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Angelina Valentine--The Wildest, Most Infamous Bitch In Porn!

By Rob Perez

“I’ve never been this honest before with anybody. This has been the most awesome interview I have ever done in my life. You’ve been very patient listening to me and that means a lot.” Those words come straight out of Angelina Valentine, the self-described “wildest bitch in porn.” Not known to mince words, the unsung performer opens up to XCritic in her most in-depth interview of her career. These days Angelina not only continues to deliver one strong performance after another on screen, but this recent college graduate will be recruiting real, exciting talent for her new production company Sexually Disturbed Media. Angelina promises SDM will be unique, raw but will also empower women. Like Angelina, her scenes will be crazy, off the hook and nothing like you’ve seen before. “Shit, I brought flavor to the industry,” says Angelina. “I think that should get some sort of recognition.”

As you’ll read below, don’t expect Angelina to just talk about how wild she can be—she’s the first to tell you she’s much wilder in her personal life. Angelina will surprise everybody by showing her softer side. “I have a warm gooey center. I’m an animal lover, I’m a softee and I just want to be held like a little baby,” Angelina says. “I just want to be daddy’s little girl. Just mention me being the wildest, most infamous bitch in porn with a warm gooey center. I want people to know I love my life.” And we love Angelina!

You definitely were one of the girls that brought that sort of bad ass look and attitude to porn.

Absolutely. I stand behind that I was the one who brought it to the table and everyone can go blow one. It was me. I did it.

And congratulations on being a college graduate. With your new production company, Sexually Disturbed Media, will you be appearing only in scenes for your new company?

I’m going to be doing volumes actually, because I think volumes are something that people want to see. There’s a lot of perverts in this world, and me personally I think people like watching porn and they like to have options, whether or not you can find it on the Internet . . . whatever. They like to have it in their hands. I’m old school, I like to have DVDs, I like having this old school idea of porn and I think volumes are a really good idea. There’s a flavor out there for everybody. I’ve always felt comfortable with the more perverted side of the world.

Is it fair when people call you “Porn’s Wild Girl”?

I am pretty wild, I have no shame in my game, I never regret a thing that I do, and instead of regretting it if there’s anything I could do over again I would do it the exact same way at the exact same time. That’s who I was—don’t get me wrong, I’m still pretty crazy. I’m a firecracker, I’m a hothead but I don’t go to jail as much and I don’t run dudes over with my car. I have more of an urge to contain myself a little bit more and I’m not ashamed of anything that I’ve done and I’m actually proud of the things I stood up for and I always will. I root for the underdog. If I see anyone get picked on you better back off or Angelina Valentine is going to whip that ass.

I know you have some deep thoughts regarding sexuality. Can you run down what some of them are?

I don’t believe in bisexuality. You’re gay or you’re not gay. But I do believe in being freaky. That’s 100% understandable to me. I can totally get where you’re fucking around, things happen and that’s it. But I don’t believe in bisexuality or gay for pay. If you’re doing gay porn you are gay! Most guys are ashamed. It’s a very unattractive thing to have a guy deny who he is. I love a man who’s confident.

How did you come up with the name Sexually Disturbed Media? It’s a cool name.

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I came up with this because I was getting sick and tired, and it was making me really sad that there were a lot of Black girls, white girls, whatever the case may be who didn’t think they were hot enough to be a porn star. There’s a flavor out there for everybody. I think there’s beauty in everybody. Believe me nobody wants a skinny girl all the time or a BBW. But there are people who want BBWs and little spinners. I want everyone—male, female, trannies, whoever—I want them to know that they’re beautiful inside and out. I want to give them confidence. I don’t just do porn, I do photos, I do interviews. That’s what I do before I shoot any of my talent. I want you guys to get to know them on a more personal level. So everything is live. You can talk to my talent one-on-one. While we’re shooting it you get to see behind the scenes the entire time, and I think that’s what the fans want to know. They want to know, “Who is this hot girl. What is she about? Where is she from? What did she do in her personal life?” I’m telling you, the confidence I give these people is the best feeling I ever have. I recently went on Playboy Radio to discuss this and when I came out I got a standing ovation. All these girls were like, “I would be glad to shoot for your company.” It’s amazing how many people came forward because of the lack of confidence they have or for whatever reason. I’m like, “Fuck that. Have you seen the people in porn lately?” C’mon. It’s not about how sexy you are, it’s about how many dicks you can put in your ass. We do everything. We have modeling . . . we have fun with what we do. And that’s what it’s about. If you’re having fun, fuck it all.

What are some freaky ideas you’ve come up with for Sexually Disturbed Media?

One thing I came up with that I think everyone wants to see is, they want to see the limit pushed. Everyone is so sick and fucking tired of the same old. I hate that. And for the love of god get the camera off the man ass. I want a lot of POV because it’s hot. I want it to be real. I want it to be not so staged. No script, I tell them the jist of what I want and I let them go at it. You just go with it, enjoy yourself, have an orgasm and make a hell of a scene. It works. To be honest with you, the scripts make it all cheesy. I get straight down to the point; this is porn, people. I’m not watching a soap opera. I don’t do parodies. What I do, there’s something very special that I have coming up and I can’t tell you guys just yet. But it’s going to be one of those things where you’ll go, “Damn, this is the shit!” Just think about something unbelievably incredible coming up. I’m proud of thinking of it first, na na na na na! [Laughs] Everyone can wait for that. It’s definitely going to be surreal. You’ll see it from start to finish. I’m raw, my bad.

I want you to be yourself. I want to talk to the real Angelina Valentine, not the fake one.

I don’t think there is a fake Angelina Valentine. You know what’s funny; I don’t know how to be like that. If people don’t like it, fuck off! [Laughs] I’m Southern and I come from a very different part of the world. There is not much in this life that can throw me off. It takes a car battery and a jackhammer to get my vagina going. I think one of the things I’m going to have, especially for you now, the biggest, nastiest gangbang with BBWs and spinners, and with guys all in one. Everyone is going to get creampied. They’re going to be filled up that it’s going to come out of their pores. That one is going to be for you my friend. It’s going to be real, it’s going to be legit. I want it to be like, “Oh my god, I can’t believe they did that. It’s so wrong.” I did it, I sure did it. I’m glad that people will get to know the talent a little bit more, one on one. It’s going to be live from start to finish, douching and all. [Laughs]

When it comes to awards, you’ve been nominated but you’ve never really won any big awards. Do awards matter to you?

It kind of does. I took a stand on what I believe in and I worked my ass off. When my agent found out I did the trannie thing, he took all of my work away for a year. Not for two months, the whole fucking year. I could never again work for Vivid, Wicked, or any of those other studios. They’re lame anyway. They’re not hardcore enough. Not that it mattered but he wanted to prove a point. He thought I was going to die out and not survive but you know what? I survived and a year later I went down and said, “What’s the deal? I’m still here.” People don’t understand you have two options. Either you own it and you keep going hard or you crumble. And I owned it. I won best non trans-sexual performer of the year which made my day. I think I deserved a little bit of recognition. I should get an award for being the most infamous, wildest bitch in porn.

You went to Thailand at one point during your career and I thought you had retired since we hadn’t heard from you.

I went there not just to become sober but to find myself again. A lot of people still to this day which really affects me—I can’t go to the bathroom sometimes because people think I’m smoking shit in there—and it breaks my heart and I will never, ever let anybody see me cry. It’s just not my style. But I take it in and I take it for what it is and I know my past has a lot to do with it, but I’m at the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life. I get my feelings hurt just like everyone else. I have a warm gooey center myself. People need to realize that I busted my ass to get to where I’m at today and I gave a lot of things up.

That would be something that would surprise people is that you are an emotional woman.

Absolutely. I don’t think most people understand that I am like the softest baby . . . I just want to be held. [Laughs] I love love. I didn’t start to love until I got out of the bubble, got away from a bad situation and I quit hanging out with all porn people. I’m not knocking porno peeps because I am one myself. When I went to school it wasn’t because I wanted to go. It wasn’t because I liked hair. Actually, I hated hair. But I went to prove, not to myself but to prove to everybody, “Look bitches. I’m not some dumb ass porn star just getting by. I want to show you that I can do this and I will do this. I graduated with nothing but A’s on top of my class. It taught me everything I needed to know. I forgot what it’s like to take orders. But it felt good to graduate. It felt really good.

It’s still awesome that you graduate from college.

Yeah, and it all started with me going, “I’m going to show you what’s up?” I’m sober, I’m pretty homebody-ish, I have a dog who I love and none of my friends are in porn. I’m really living the life I’ve always wanted to live.

What kind of guys do you like?

I don’t have many turn offs. To be honest I love stinky feet, stinky armpits, I love a sweaty man, I love a man who wears flannel like a cholo riding a bike. I love gangbangers, dude. What can I say? Let me ride your face until its fallen off.

Are you a gangbanger?

I have someone in my life who has absolutely changed my life for the best and he’s opened my eyes to a lot of things. This man is freaky, I wasn’t expecting it. He’s a civilian but he opened my eyes to not being so judgmental and not judging a book by its cover because anybody that can handle me, not tame me because I’m a tiger that you will never be able to tame, but he can hang. And he’s never given up on me. He’s never judged me and he’s treating me with the utmost respect. He’s so comfortable in his skin and that to me is the ultimate, sexiest thing in a man. He’s my better half. His name is Gabriel but I call him the fallen angel. I want people to know, civilians, do not underestimate them. Gabriel, the fallen angel, has proven it to be a fact.

Do you bring girls home to share with him?

Fuck that. I’m Latina and we don’t play that shit. But a guy, bring him on, bring him on!  

This has definitely been one of if not the best interviews I’ve conducted with a porn girl in the 10 years I’ve been doing this.

Oh my god you’re going to make me cry. Everyone has a story and I can tell, you have come from an awesome wild background. You got through it and you’re a survivor too. I give you mad props on that. Everyone has their trials and tribulations but you survived. Just like me. I came here with 10 bucks wearing a bra and a pair of panties. I didn’t even know porn existed. That’s not me. I just wanted to go to the beach. The only reason why I wanted to go to the beach was because when I was 12, my mother killed my father. I was sick of being the murder kid. Everywhere I went everyone went, “Oh my god, there’s the murder girl!” I wanted to get away from it. In Kentucky everybody knew your business. I left my entire life behind and I came here with 10 bucks because I spent everything on my plane ticket. [Laughs] I had nowhere to go. But now I’m having the best time of my life. And that’s what you got to do. If you want something you go get it. Anybody can do it.

Have you been back to Kentucky since coming out to LA?

A few times yes and what scares me is, my mom has been very sick and I feel that in my heart if my mom has peace she’ll have her closure in case she passes away. My mom was recently diagnosed with MS. I never was angry with her, I never was even though what she did was a terrible thing. People don’t know that about me, I don’t have a daddy complex. I’m very scared about losing my mother even though we never had a good relationship. She once dropped me off in the middle of nowhere for foster care to come find me. You know what? I wasn’t angry at her. I only want her to love me and I have to tell her I forgive her. It’s taken me a while to get to that point.

Is this something you wish to share publicly?

I don’t mind. I kind of want everyone to know that it’s life. People go through things. Everybody has problems but the way that they deal with them makes them who they are. I want people to know I got through it. I’m completely sane which is weird, I have a beautiful house all to myself. I look around sometimes and I go, “Damn. This can’t be my life.” Please publish that I am sober now and it has taken me a really long time to get to where I am at today. It hurts my feelings when people still assume—and I know my past is my fault—but I want people to at least give me an opportunity to show them that I’m really different and I’m trying everyday to remain sober.

At the end of the day do you get off on shocking people?

Oh my god, that’s the only way I can cum.

All photos courtesy of Angelina Valentine

Follow Angelina Valentine on Twitter @Angelinavalen11 or visit her website, Angelinavalentine.com.

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