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Helly Hellfire interview

Even though many fans consider Helly Hellfire "the Rock Chick of Porn," I see more in her than just music talent. I see a woman who has her head together and knows who she is and where she wants her career to take her. Helly is an impressive woman. I enjoy her music and it is fun to dance to especially since I like to dance fast. I hope that more directors and studios give this fine actress and performer more lead acting roles. She deserves it and the viewers deserve to see her in them. 

Hi Helly, how did you get into the adult industry?

I was working full time managing a tanning salon and decided I wanted to focus more on DJ'ing. So, I'd need to work smarter, not just harder. I had experience in web camming & stripping, but I wanted to do something that would get my name out there, so I started performing in adult films in 2011, and shortly after took on the title, The Porn Star DJ.

I admire that you love music so much. You are the "Rock Chick of Porn." Could you tell us some of the musical work that you continue to do? When did you get so interested in music? Which musical performers are you the most fond of?

Currently, I am composing my own original songs with my writing partners Shenkar & DJ Dalysovich. I write the lyrics, perform the vocals, and co-write the music. My first single "Stay in the Light" was just released on Beatport under my new label Blonde Momentum Music. I've always been interested in music; one of my earliest memories is sitting in front of a record player listening to Johnny Cash. Music is an outlet and a great way to express myself. I'm most fond of my earliest musical influence: Madonna.

I love your fetish work especially in Evil Angel's FemDom Ass Worship series. You are so well-suited for those dominant roles. How much fun is it to take control in those films?

I love femme domme roles because it lets me be creative, and allows me to get inside a slave's mind and see what his/her darkest fantasies are. I love the psychological aspect of dominating someone and discovering how far I can push their limits. Also, I love the feeling of the absolute obedience I gain when a slave puts his/her complete trust in my hands. Verbal humiliation is also a natural gift of mine, and I'd like to do a series revolving around that.

One of your best acting roles is in Wives Club. It was so much fun to see you interact with Nina Hartley and Raylene. Of course, your role as Lady Gaga in This Ain't Lady Gaga XXX received a lot of critical acclaim. How much fun did you have in portraying these "over the top" characters? I want to see you in more acting roles.

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I love losing myself in a great acting role. It's fun to let go of myself for a day and become somebody else. I was trained as a classical dancer and theatre performer, so I love to entertain an audience. When I'm acting, I feel like I can get away from my everyday life and become somebody else. It's a great escape.

I enjoy your range of sexual talents. You are a very hot gonzo performer as well as a cute and playful vignette performer. What is your favorite thing about being an adult performer?

My favorite part of performing is taking on a new character, including the transformation from make-up chair, to wardrobe, to interacting with co-stars and the director. All these things set up the scene and transform me from my "normal" self to the sexy porn star. Then at the end of the day, when I peel my false eyelashes off, I'm back to being me. I love the journey into character.

What has been your most pleasurable moments? What has been your least pleasurable or most embarrassing ones?

The most pleasurable moment was filming on a beach location for the upcoming Digital Playground feature "Quick Sand". I got to work with one of my favorite male performers, Xander Corvus. The crew was amazing and the scene rocked. It’s probably my best B/G scene ever!

The least pleasurable experience was doing a scene in a freezing cold studio in the middle of January. I had just been let out of the hospital a week earlier for complications from strep throat. Also, they wanted me to be tied in an extremely difficult position and it was so cold that I didn’t have the flexibility. The director screamed at me, while I was tied up and gagged. I couldn’t breathe.

What is your favorite sex position and why?

I love cowgirl. I always cum in that position!

What is something that your fans don't know about you that you would like them to know?

I just started web camming again, and you can view my live shows on this link:


The crowds go wild when you feature dance on stage. How does it feel when you perform for your fans?

I took dance classes for 15 years, and used to be a ballet instructor. I love dancing onstage. The feedback I get makes me work harder to bring a better show to the crowd.

There is no doubt that you ooze sexuality which in turn creates a lot of heat with your on-screen partners. What makes a man sexy? What traits do you admire in a man?

I like a man that I can lock eyes with in the middle of a scene. I like it when we get lost in the middle of a moment and forget that cameras and crewmembers surround us. A man that can let go and be purely primal is a huge turn on.

What makes a woman ? What traits do you admire in a woman?

The same things! I'm bi-sexual, so I'm attracted to the intensity and sensuality in a woman's kiss. Of course, I like physical traits like a good toned body, pretty face, nice tits and a round ass, too.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I love working out, spinning, going to Amoeba Records to find old records and movies (horror & sci-fi), watching Netflix in the bathtub, dancing, going to rock concerts, and shopping with my girlfriends.

How were you as a kid?

Very active! I always wanted to learn new things. I enjoyed reading, writing and drawing.

Are you a dog or cat person?

I like small dogs. Yorkies are my favorite!

What is your shoe size?

6.5 or 7. Jeffrey Campbell is my favorite designer.

Are there any industry people (actors, actresses, directors, even studios) that you would like to work with?

I enjoy working with directors Mike Quasar at Zero Tolerance and Brad Armstrong at Wicked (we have the Canadian connection and bonded over Tim Horton's Coffee and hockey). My perfect scene would be a B/G/G with Nikita Von James and Xander Corvus. I'd also like to do a G/G with Kimber James.

Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote?

My new DJ site just launched: www.iamhellywood.com.

Also, look out for my upcoming feature from Digital Playground called "Quicksand".

Apache Warrior: I want to add that fans should listen to her new radio show starting this week called "Welcome to Hellywood" at 4pm PST/7pm EST on http://www.planetplatypus.com/

Interview by Apache Warrior

My email address [email protected]

My Twitter account: https://twitter.com/ApacheWarrior

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