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2013 AVN Starlet Of the Year Remy Lacroix-The XCritic Interview

 By Rob Perez


No other newcomer had the same impact on the porn world in 2012 than Remy Lacroix, the recipient of AVN’s 2013 Best New Starlet. In fact, most A-list girls can only dream to have the big year Remy has had. Three huge showcase titles under belt, numerous boxcovers, magazine layouts, Remy has joined the elite first name status only the real true superstars in porn have achieved. When your first scenes are fantasy gangbang scenes, followed by anal, DP’s, and even more gangbangs you are definitely going to get attention, attention Remy has parlayed into what is arguably the most successful, dynamic breakout performance by any newcomer in a long time. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a girl like Remy come out of nowhere to reach the heights she has achieved in a short time, and we can promise you Remy isn’t taking a break again anytime soon. Remy candidly answers many of the questions her XCritic fans have long wanted to know the answers to in this exclusive interview.


Congrats on being named AVN’s Best New Starlet. What were you feeling the moment they announced your name and did you know what you were going to say when you got on stage to accept your award?

No, I had no idea. I wasn’t really expecting it to be my name to be said, so when I heard my name I thought about, “What the hell did I do right?” [Laughs] I don’t know what I did right but something worked because I wasn’t really gunning for that type of award. It just so happens that I’m so more thank thankful. I had no idea what I was going to say. I get really nervous in front of crowds and that was probably the biggest crowd I ever stood in front of in my life. Being in front of the camera is very different. You know that millions of people are going to be watching it but my acceptance speech was totally botched. I probably made a bit of a fool of myself to people who may not know me very well. I’m usually pretty well spoke for the most part and I was at a complete lost for words and getting all choked up.


Have you accomplished everything you’ve wanted to accomplish in porn at this stage in your career? In other words, have you accomplished everything you wanted to do in your first year?

This is more than I ever thought I would ever accomplish ever. I just would never have expected any of this to happen so this has exceeded all of that. Do I think there’s still more to learn and grow from, and more sex to be had then sure. I’m not too much into the exploration side of it as much as I’m into the enjoyment of it now. I’m enjoying it for what it is. Before it was seeing what I could do, seeing my limits, pushing myself sexually, getting all that out of the way. And now I get to enjoy all this awesome professional anal and . . . you can’t really do DPs or gangbangs in your personal life. It’s harder because unless you do it with pornstars who practice it all the time it’s definitely a skill. So I’m definitely thankful for porn that I can still have that in my life on the regular, and they pay me for it? That’s crazy to me because I like the sex so much that the paycheck is like a super bonus. [Laughs]


You’ve had three showcase DVDs, Remy and Remy 2 from Elegant Angel, and Remy’s Anal Cabo Weekend. Which of your scenes from either DVD you feel you were at your absolute best?

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That’s a good question and it’s hard to answer because I haven’t watched them. I don’t really watch my scenes. The only movie I watched from beginning to end was Torn but that was more of a big project for everyone. Not that Remy wasn’t but I just have a harder time watching myself because I don’t want to see something and be too self conscious or too self aware. I think the more I watch my porns the less natural it is but, based on experience I would have to say the gangbang in Remy 2 was really, really fun. And I thoroughly enjoyed the scene with Mick Blue in Remy 2. I mean the scene with Lex was good in Remy one. They’re all good. I think in Remy one the girl/girl wasn’t as developed yet because I hadn’t been with a lot of women at that point. Now it’s like a whole other story. I could do circles around a girl. That’s the whole growing process. That’s fun to watch as well.


Just to have one showcase DVD in their career most girls would be excited about. You’ve had three including two back to back showcase DVDs by Elegant Angel. Were you surprised they wanted to do a follow-up to Remy so soon?

Inside I was like, “Wow! Already? That’s sweet. Aren’t you people sick of me yet?” I didn’t know that the first one was even that good because Danni Daniels was coming out with her movie. She had two movies back to back; her girl/girl movie Danni, then she started to do boy/girl just after that. So we kind of got over-lapped a little bit by all of her well deserved attention. Obviously, she’s a wonderful performer and she’s so, so gorgeous. I think I got swept under the rug a little bit so I was like, “Wow. You guys really want me back?” [Laughs] I was very surprised. Very surprised. But very excited too. William H is really cool to work for too because he lets you have the sex you like to have and he wants you to work with people you genuinely like so I had a lot of say. I’m my own agent so I don’t go through someone else. So we made the movie together and I knew all the scenes. I was really excited about that gangbang. I kind of wish there was one more anal scene as oppose to one more girl/girl scene. That’s just because I like anal. [Laughs]


Anal Cabo Weekend was a film where the sex was totally spontaneous. How much fun was it filming that?

Yes, a lot of fun. It was actually hard to remember to pick up the camera because they kept on going doing all these fun things, and we all have this natural chemistry together. So it was hard to remember to even film some stuff that we did. We did some stuff off camera that we didn’t end up filming. So it was very, very fun.


Besides the sex we saw was there even more sex that occurred off camera?

Yeah. Francesca and I would get up early and go to the pool, get breakfast and start drinking mimosas. By the time Mark would get up he would want to go to the pool. But Francesca and I would be a little tipsy, and we went back to our room and hooked up. We did our thing then the three of us would go at it a little bit. [Laughs] It was naughty and it was fun.


Are people surprised that for a tiny girl you’re able to handle big cocks so easily?

I guess I get the reaction. Not as forward as that but I got that reaction when I met the fans for the first time at AVN. They were surprised about how tall I am because I guess people on camera, you can never really tell. I’m pretty short. I’m 5’1, 5’2 and 105 pounds. People were like, “Wow, you’re so small. You get thrown around a lot.” I guess they think it’s really hot and appealing. They don’t ask me exactly how do I take it all. That would be really embarrassing for just a fan to straight up ask. [Laughs]


For a little white girl you kind of do have a big ass.

Kind of? [Laughs] I get that a lot. People ask me what my nationality is or how I got such a big butt.


Do you take that as a compliment or insult since most white girls don’t like being told they have a big butt?

I love it. Recently, some Black girl said, “Damn girl, you’re thick.” And she didn’t say it in a bad way. I was very appreciative of that comment. [Laughs] Yeah, I like it.


I know you are really into Black and Latin guys. They must love the big ass.

Most of them do, yes.


I saw something on Youtube that you have fans that have a problem with you doing interracial.

That’s true for any girl. I have a nose ring. Half your fans say, “I hate the nose ring,” half of them will say, “I love the nose ring.” Half the fans say, “I hate that you do Black guys.” If I didn’t do them they would all be saying, “I hate that you don’t do Black guys.” There’s literally no pleasing everyone in such a controversial issue like the interracial thing only because it’s such a controversial thing that nobody one will ever agree on it, and I don’t care. I like Black guys and I will always do interracial. You just have to do what you like.


Can you tell me how your first scene for Kink went; it was a gangbang that you once said was a personal fantasy of yours?

Yeah it was for sure. I just wanted to do that one particular scene. I wasn’t trying to get out there and do a bunch of porn and be a porn star. I just wanted to do that one scene because I was really, really horny. I dated a guy for three years who was not into sex at all and it drove me to the point that I was going to kill someone if they didn’t fuck me. I figured I’d rather go about it the safe way. Go to people that are tested, I can even get paid for it. It’s all of these things that made it feel a little bit safer. I worked with top name people like Ramon Nobar, Mark Davis, and Mr. Pete. They all recommended me to directors and they were all saying come to LA for just a week. You’ll love it. If you can handle a gang bang you can handle anything. They were very encouraging and I started doing more and more scenes. That was it.


Are you into BDSM?

Not as much as I was when I first started porn.


Is it true you fantasize about being rape?

I do. Forced sex I think is a natural, biological thing to think about, yes? [Laughs]


You’ve done DPs, gangbangs . . . what are your limits? What won’t you do?

I don’t know. I don’t know if I’d ever do double anal. I’d consider it. I’m considering it more and more lately just because I like putting all kinds of stuff in my butt. But it seems more like a stunt. I’m just not sure it would feel good. I think it would be more crazy and, “Look what I can do on camera.” It can’t feel good for the guys and it can’t feel good for the girl to push yourself there. So that might be the limit for me. But we’ll see.


Has anyone ever told you that when you do your hula hooping it’s pretty erotic?

Yes, I’ve heard that quite a bit. [Laughs] It’s just a really fun way for me to work out and I just practice. I’m glad I was able to work it into my porn and make it an erotic, sexual thing.


If you became a feature dancer would you work your hula hooping into the act?

Absolutely. I’m actually working on that right now. I’m trying to get out there and start dancing.


Anything you’d like to say in closing to the XCritic readers?

I’m glad everyone is having as much fun watching me as I am having fun doing all these scenes. Thank you very much for all of your support and for letting me be me and crazy and slutty.


All Photos Courtesy of Elegant Angel, Evil Angel


Follow Remy on Twitter @remymeow.


Follow me on Twitter @RobGPerez.




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