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Melissa Monet interview

Since the name Monet means "to be heard," it is appropriate that Melissa Monet's adult career has been a very accomplished one that many critics and fans would agree that we have "heard" her loud and clear. Even though her hot boy-girl interracial performances deliver high heat, it has been her lesbian work that has made Melissa into one of the best girl-girl performers and directors in this industry. Her highly anticipated film "Shades of Pink" gives a glimpse of this director's kinky side as she brings Sado-Masochism Bondage and Discipline (SMBD) to a more adult mainstream audience. 

Hi Melissa, your film Shades of Pink can be described as a somewhat romantic "sub/dom" presentation. Could you describe what Shades of Pink is all about?

What I wanted to show in "Shades of Pink" was the relationship between Domme/Sub, but of course to really show it I would have needed an epic amount of time. So in porn terms I tried to squeeze in showing the progression from a Domme phasing from one Submissive to another. Everyone treats it differently, but there is a wall that some Domme/Subs hit in training and a good Domme will love their Sub so much that they will release them to find someone else and to take on someone new to continue their training. In this movie I chose to focus on Justine Joli's character's search and beginning training of Kirsten Price (feeling her out if you will). Someone like Justine would choose someone opposite of what she had before, wanting a challenge in a non-SMBD persona. Of course, I couldn't squeeze everything into this amount of time in that respect either.

What were the reasons why you selected the particular performers for this film? Were there certain traits that all of them have in common in order to make amazing sex?

Justine was the perfect choice of course. Justine is a Domme in her personal life, but is never portrayed that way on camera, so this was the perfect opportunity for me to do that. When I wrote the script, I knew she had to be the one! Maddy O'Reilly was my first choice too. She is the perfect Submissive and she loves it. I watched her in a couple of other movies and knew she would fit as the obedient slave. All the women in "Shades of Pink" fit a certain criteria except for Kiera Winters who was brand spanking new at the time.

In your opinion, what is BDSM all about?

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SMBD is all about trust and freedom. You can keep your spanking, whipping and all the other stuff people generally associate with SMBD, those are just tools. Psychological aspects far outweigh the need or desire for pain or pleasure. As a Submissive, to have someone remove your boundaries, to allow you to feel true freedom, to erase all need of decision, you need to have a strong trust. To be a good Dominant you have to have your Submissives' needs constantly in mind. Being a Dominant is one of the hardest things to do, you have to be selfless, the polar opposite of what most people believe. In my opinion, there is a true beauty that exists between a Dominant and their Submissive and it's a little disheartening that what the general public sees and understands is not a true representation of what SMBD is all about.

Could you define in your own words the terms eroticism and sensuality?

Eroticism is when something is titillating, visual, auditory, et al. A person can use erotic elements to be more attractive to their respective partners. Sensuality is when a person evokes a sexual response in others by just being themselves. People either have it or they don't, you can't learn to be sensual.

Why do you think that Dana Dearmond is one of the best all-around performers in the industry?

Can I write a tome? Dana is amazing! Smart, beautiful, sensual, classy, silly and fun. She's not afraid to do what is needed of her in a scene, she'll push boundaries, take risks. She can act and her sex scenes are seamless even when the situation may not be perfect. She fits the classy suburban mold, can be high fashion or girl next door. How she's not a huge cross over star is beyond me.

Justine Joli is a superb girl/girl performer. What is it about her that makes the viewer take notice of her immediately whenever she is on screen?

The intensity in which she looks at her object of affection. In the previous question you asked about sensuality, there should be a picture of Justine next to the description. To see her walk into a room and command it, the way people are attracted to her in conversation, the way she moves. Justine is able to take these inherent traits and project them through the camera, no small feat.

Maddy O' Reilly is a gem and a very talented woman. I have high expectations for her in this industry. What is it about Maddy that makes her so appealing and adorable?

You want to know Maddy. She's so warm and inviting, you want her to be your bestie. She's real, no maya, no other shoe. And I adore how easily she smiles and laughs. I think the perfect word that suits Maddy is genuine. Now all that nice stuff aside, she's also a big risk taker, pushing her personal boundaries, doing what it takes and all the while staying as sweet and innocent as anyone you'll ever meet.

Kirsten Price is a confident woman who is always prepared on set. She is someone who one can always depend on providing a very heated performance. What makes her so hot?

When I first met Kirsten she was the industry ingénue and now she's all pin up sex kitten. I think Kirsten fits that fantasy image, makes you believe she is unattainable yet stays that girl next door "well maybe I have a shot" kind of gal. The girl you can talk to but if you fuck her she'll melt you...lol.

How has your relationship with Mile High Media been working out?

Great! I love working for them and with their crew. They have been keeping me very busy lately writing scripts plus it's like having an extended family. Everyone is so nice and polite (they're Canadians after all). It's very refreshing to be able to talk sex and hockey while making money.

Could you describe the atmosphere around the set while filming Shades of Pink? How were you able to remain so calm while filming these sex scenes? There must had been a lot of lip biting by you as you continued to get turned on by ?

The set is always light and fun, I hate stress, but I also want everyone to feel like they're in a professional environment so they feel safe and comfortable. Those elements make for a better movie and I like to believe everyone likes working with and for me. But as professional as I want to be there were a few times I just wanted to jump in. Sometimes I sit there watching and I feel like a voyeur in the room and forget I'm on set. On "Shades of Pink" I had quite a few ladies that I had already been intimate with, so that familiarity makes it better and worse. Better that I know what to expect and I can push the right buttons to illicit the responses I want and worse in the aspect that I also have to control myself not to grab them and just push them against the wall and fuck the hell out of them.

Do you have any plans to make sequels to your Shades of Pink movie?

YES!!! I already know what I want to do, who I want in it, where I want to shoot it...everything! Now all I need is the green light (hint, hint).

Are there any other upcoming projects that you are working on or are being released soon?

I am currently working on a short subject about sex workers for the disabled that I am hoping to be shooting very soon. I have a bunch of movies I wrote being released by Mile High and of course the big one..."Lesbian Office Seductions #9" which I wrote and directed also for Mile High being released sometime in late summer.

Interview by Apache Warrior


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