowski as your father? Why?

 I want Mr. Cartman as my dad instead cause the Cartman's are like my family. (Cartmans dad is Scott Tenormans dad, which would mean you would be half ginger! )



Now Some Why The Fuck Are You Asking Me This Shit Questions... 

Did you put up a Christmas tree this year? If so, what is the most interesting ornament on it? If no tree this year, what is the most interesting ornament you remember from your childhood? 

I didn't put up a tree cause I'm going home to Texas and my parents have a tree lol. The most interesting ornament on the tree would be this dancing nutcracker and the string you pull so it can do jumping jacks is right in between its legs and its like pulling down a dick. (THAT’S REALLY CREEPY!) 

What is your favorite kind of lube to use during butt sex? 

SPIT! My mouth gets wetter than my pussy sometimes when I know I'm gonna have anal so I suck the cock real good to get a lot of spit going and put it right in.  

What is your favorite scent of those little trees you put on your rear view mirror in your car to make it smell good? 

My favorite is the yellow one, I think it’s a flower scene, but it smells the best. 

What is your guiltiest pleasure as far as food is involved and how often do you indulge? 

I fucking love caramel chocolate OMG!!!! I went through a bag of it in two days. Yes trust me I did so many crunches to burn it off lol. (OH man, you’re making me hungry Katie!!)

 What is the most embarrassing song you have on your iPod that you would deny you put on there if anyone ever saw it? 

I never get embarrassed with my music I rock that shit when it comes on and let everyone just stare at me. I'm the kind of person that likes to get reactions out of people especially when Spice Girls come on. 

What is your favorite color of M&Ms or do you think they all taste the same? 

Green M&M the bitch is hot! and her nut taste so good :-P (so if I make myself green will you fuck me?) 

Would you ever volunteer one of your dogs for this new internet sensation called "dog shaming?" If one of them did something like chewing up one of your dildos?  

OMG I would totally do that my dog is fucking cute he would have to be blasted, turn viral and made famous. 


Some Final Questions… 

What is your top accomplishment in life thus far? 

Starting this new chapter in my life has been my biggest accomplishment, I found myself and what I want out of my life and being around positive people have helped so much with everything as well.  

If you could change one event in your life what would it be and why? How would it improve your life today? 

I wouldn't change anything in my life because then that means I have regrets and I don't believe in them, every experience in my life has happened for a reason good or bad and I've learned, have grown, and moved on just like we are supposed to do.  

Where do you see yourself in 20 years? 

in 20 years I will be 43 and hopefully live in a nice house, with my 5 dogs, my company, and my husband taking care of me and shooting hot guys and gals. (awww man, no panda?)

 Anything else you would like to plug or promote?

 Follow me on Twitter @KatieSummersXXX and www.clubkatiesummers.com

 Interview by Leya Falcon :)


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