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The Porno Nerd's complete wrap-up of AEE/AVN!

AEE is finished, the awards have been announced, and aside from those that reside in Las Vegas, most of the business has taken itself elsewhere as we all reflect on a wonderful week that was. Arriving in Las Vegas was a bit of a task for me, as I spent about four hours in McCarran airport waiting for my XCritic colleague SeanDPS. The wait was extremely boring and monatonous until I ran across XCritic blogger/Pornstar Chanel Preston at bag check after about my third hour of waiting. Of course I didn't say anything, as it looked like Chanel had places to be , but the sight of her triggered a nice vision of what my week ahead would entail.
After settling into our staying quarters for the week, press day quickly was upon us, and we packed our porno packages and made our way to the hard rock. Upon arrival we ran into some other colleagues in Alexander "Ebert of smut" Espinoza, Rob Perez, & Robin-John Blake as well. I made acquaintances with my writer/reviewer friends and we made our way into the convention. This was my first AEE, so expectations were high as many of my porno pals had previously stated this to be the "mother of all porn conventions", and boy...they were NOT kidding. As the first day went on I met some of my absolute favorite stars and directors including Phoenix Marie, Ava Addams, Madison Ivy, Stuart Wall, Jules Jordan, and countless others. I was ecstatic to be able to share in conversation with some of the directors, and unbelievably excited to meet and snap pics with some of my absolute favorite girls in the business.


Day 1:

On the first day, I was merely the cameraman for SeanDPS, taking in the sites, and simply enjoying myself as he got some of his work out of the way. Our first plan of action was to run up to the Wicked Pictures suite at the hard rock, snag some pics of Alektra Blue, Samantha Saint, Jessica Drake, Stormy, and Kaylani Lei if we could, (tough job right?) and Sean had a couple of interviews to do as well. Before Samantha Saint's interview she was gracious enough to do the 'Tebow' pose for me, even though her pants were a little tight. I was hoping I wouldn't be the cause of a horrible wardrobe accident, but everything went okay with it, so a big thanks to Samantha for having some fun with us. I've placed some pics from the first day below here, and remember that you can also go to the XCritic AEE 2013 Photo Gallery to check out all of our pics from the show! The first day went awesome and gave me a chance to get acclimated to the show as some busy days would follow.

[Samantha Saint Tebowing for me!]



[Jada Stevens and some creep]


[Jennifer White is fucking awesome!]

Day 2:

Day two was my first day of interviewing, and as fate would have it, my first one was with XCritic blogger/Adult Film Superstar Chanel Preston, who I also talked to about seeing at the airport a couple of days prior to the expo. We laughed and got to know each other a bit beforehand and the interview that followed went as great as I could have imagined. Chanel was charismatic, hilarious, and beautiful throughout the entire thing. I'd like to personally thank her as well the many others who were kind enough to sit down and chat with the me. My interviews are listed at the bottom of the page and can all  be seen at the XCritic YouTube page. Day two continued on as I had the chance to meet some of my favorite girls like  Ashley Fires, Brooklyn Lee, Francesca Le, and tons of others. A couple of cancelled interviews were the last thing on my mind after meeting with these girls, but a busy day 3 would surely follow. 

Click here to view my interview with Chanel Preston!

[Lexi Belle and Remy LaCroix being adorable]


[Chanel Preston looking fantastic as always]

Day 3:

Ah yes, the third day of AEE, the day that I scampered around the convention like an insane person, trying to snag interviews, photos, and whatever else I could from the stars. I'll try to recount the day as best I can, but I swear, I was in somewhat of a zone for the entire thing, so recollecting thoughts in the exact order that they happened may be tough, but I shall do my best.  

[Here's Presley Hart with me doing what seems to be the only pose I know how to do]


Jim Powers/Melody Jordan

Support Our Sponsor:

We arrived at the show upon its opening and immediately as we did I went to the exquisite booth. I met with Melody Jordan, who is quite delightful, and if you don't follow this girl on twitter, I implore you to do so at this very minute. I'm a huge fan of Melody and after meeting with her I also noticed that legendary director Jim Powers was mulling around the booth. I introduced myself to him, and we talked a little bit about early 2000's porn and a bunch of other things before I decided that our discussion was too good not to be documented. I asked him if he'd be up for a short impromptu interview and he basically told me whenever I wanted to do it, he'd love to. Jim was one of my favorite interviews of the entire day, he was very candid talking about his thoughts toward the industry today, and his kindness about giving me the interview is deeply appreciated. We had some issues with the lights going out in the middle of it, and some tweaks with the sound, but overall Jim is just too interesting not to enjoy. He's been working in the business a while, and is just an overall genuine dude. Thanks for sitting with me Jim, it's appreciated.
After my interview with Jim I realized that the crowd hadn't gotten extremely crazy yet, so perhaps I'd ask newbie Melody Jordan if she'd like to talk a bit. Melody was extremely inviting and we shot an interview with her almost immediately following the one with Jim. If you're unaware of Melody you're missing out, this girl is fucking awesome and you'll see why in my interview. I also snapped a couple pics with her, big thanks to her for taking some time out! It's appreciated.


[Melody Jordan Interview]

[Jim Powers Interview Part One]

[Jim Powers Interview Part 2]

Jules Jordan Part 1

As our day moved along Sean wanted to make his 2nd or 3rd visit to Riley Reid who was located at the Jules Jordan mega-booth. We went to  Riley's booth quite a bit over the week, and  she's seriously an awesome girl who takes a lot of time out for each and every fan. As Sean was talking with Riley I got the attention of director Jules Jordan, and shared in a bit of conversation with him, I'd heard the stories about Jules not really doing many interviews, but I figured that it wouldn't hurt to ask him as our conversation went on. I talked with him a little bit about some of his old movies, and how he got to be one of the very top names in porn coming from a small town in PA. I thought that what Jules was telling me was beyond interesting and asked if he'd care to talk about it on camera with me. He told me he would, but was busy at the moment. I was pretty excited about this, but still wasn't sure if it was really going to happen so I thought I'd keep the nerves calm and continue forward as there was much work to do.  

Chastity Lynn

My interview with Chastity was my only scheduled interview of the entire day, and around 2 we made our way over to the girlfriend's booth where Chastity was signing. The interview was probably the rockiest of all the interviews I did but I suppose it happens. After the first couple minutes or so it got much better, but the beginning is a little rough. Remember, I'm no Oprah Winfrey here, simply a guy who likes to watch porn. Anyways, here's my interview with Chastity Lynn!

Click here to watch my interview with Chastity Lynn!

Dana Dearmond

And then there was Dana. I have to say that Dana is an absolute dream to interview. She's charismatic, funny, hot, and whatever else you can possibly imagine a girl being. We talked about everything from punk rock, to lectures Dana did on open sexuality, to anal sex, and whatever else. Covered all the bases on this one! Check out my interview with Dana Dearmond below!


[Dana Dearmond with me]

Jules Jordan Part 2

Since Jules had simply told me to come back at a later time for the interview, I thought I'd check out the situation, and see if he'd be up for it. I approached the booth (where I believe Sean stood in line for Riley Reid for a third time) and got the attention of Jules again, but to no avail. He told me to stop by at 5:30, and that he would definitely do the interview. I was fine with that, but still wasn't completely convinced that he was going to do it. All I could do is come back at 5:30, and hope that he's up for it, so I made my way around the convention to do some more work.  

Samantha Bentley

Much to my surprise, I came across the stunning Uk native Samantha Bentley as I had been walking the isles. Ive recently discovered Samantha's work, and was beyond excited to see her at the show. My favorite part about reviewing porn is that we see a lot of the new girls before many people are really familiar with them. Samantha is one of those great new girls, and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to get to know her better through a little interview.  I introduced myself and chatted with her about some of my favorite scenes of hers before biting the bullet, and asking her if she'd be up for doing a quick interview with me for XCritic. Samantha was awesome, and kindly obliged. The interview was pretty short, but definitely gives the viewer a good idea of who Samantha is and what she's all about. Check out my interview with Samantha Bentley here!

Click here to check out my interview with Samantha Bentley!

Penny Pax (the beginning of the mess that was day 3)

As the day went on I met with a bunch of the stars, including one of my absolute favorite new girls in 'Best New Starlet' nominated Penny Pax. Me and Penny had been trying to figure a good time that we could both get together, but I had nearly given up as it seemed that she was just too busy. When I came across her, I figured I'd give it one last ditch effort, and Penny was kind enough to let us jump behind her booth and ask her a couple questions. The interview was going pretty well when I get a sign from Sean that the light on our camera is blinking red in the middle of it. Oh boy. I'm thinking to myself that I'll cut it short when bam...the camera dies in the middle of the interview. Not only do I have a dead camera with the second half of an interview still to finish, but I also possibly have the biggest interview of my life in an hour. Anyways, Penny saw how upset/nervous/frustrated I was about the whole situation and calmed me down well, so I would  like to thank her very much for that. Penny is beyond cool, and she even let us finish the second half of the interview on an iPhone! I apologized countless times to Penny, but she was so nice, and I want to personally thank her for that. That was a very tough time in the day for me, but she really helped me push through it. Check out my 2 part interview with Penny Pax below!


Click here for part 1 of my Penny Pax interview

Click here for part 2 of my Penny Pax interview!

[Penny Pax is pretty much the sweetest girl ever]

The Mess

The interview with Penny went pretty much as well as it could have despite the technical malfunctions, but we still had a ways to go before we were in the clear. So here were are, one hour away from an interview with Jules Jordan, and a phone to film it with. Sorry, but there's no way I'm going behind the booth of one of the biggest names in all of porn, to film an interview with an iPhone. It was time to see if any of my XCritic team could help out, and if they were unable to, I suppose it just wasn't meant to be. First Sean had to cancel an interview with Kayden Kross, so we could begin looking for a replacement camera for the time being. We began with asking XCritic reviewer/Adult FilmMaker Robin John-Blake, Robin unfortunately forgot his external microphone for his camera so that was a no-go. We tried a couple other things before we came in contact with Alexander 'Ebert of Smut' Espinoza after some frantic text messages and phonecalls as well.  Alex was happy to help me out, and he also filmed it for me. Big thanks to him for getting this interview for me, without him, it would have been impossible. And a huge thanks to Sean for helping me as well, I'm not sure what I'd have done without him. It looked as though what seemed to be an impossible task, was about to happen. So I prepared myself for the interview, still thinking that Jules might not do it, but knowing that I'd be ready for it if he did. So 5:30 came around I went up to his booth and he invited me in! Talk about a bullet dodged. WOW. Big thanks to Jules for being so awesome and granting me this interview. This day was seemingly getting a lot better, and I have the XCritic staff to thank for it. Check out my Jules Jordan interview below!


As the day drew closer to an end I also was able to snag an interview with Francesca Le, and Mark Wood following the closing of the show. This was an interview that I had pretty much given up on, as it just seemed that it was really hard to get the both of them together, but when 7 o'clock rolled around I walked up to Mark, and he was very kind in letting me take a couple of moments to sit down with them. Big thanks to both Francesca and Mark for allowing me to do that. Also, a big thanks to XCritic reviewer Rob Perez who filmed this one for us. The interview was cut into two separate parts because of time constraints, but still went really well. Mark and Francesca were awesome about thewhole thing. My interview with Francesca and Mark is below. Check it out!

Francesca Le & Mark Wood (Part 1)

Francesca Le & Mark Wood (Part 2)

Thank you's, Farewell's....yadda, yadda, yadda

Overall, this week was amazing. I left a lot of stuff out, but there's just too much to put in one column to be honest. I did get to see Belladonna perform in an intimate setting at a private club thanks to Lee Roy Meyers, as well as partying in the presence of some of my favorite porn stars. What a great week! Big thanks to Girlfriends Films, (who seriously had their stuff together with the interviews) Jim Powers, Jules Jordan, Melody Jordan, Dana Dearmond, Penny Pax, Samantha Bentley, Francesca Le, Mark Wood, Sparky Sin Claire, Proxy Paige, and everyone involved with either helping me out, or simply enjoying the days and nights with me! Made some great new friends, and I'm very thankful to be a part of this business! Until next time!

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