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Kimberly Kane interview


Kimberly Kane is not one of those cookie-cutter adult stars that come and go, but is actually an actress who has put in her hard work and time for this industry. She is so well-respected that many performers are in awe of her. Kimberly is also well-fitted to lead Vivid in making their Alt movies since this lady likes to take things to the edge in the darker side of things. Even though the parodies have given her the most exposure to most fans, it's good that they also get to see the intense and darker side of this talented performer's psyche. Her versatility is top-notch as an actress, writer, and director. Her new film Orgy University is the right vehicle for her newest fans to experience this classic one of a kind wonder woman.

Hi Kimberly, how and when did you develop the concept and storyline for Orgy University?

The plot is very loosely based on a few details from the movie Carrie. I wanted to make a funny, thrilling movie that peaked on a big orgy scene.

You have mentioned that in making Orgy University, you were taken to the dark side. Since you are not a mean person, how did you develop that "dark edge" for this film in order to make it believable and captivating?

Oh I can be very mean! Dana DeArmond's character in the movie is down right cruel. But what I really mean by dark side is my visuals and story. I've always had a creepy vibe in my movies, especially in my Vivid Alt titles, and I still bring that "Alt" vibe into my movies today.

It is fascinating that you decided to place an emphasis on orgies for a feature production. What is it about an orgy that was so appropriate for this storyline?

The movie starts on a Monday and ends on Friday, the big night of the dance. As the movie progresses it leads the viewer up to the big night.

Sarah Shevon plays the title role as Carrie. What did you see in her that made you feel that she was the right woman for this character?

Sarah Shevon is a star! She has a flawless face, she can act and she's cool as hell. I think she should be leading more features and I hope to have her in starring roles in my upcoming Vivid titles.

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Could you describe the atmosphere around the set while filming this production? It must have been a lot of work in preparing the set, the wardrobe, and the props.

It was HOT, dead heat of summer with no air conditioning and 10 people fucking. The sets were minimal, but challenging. I always enlist the help of Aiden Starr for set design, props and wardrobe. She's kind of the best kept secret in porn for set design. The girl has skills.


Tommy Pistol is a chameleon as an actor. I also consider him one of the best actors in this business. What qualities does Tommy have that makes him an amazing talent?

Tommy is the best! He has the two qualities you want in a male performer. He's a total pervert and stays hard during all of his scenes, no matter how crazy the circumstances. And he can act and conform to any character. He's another one of my all time favorites.

James Deen has become a superstar in front of our eyes. One big reason why he is so well liked is that he is a down to earth person. The whole stardom thing has not gone to his head. Could you tell us why James is so well liked in this industry?

James is loved in the industry because he is a real part of the community. He lives porn and loves it and wants to see good things for porn and people know that's genuine. We know that he would never talk down about porn to weasel mainstream gigs. I think we have the same feeling about the biz, it's like a family.

Skin Diamond is so sweet. She has definitely grown as an actress and performer. Could you tell us why people should never take her for granted?

I don't think Skin is ever taken for granted. She's a porn unicorn. She's smart, cool, nasty, responsible and insanely beautiful. The combo is like a once in a lifetime thing.


You have directed several films for Vivid Entertainment in the past such as Beautiful Stranger. How did you partner up with them for this current project?

I've been pretty consistent with Vivid over the last few years. They like my style and I think they know I truly care about the projects. They are known for their very high standards and so am I so it's a perfect match.

Since you are a performer who also directs, do you have an advantage as compared to other directors who have never performed on screen in communicating and relating to your actors and actresses? Why or why not?

For sure, I know how I want to be treated when I'm performing and I try to make talent as comfortable as possible. I also try not to stop them too much during sex. I hate being stopped to change something in a scene. I try to keep a good flow and vibe for talent.

You are amazing both in front and behind the camera. What is it about directing films and writing screenplays that are so riveting that acting and performing on screen lacks?

There is nothing lacking in any of those jobs because they're all so different. I just have a big imagination and I've had really good opportunities that I took advantage of in the biz.

You have always been known around the industry as being one of the best actresses. What are your thoughts on the popularity of parodies and features, and especially with them giving more opportunities to adult performers to act?

I love parodies! At one point they were my bread and butter. I think anything that keeps talent working and movies selling is a good thing for the industry. With in reason of course.

Many of your fans know that you make incredibly intense sex scenes whether you are in them or are directing them. What is your approach in collecting that intensity among the performers?

Pairing is important in a scene. You have to know your talent and put them with the right person to get that high intensity scene. But even if you don't, good performers will usually still kill it.

Are there any future projects that you would like to promote? What are you currently working on film wise?

Well, I have a Big feature coming out this year through Vivid called "Devil on a Chain" It's a Sexplotation/Action movie starring Skin Diamond, Dana DeArmond, Brandy Aniston, Charlotte Stokley, Veruca James & myself. And I also chose D Snoop as a lead character for this movie. I believe it's his first ever starring role in a feature. We shot the entire movie on the Canon C300 and it looks amazing. I can't wait for people to see it.

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