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Madison Montag interview

The reemergence of Madison Montag is a swell thing for fans of transsexual porn. This more mature and sexier side of this lady is going to provide lots of incredible hot and dirty sex for us to get off on. She is going to be a top-notch gonzo queen who will combine glamour and dirty smut into her performances. I am so glad that Madison is back with a vengeance.

Hi Madison, it is great to see you back in the industry. I love your new sexy look. What type of reaction are you getting from your fans and industry insiders?

Thank you! I'm getting a really good reaction from my fans and the industry. I've grown up a lot since I first started in the business. I'm not the same little girl I used to be. I've evolved and I'm a lot more mature and comfortable in my own skin now.

Since you took your break from performing, what did you miss about it?

Honestly, I miss getting all dolled up in the chair by the hair and makeup artist, getting fucked, and doing a great scene for the companies and most of all my fans.

I recently saw one of your newest scenes. It was on www.tsplayground.com. I heard that there is a crazy back story to that particular scene. What happened?

Oh my god.. Well the director Jay Sin from Evil Angel wanted to shoot me in a laundromat and I was like "Okay, this is cool and different!" Little did I know that would be the most hardcore scene I've done to date. I got fucked hard against a washer, in a metal cart, and on the floor. It was a challenging scene since I'm so petite and my scene partner was so big and aggressive with me. Let's just say he tore me a new one and I took it like a champ. I remember leaving that set with a big red handprint on my ass cheek, bruises on my knees, hips, lower back, and tailbone from my scene partner. It literally took me a week to fully recuperate from that scene but it was totally worth it! Overall, I enjoyed working with such a talented director like Jay Sin and hope to work with him in the near future!

With your mature look, you will be in more demand for those hot screwing gonzo scenes. Why is performing gonzo stuff so fun?

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I just like getting straight to the point and I like it hardcore. All my past scenes I did when I was younger were kind of bland and I never really got to get down and dirty like how I wanted to because directors wanted me to be portrayed as the sweet ditzy valley girl or the girl next door. Although I do enjoy playing those roles, gonzo is more of my cup of tea. I like being fucked hard to where I almost have to tap out...essentially face down, ass up, balls deep.. you catch my drift.

It seems that transsexuals are entering the mainstream industry slowly, but surely and with better acceptance. You were interviewed by the Huffington Post last year. What are your thoughts on the state of transsexuals in the adult and mainstream industries? Do you think that it is becoming more accepting or does it still have a bit of a stigma attached to it?

It's slowly coming along. Over the past five years, I've seen it grow and get more accepted in the mainstream industry. When it comes to the adult industry, it's a little more accepted, but with some straight porn companies it's still a stigma and they refuse to shoot any transsexual content.

What role do you enjoy the most, being the submissive or dominant person in a scene and why?

I'm honestly versatile, it all just depends what the director is wanting. I do enjoy being in a more submissive role, but don't be fooled by seductive doll eyes and tiny frame. I do have a dark dominant side hidden in there though. I'm a transsexual femme fatale.

What type of guy turns you on?

Looks wise: Tall, dark, and tattooed. I love guys who are like extremely tall ranging from 6'2" to 6'6" because I'm only 5'1" and I like the drastic height difference. I prefer guys who are in shape with dark hair, dark eyes, tattoos, and light skin. Kind of like a James Dean, but with sleeves (not to be confused with the adult performer James Deen). I guess I have like some weird tattoo fetish? I don't have any tattoos myself, but it turns me on seeing a tall dark haired guy with tattoos, especially if he has sleeves! Tattoos are not a must, but definitely a plus. There are really many different types of guys that turn me on, from bad boy to all-American.

Personality wise: Open-minded, down to earth, giving, and kinky.

While watching a sex scene, I enjoy seeing a woman or a tranny wearing accessories like stockings and heels. What are your thoughts on wearing different types of accessories?

I've always worn heels or some type of accessory earlier in my career, but nothing too gaudy or sexy. Now that I'm more mature I tend to gravitate to lingerie, stockings, sky high platforms, and of course my Swarovski crystal jewelry. I like my look to radiate glamour and sex.

How were you as a kid growing up?

I was very shy, still am actually. I was very outdoorsy which is surprising to most since I don't like the outdoors now. I used to love going fishing, mudding, climbing trees, and building stuff. I mean I am from Texas, after all.. Haha. But I was always secretly attracted to my older sister's makeup and clothes. I looked up to her as a kid and wanted to be just like her. I was always around her playing house or watching her do her makeup. I even used to steal her Barbies and lipgloss just because I wanted my own.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I really am actually a homebody. I enjoy staying in, listening to music, baking, sucking dick, and watching movies cuddling on the couch. Of course I love shopping like any other girl and attending an occasional house party with my close friends. I don't mind getting all dolled up and going wining and dining every now and then, but for the most part, I keep things very low key. I don't really do the whole club scene, it's not my thing.

Do you watch some of your sex scenes at home?

I must admit, I do! I don't watch my old stuff as much, but I've been watching my latest scene I did for Jay Sin from Evil Angel for tsplayground.com. I have seriously watched it about 10 times and gotten off to it! It's my favorite scene because I was able to be myself, be all dolled up, and get fucked like there's no tomorrow. It's a definite must see!

What is your favorite thing about being an adult performer?

Becoming a man's fantasy girl and knowing that I'm getting people off all over the world.

Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote? What are you currently working on film wise?

www.tsplayground.com is where you can find the epic laundromat scene and it's the only scene of me since I have done since I had my boob job. As for future projects, you can follow me on twitter @MadisonMontag and stay tuned for upcoming shoots and projects.

STATS: 5'1" 92 lbs


Interview by Apache Warrior

My email address [email protected]

My Twitter account: https://twitter.com/ApacheWarrior

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