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Magdalene St. Michaels interview

An adult star cannot be successful in this industry if he or she does not have fans. It's those loyal devotees that buy their movies. As everyone knows, the adult industry is still a business first and foremost. The most popular stars get hired and rehired the most often since they have a reliable waiting audience. Magdalene St. Michaels is one of these performers who fits this description. It's a major reason why she won the Mile High Madness tournament this Spring.

Congratulations on winning the Mile High Madness tournament. What are your feelings on achieving this very competitive win? What do you want to say to your very devoted and loyal fans?

Thank you. I’m ecstatic about this win. To think that I beat out fellow performers with 22,000, 80,000, 100,000 and 110,000 followers on Twitter alone, is amazing. In the beginning I didn’t think I’d stand a chance because I only had around 10,800 followers and Giovanni had about 250. However, I began to see that I could really win this thing because of the loyalty of my fans and they didn’t let me down. They came out swinging. I believe that I have the most loyal & devoted fans in the world and I have told them that many times over. They come from all parts of the globe and I love them all. If it were possible to meet every single one of them in person, I would. They really mean the world to me.

With this win, what are Mile High’s plans for you and your partner Giovanni Francesco?

I have absolutely no idea. Someone has to write us a scene for a "Sweet Sinner" movie. Perhaps a follow-up to My Girlfriend's Mother series.

Could you tell us why it is so much fun and rewarding on performing for Mile High Media for the past several years?

Mile High Media makes the kind of movies that I want to be involved in. I’m the kind of performer who loves a story line and I not only take the sex scene seriously, but the acting part of it as well.

Although I am in porn, I don’t like to do the "hello mam…here’s your pizza" kind of scene with ridiculous and unnatural sex positions. I would say half of my Boy/Girl scenes have been those type of scenes, but I prefer to do the more romantic ones. I want to film the "making love" type scenes that are more realistic and where there is a connection between me and my partner. That is what Mile High Media’s studios "Sweetheart Video" & "Sweet Sinner Films" are known for and that’s why I love working for them.

You have been a most valuable performer in the Sweetheart Video titles. Your performances in Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 2 and the Mother Lovers Society films are highly sensual. What is your mindset as you prepare to perform one of those sensual scenes? Could you discuss on why pure chemistry with your partner is important?

I go into a scene with three objectives. Firstly, to make love to my partner, to do everything I can think of to please her and give her, hopefully, an amazing orgasm. Secondly, to let myself get lost in the scene and have a great time myself. Thirdly, I think of the viewer who will be watching the scene. What turns them on? What would they like to see? I make love to my partner the way I would want someone to make love to me. You can’t plan chemistry. It is like real life. Some people you have chemistry with and some you don’t. It’s the same with performers. You don’t have chemistry with everyone you shoot with. You don’t decide who you get to have sex with on film and most of the time you’ve never even met the person before. Sometimes you have to work at it but when it does happen on film it’s magical and I think the viewer senses it.

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What is it about women that brings out your sensual desire for them and wanting to make it so erotic?

Women are beautiful, pure and simple. They are soft, curvy….the hair…the skin. Women are like delicate flowers that need to be made love to, not man handled ( pardon the pun ).

I think a woman understands what another woman wants because we want the same thing. As a woman, I want to be made love to. I love the romance, the candles, the romantic baths the soft touch, the holding of my face while I’m being kissed, the running of fingers gently through my hair & LOTS of kissing. I think you get the picture and let’s not overlook the fact that I love, did I say love breasts…… the bigger and more natural, the better. It doesn’t hurt if the girl/woman has a bush either. ( she says, with a wicked grin on her face )

In the Sweet Sinner titles that you have been involved in, you and your male partners create a whole lot of passion. The films My Girlfriends Mother 1 and 2 are fine examples of it. How are you able to develop this enormous amount of genuine emotion for your partners in order to make a blockbuster scene?

Oh wow. I’m passionate about every scene I do, but it doesn’t hurt that I had two hot guys to have sex with ( Joey Brass and Ryan Driller, respectively ). Even though I was in both movies, they were unrelated and I played completely different characters. The dialogue in the lead up to the sex scene can help a great deal and each movie had a completely different emotion behind it.

In "MGM#1" I was seducing Joey and it was just plain lust and raw passion that drove the sex scene. In "MGM#2" it was more of an emotional, romantic connection between Ryan and I because of the ethereal storyline. In that scene, I carried the emotion of the dialogue on into the sex scene and it was very intense. I loved both of these movies for different reasons. I have to add that both movies were brilliantly written and directed by Nica Noelle.

One of your best roles ever was in the film My Girlfriends Mother 1 where you got to play a Mrs. Robinson type character. How much fun did you have in transforming yourself into that role? You must had been so excited to get that role? Did you have any input on who would be your partner in that film?

Nica Noelle wrote the part with me specifically in mind and it was her version of "The Graduate" so yes, I was very excited about getting this role because it was "right up my alley" & by that I mean something I can sink my teeth into.

I didn’t have any say in who my partner would be in the film because she chose Joey Brass to play the Dustin Hoffman type character and it was perfect casting. I loved playing my character.

I don’t think many people know that I come from a mainstream background. I have appeared in several films and I’ve been a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild for 30 years now. I take the acting part very seriously ( even though its porn ) and that’s why I love doing features. My character was a smoker and a drinker. I had been a one pack of cigarettes a week smoker and I quit in 2000.

However, for this role I had to light up cigarettes for the character, so that’s what I did. I wanted to make the character believable. It was a lot of fun to be her.

You were Mother Superior in the Girl Candy film Mother Superior. Even though it was a controversial role, that film has been selling like gangbusters. Why do you think that the porn viewers have a fascination about this movie and your role?

When Nica told me that she was doing a movie called "Mother Superior" and that I would be playing Mother Superior….I exclaimed hallelujah!!! Yes, this was a controversial movie and controversy is my middle name ( well one of them ), so I was eager to do it. Nica actually had two versions. One was available on AEBN & the other was for the DVD. In the one available on the AEBN site, I shove Mae Olsen’s face into my crotch & grind on it for several minutes, while seated in my chair. In the DVD version I believe that part is cut out & we move from the chair to the bed. When Nica announced that it had gone to #1 on AEBN within days of its release, I wasn’t surprised. I don’t think a serious feature movie has been made about this subject before.

Anything to do with religion is usually considered a touchy subject and off limits. It’s a taboo subject and taboo sells. Seriously though, I’m one of those people that once I put on a costume for a role, I become that character. It was very easy for me to fall into that character and I ate it up. I think people love to see me in authoritative roles and I love to be wicked.

How did you feel wearing the nun's outfit? It’s difficult in making a nun sexy and fuckable, but you did it well.

Constricted…lol. I think having to take all those clothes off though, makes for an interesting, highly erotic sex scene. I’m happy knowing that you thought I was sexy and fuckable.

How did you get started in this industry?

I was "discovered" by Girlfriends Films founder Dan O’Connell during the AEE/Adult Entertainment Expo in January 2007, while in Las Vegas. I stopped by his booth in the last 5 minutes of the last day of the show and the rest, as they say, is history.

You have always been considered one of the top Milf performers in this industry. What are your thoughts on why the Milf category has continued to flourish?

Thank you. That is nice to hear. I’ve been very lucky. Since I started in the industry many other Milfs/Cougars have come along, so there is a lot of competition. It was a nice surprise that AVN nominated me once again this year for "Milf/Cougar Performer Of TheYear." If someone had told me when I got into this business that I would be here 6 years later & still working, I don’t think I would have believed it. I think the reason the Milf category in porn has continued to flourish is because you get the best of both worlds. You have older, more sexually experienced women, partnered with young nubile girls & virile guys. There has to be variety in life and you can only see so many young people having sex together. There’s a market for everything in porn and I don’t see this trend going anywhere anytime soon. Besides, as a woman over the age of 50 I can honestly say that I’ve come into my own now. 50 is the new 40 & 40 is the new 30 & so on.

There are so many beautiful and sexy women over the ago of 40 in this business and if there wasn’t a market for us, we wouldn’t be hired anymore.

Are there any future projects that you would like to promote? What are you currently working on film wise?

Yes. I recently filmed & directed my first self produced Girl/Girl scene with Ela Darling. It’s called "Stranded" & it should be out soon on magdalenevod.com

I have the opening credits looking like a mainstream movie. It’s really cool. Film wise, this month I will be shooting a scene for "Girlfriends Films" , "Mother Superior 3" for "Girl Candy Films" & I’m also scheduled to do a Boy/Girl scene in a new "Hard Candy Films" Priest/Nun movie, written & directed by Nica Noelle. I’m playing the same character & I’m soooo excited. I’m dying to know who my partner will be.

Interview by Apache Warrior

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