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Elexis Monroe interview

Photo courtesy of Joshua Darling 

Before Girl/Girl (GG) films were made by specific production companies like Girlfriends Films (GF Films) and Sweetheart Video, this type of genre would be bundled with all of the other films that a studio would make. However, when GF Films and Sweetheart Video looked for a star to spearhead their work, they both looked to Elexis Monroe. From those earlier films like Elexis and Her Girlfriends 1, Girls in White 1, Lesbian Chronicles 2, and Lesbian Confessions 2 to the most recent ones like Women Seeking Women 94 and Twisted Passions 7, it's not a suprise that Dan O' Connell and Nica Noelle have high praise for her. In Ms. Noelle's Huffington Post article titled "The Duende of Porn," Nica called Elexis "... the most shockingly authentic performer I'd ever seen." Fellow Girl/Girl superstar Sandra Shine has called her the Queen of lesbian erotica. Girlfriends Films owner Dan O' Connell even made a benefit movie for Elexis. Ms. Monroe will go down as one of the all-time best Girl/Girl performers.  

Hi Elexis, this year has definitely been a life changing one. You really found out who your true friends really were. What would like to say to your loyal followers?

Hi George. Yes, you could definitely say it has been. These days I'm simply happy I'm alright, have my current health , and survived a very rough time in my life. I have some of the best friends, fans, and supporters ever. Extremely loyal, sweet, supportive, positive. I've always appreciated and loved the fans. It's one reason why I'm still here, yet certain people love who I am and my work. Especially this last year. Loyalty is key.

I enjoyed your role in Mother-Daughter Lesbian Lessons. On account of your role in that film, you will be directing more movies for Forbidden Fruits Films. Could you tell us how it means to you about this amazing opportunity?

Thank you. I love both Jodi and Jay. I knew together we could make a great movie. I look forward to making more fantastic movies with them and bringing them to fans. I love directing and writing. The West's make great movies, want to make great GG movies. Our ideas are fabulous, unique. We 3 all go round & round with ideas therefor why not make some. It's a no brainer. So yes, we have plans or the future. All I've ever wanted is to direct movies. That's my goal, my plan. I'm going to do that wherever I can with people who want to make amazing projects. Them giving me the opportunity was a jumpstart to the heart I truly needed. I appreciate the fact they wanted to do something new, wanted it to be great, and considered me to be someone that could contribute. I adore them. Directing is my passion so let's thank them for giving me the opportunity.

How can you best describe Jodi West as a filmmaker and a friend?

Wow. Jodi as a filmmaker- serious. Dedicated, determined, driven. Caring passionate. What she does and has done inspires me. She's like the energizer bunny. Just keeps going and going. She has a goal. I respect that and want that. She's by far one of the only women in my career I can say I love to death. She's also an amazing performer. As a filmmaker, she's special which is exactly why I work with them. Exactly why I do movies with them.

Jodi as a friend- making me teary eyed doing an interview George. Jodi is one of a kind. She has such a genuine heart and realness to her. She's someone I consider lucky to have met because she's now a friend of mine for life. I trust her. I care for her. I love her. She's honest, brutally when needed. When I was sick in Florida, she did nothing but buy me medicine, make me homemade soup, and take care of me. She was there with me last year when my dog died and I was away. We have so many moments and memories together. She's a friend for life.

Jodi West and Elexis Monroe

What is the condition of your face? Are there more surgeries that you will need?

Now, my face is good. I'm having a few more dental things done to make sure I never have problems like that ever again. I will need some bone graphing and another surgery in the future. One thing at a time. Those were all so expensive. I'm happy today. I've been smiling a lot lately. I survived a massive abscess infection in my facial bones, ear, nose, cheek, and blood stream. I have permanent hearing loss to my left ear. Today I'm very lucky and beyond grateful.

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Photo courtesy of Joshua Darling

Since you are working on taboo subject matters, does it feel like you are walking on egg shells in making sure that you never cross that line?

Sometimes yes. There's times where I've had an issue or two. When I write or direct a movie, I'd like to push or cross some lines, but not all of them. Just not my style. I like to leave some mystery, imagination. When I'm faced with a situation like that it's simple. I either choose to do it or I don't. If I do, I make it my own and think my fans or anyone watching my performance will enjoy what's coming across. I like taboo. I like to push some envelopes while also staying true to myself.

How long have you been in the industry? How did you get started in it?

I believe in total it would be 12-14 years. I'd have to check the actual date, but I was a young thing. I saw an add in the paper for figure work. I thought that meant Victoria Secret stuff. I go, it's not. I try it out, think alright lets see where this goes. I did solo work a while, magazines, PBTV, foot videos, pantyhoses, all solo. Then came the GG. The rest is history.

Photo courtesy of Joshua Darling

What has been your most pleasurable moments so far? What has been your least pleasurable?

That's a very hard question to answer. Connecting and reconnecting with people I care about. The conventions. Traveling for work. Hosting a web show. Having certain people write amazing articles about my work. A few moments I had in Budapest, one most of all. Having Lesbian Storytime Theater 1, Elexis & Her GF's 2, the entire Budapest Series, The Vault Show, along with all the other movies I did be such a huge success with the fans. Directing. Producing. I was grateful to have the opportunity to be a contract girl in my career. Winning. Reunions & growing up. The moments with the girls. The support I've received this last year and establishing relationships. Learning to forgive people and realize when I've made mistakes. All the girls. I love the girls.

My least of all, this year. An email I received I never deserved that cracked my heart. My health scare & surgeries for sure. Life goes on.

The XBIZ Awards are finally going to have a Girl/Girl Performer of the Year award. What are your thoughts about this category?

Can you believe it? I'm over the moon. I am pleased they have a category I just hope and pray the girls who are truly GG performers are in that list. I've always felt that it's so difficult for women such as myself and some others to gain massive stardom because I've only done 97% GG my career. I don't see why, never understood it. I've stayed true to myself, craft, what I believe and taken no short cuts to get here. I remember the first year I was nominated for MILF of the Year. If I'm correct, I was the only MILF nominated who was a GG performer only! I was beyond elated yet proud. To me that seemed huge. Plus, I'm a real MILF. This category now is long overdue and I'm thrilled. Hopefully, they do me proud. I've been doing GG now over a decade. Its part of my soul. Ladies are beautiful. Making love to women is beautiful. Just as hot as a man and a woman and sometimes hotter. It needs to be recognized.

What traits of a woman do you admire most? What makes a woman sexy? What traits of a man do you admire most? What makes a man sexy?

Traits of a woman I admire most-
A) Physical- Eyes, feet, smell, smile, skin, legs, breasts, natural, lips, hair, build, way she carries herself.
B) Character- Strong, independent, honest, loyal, genuine, fierce, intelligent, humorous, spontaneous, compassionate, adventurous, positivity, devoted, caring, real.

What makes a woman sexy- Confidence, being herself, being true to herself. A woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it.

Traits of a man I admire most-
A) Physical- Tall, handsome, eyes, smile, hands, smell, build, shoulders, lips, voice, the nook.
B) Character- Passion, drive, intelligence, honesty, open mind, job, independence, driven, determined, educated, sexy, charismatic, humor, charisma, brutal honesty. Family oriented, no bullshit, real man. Positive.

What makes a man sexy- Confidence. This one depends on the man. I like someone who knows what they want and goes after it and isn't afraid of a challenge. Drive. Nice in a suit, dirty with his hands. Cut the bullshit.

Many adult stars are animal lovers. Are you one of them? Are you a cat or dog person?

It's true. Many of us are. I'm a huge animal lover here. The last few years I've lost all my dogs but one. I lost my dog last March, another dog suddenly a few weeks ago from heat stroke. My cat almost died a few months back and my only surviving dog was sick last October with Parvo but survived. I love animals like family, children. I went to school to work with animals. I volunteer and help do anything I can when it comes to animals. I've always said animals were here first and us humans need to respect that. I'm an animal lover for life.

How were you as a kid growing up?

When I was a kid. I was good, bad, a teenager. Oldest of 8. I grew up very fast, very young. Amazing family, parents, grandparents. Rebellious for a moment. I had a good childhood. Sometimes I miss it, but I'm thankful.

What are your hobbies and interests?

Music. My daughter. Family. Friends. Ocean. Photography. Animals. Traveling. Writing. Sex. Adrenaline rushes. Bike riding. Surfing. Women. Unplanned moments. Moments of impact. Roller coasters. Trying new things. Water. Reading. Cooking. Hiking. Snow boarding. Dancing. Movies. History. Vampires. Horror. Documentaries. John Cusack.

What is your shoe size?

8-9 women's. Depending on brand.

Photo courtesy of Joshua Darling

What is your favorite thing about being an adult performer?

There's a few things I love about being a performer, but I'd have to say my favorite is I've been allowed to be myself in most the projects I've done. Myself, with women I adore, people I enjoyed working with. I get to share my passion for love making, whether it be men or women, with the world. I believe I'm different and I have something to give and leave people with. Getting the respect of my peers, co workers, directors, fans, friends, other female models and new girls.

Elexis Monroe directing Jodi West and Rainia Belle

Any websites or future projects I'd like to promote? What I'm currently working on film wise?

Websites- my Twitter, Tumblr, Amazon wish list, and Streamate pages all under Elexis Monroe. My surgery donations is PayPal, search my work email- [email protected].
Launching a new clips4sale store, abibid store, web page, and tube videos soon. Details coming.

Any fans would like custom videos of Skype shows-email me directly.

-Released- Mother-Daughter Lesbian Lessons #1 I did with Forbidden Fruits Films (FFF) (Jodi & Jay) in Florida, which I co-directed & performed is out. Also out, C yoU Next Tuesday (FFF-GG scene).
- I know you saw my work with Evan Stone, filmed last year and, out this year.
-Upcoming scenes to be released- Girl Candy Flms= Lesbian Voyeur #2, Lesbian Doms & Subs 3, and more. Hoping we'll collaborate on some future features. Perhaps something dark, mysterious, creepy, and real/authentic.
-Shooting new content for store, vignettes. Lots of fresh new content.
**--Finally about to write and direct my next full movie. Plans to film are this month now the moratorium is lifted and work has resumed. Woohoo!--**
-Live web cam shows weekly.
-Some web stuff. More details in future.
-Hoping to collaborate with a director/friend on some big projects.
-Do romance series, work with Jacky St. James
-More deeper, darker, character pushing roles & movies. I want to break something, cry, yell. Push boundaries further.
-Get more work done on my book I've been writing to hopefully release next year.

-Lots of dreams. Let's see how it all plays out. I'm open for writing, directing, producing, and hosting anything especially movie wise. My dream is to direct for a studio full time, maybe have a small line or a big line. All I want is to give the GG world what I have to offer. I want to take GG to another level. Let's make some movies, shall we.

I'd like to admire someone.

Lastly, I want to thank you, my co workers, friends, and especially fans. Hope you've enjoyed what I've done thus far and will continue on.


Elexis Monroe

Interview by Apache Warrior

My email address [email protected]

My Twitter account: https://twitter.com/ApacheWarrior

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