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Venus Lux interview

In less than one year, Venus Lux is already being considered as one of the "go-to" transsexual performers in this industry. Directors and production companies realize that Venus is a versatile performer who can get down and nasty as well as be a sensual lover. One reason that will make Venus stand out from other tranny performers is her enjoyment in performing with female stars. More mainstream viewers will be more likely to view a transsexual film if there are tranny-girl sex scenes included. For your information, on account of the high caliber talent that entered the scene last year, Venus would had most likely won Best New Transsexual Performer some other year. I expect this lady to be around for a while starring and producing her own tranny work.  
Hi Venus, you have become one of the most sought after performers in the transsexual porn industry in less than a year. What are your thoughts about being in high demand at this early part of your career?
High demand!? I thought my situation was pretty normal! If this is considered high demand, then I am honored to be in every video I’ve shot for. I hope the work stays consistent and I can continue performing my best for the years to come.
How long have you been in the industry? What have been your most pleasurable moments so far? What have been your least pleasurable ones?
To date, I have only been in the industry almost 10 months. A few of my most pleasurable moments would be when I traveled to Chicago for a shoot during my early months in the industry, my experience at the AVN tradeshow and awards, and shooting for Kink.com. Chicago was such an amazing experience because it was totally different from what I was familiar with back on the West Coast. The city was so beautiful with lots of architecture to marvel. If I wasn’t there for a shoot, I’m sure I would’ve never traveled to Chicago.
AVN was such a thrill, as I had never experienced an industry event with a scale like this. Thousands of people filled the Hard Rock Hotel and there were lots of chaos and bewilderment. I felt truly honored to be nominated and also have the opportunity to sign at the tradeshow for Munkey Barz.
Kink.com will always have my top most pleasurable moments, not just because it’s based in my hometown, San Francisco, but also because they discovered me. They always make it so welcoming every time I shoot with them, and it’s pleasurable to just focus on your scene and not worry about wardrobe, makeup, or preparation. It’s like a mini vacation when I’m there.
There aren’t many least pleasurable moments except for having to make a 10 a.m. call time after a back-to-back booking or having a grumbling stomach, because you can’t eat if you’re doing an anal scene. Yes, these are not the most pleasurable moments, but it is part of being a performer in the adult entertainment industry. Just like any other job, there will be moments that aren’t so great.

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How did you get into the adult industry?
My initiation began with an email from Kink.com and their interest in recruiting new models. They explained the potential of opportunity in performing. I took time to process and digest the idea of becoming an adult performer, because it was a totally foreign concept in comparison to stripping and bartending, which was my current source of income back then. Since Kink.com is based in San Francisco, the decision making process wasn’t too difficult after I received the support from my family and friends. I interviewed, got tested, and soon shot my first scene for TSPussyHunter.com, and from there my career began.
I am a big fan of watching transsexual performers be paired up with a female porn star. How does it feel having sex with a woman on camera instead of a man? In your personal life, are you mostly with a guy or is it a mixture of men and women?
I’m glad that there is another fan of transsexual with female porn, because I am a fan of it myself! To be honest, I would’ve never thought I’d have sex with a female ever in my life, but of course that changed once I joined the adult industry. Female scene partners are now actually enjoyable and comforting to me, like male partners. I couldn’t say the same in the beginning of my career, because I had no attraction to females and felt so insecure and intimidated by their presence. A sexual experience with a female is very different from one with a male, because of their presence and lack of a penis. Positions, bodies, sounds, smells, and chemistry are all also different. It was definitely something distinctive and new that took some time getting used to. From my past experiences with girls via Kink.com, I’ve built a better understanding and interest in sexual experiences with women. Having been with multiple girls now, I can say what type of girls I like in my personal life. I haven’t breeched the point where I can have a one-on-one experience with just a girl yet, or being able to date a girl. But, I do enjoy the presence of a man and woman in my sexual life. I’m currently at the point where just me and a man bores me, and having a woman there will make things more exciting and pleasurable. In threesomes, you can either watch or join in, and it’s not all dependent on you to make a move or choice.
You have worked with Joey Silvera for Evil Angel. How does it feel performing for him?
Yes, I have shot with Joey Silvera three times now. Funny thing was I had no clue who Joey Silvera was and the reputation/status he had in the adult industry, until after I shot with him. I’m honored to have shot for the legendary Hall of Famer, Joey Silvera. He is such a friendly, hospitable, and respectful guy. I really did enjoy my experience with him and hope to shoot with him again.
What traits of a woman do you admire most? What makes a woman sexy?
Genetic women are still a mystery to me, but have always been interesting. I’m still experimenting with women, but for now, the traits that I admire the most about women are their capability to have multiple orgasms, because to have that kind of ability is such a privilege. For me, what makes women sexy is having a fit body, impeccable hygiene, bubbly personality, intelligence, and who actually enjoy being with a transsexual.
What type of guy turns you on? What makes a man sexy?
I don’t necessarily have a type of guy that usually turns me on the most. The spectrum I have is so wide in range from slim to buff, tattooed to pierced, nerds to jarheads, and white to black guys. I’m pretty open-minded, but it depends on my mood and how slutty I feel. My go-to turn on would be intelligence, personality, hygiene, and chemistry. What makes a man sexy for me? I’d say body hair, because I have such a huge fetish for chest, facial, and pubic hair. I don’t know why. Height and endowment with the combo of body hair would be my ideal sexy guy and having a Prince Albert piercing is a gigantic plus. It’s hilarious how I’m like describing the typical gay bear porn star!
A big reason why you are so good on screen is your confidence. I love watching you be the dominant person. How much fun is it being in that role?
Why thank you! It’s actually quite difficult for me to portray myself as the dominant and controlling, since I have a nurturing and mellow personality. But when I have one of those days where I haven’t masturbated in a while or just have a sexual urge, I can get pretty bitchy and aggressive. When I have those days, it’s so exhilarating and fulfilling to easily use my dominance into the scene. The hint of kink, passion play, and raunchiness makes the scene awesome, especially having to unload myself in the most vigorous and nastiest manner!
What was the biggest surprise for you about the adult industry when you started?
When I first started in the industry, it was all a surprise because I wasn’t familiar with the industry and had a basic, stereotypical knowledge to base my opinions and judgments on. I’d have to say that the biggest surprise was how much hard work, effort, and financing are put into a scene. People put porn onto a pedestal with an image that porn is so easy to make and it’s awesome to get paid to have sex. If they only knew how much it takes to make that 30 to 60 minute clip that they just enjoyed masturbating to. It sometimes takes four to six hours to produce one scene, and sometimes longer if there are multiple people; this isn’t including hair, makeup, lighting, wardrobe, and the small scene adjustments. After shooting a few scenes, I realized that porn isn’t easy like other jobs out in the real world and it requires effort.

Are there any particular industry talent (actors, actresses, directors, studios) who you want to work very badly with and why? What would be your dream scene?
Yes, I have tons! For actors and actresses, it would be Manuel Ferrara and Tera Patrick. Both are just so sexy to me. Directors and studios would be Jules Jordan, Smash Productions, and Jay Sin. My dream scene would be me fucking Tera Patrick, while Manuel Ferrara is fucking me bareback. I’d cum on Tera Patrick’s face and Manuel Ferrara would cum down my throat. But, I can only dream.
How does it feel meeting your fans? Do they recognize you in public?
Meeting my fans is always rewarding and a fun experience, because I get to meet the people who enjoy the movies that I star in and/or produce. It’s very rare for people to recognize me in public, although I’ve been recognized on various occasions at clubs and online dating sites, which is always a shock.
How were you as a kid growing up?
As a kid, I was always the odd or weird one. As an only child, I didn’t socialize much, because I was raised pretty traditionally, and I always had different interests than other kids. Like in elementary school, while everyone enjoyed playing kickball, I’d be in the school garden hunting for bugs and exploring plants. In middle school, I had moments of conformity and joined the guys playing basketball and football, but deep down, I just wanted to date them. I was raised in a pretty disciplined and isolated environment, so I never really built my social skills and confidence until high school. Because I had sexual experiences starting at 12, I never felt equally the same as others. My childhood was pretty emotionally tough, and that’s why I’m such a cerebral person today, and don’t relate to my generation.
What are your hobbies and interests?
I currently don’t have much spare time for hobbies. But when I do have time, I love cooking, hiking, traveling, fishing, golfing, sports, hunting, and a nice walk on the beach or in the park. Because I like to keep an open mind, I have various interests ranging from historical art to modern day architecture, humanitarianism to capitalism, and politics to self-sustainability. I’m always thinking and looking to expand my knowledge, ideas, and building my character. I’m pretty sure you can spark my curiosity or interest if you introduce me to something new or different.
What is your favorite thing about being an adult performer?
I don’t really have just one. Some of the things I like about being an adult performer are being able to have a flexible schedule, meeting new people, getting paid for sex (especially with a hot scene partner), and also being able to control and direct my career. As an adult performer, my career is in my hands. When I need some down time I take it, and when I feel like pushing forward to a new stage in my career, I go for it. You’re your own boss and make your own hours. You have the choice and chance to become successful, based on how much hard work and effort you’re willing to invest.
Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote? What are you currently working on film wise?
I’m always working on my site, and currently I’m filming a ton of new scenes that will definitely thrill my fans. I also just launched my affiliate program to increase traffic to my site even more. It’s called Sexy Dollars and is through CCBill. It offers a generous 50 percent for membership sign-ups and a recurring 50 percent for the lifetime of each membership.
I just did a very in-depth interview and huge photo spread for Transformations Magazine—I’ll be on the cover of their next issue set to be released in the next month or two. This is very exciting to me and has been a dream of mine for a long time.

And this past weekend, I did my second tradeshow, Adultcon. I’ll have my own huge booth and will have Rebecca Bardoux, Mia Gold, Leia Down, Desiree Deluca, and many more signing. I’m hoping there will be a huge line around my booth. I can’t wait to meet my fans!

 I also want my fans to vote for me so I can win a Fanny Award, which will be given out at Exxxotica in Atlantic City in April. I’m up for Transsexual Performer of the Year. Fans can vote for me by going to http://thefannys.com/nominee/category/transgender-star-of-the-year/.

Interview by Apache Warrior

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