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Trans500.com: Josh Stone producer

Josh Stone has been a very successful porn director for many years. His newest venture has him concentrating on the transsexual porn market. With his studio Trans500, Mr. Stone is determined to bring something new and positive to this genre. His fascination is not a new thing. He has had it for many years. But, timing is a big part of things. So, for him, this is the right time for him to make tranny porn. With this type of adult films on the rise, I have no doubt that Josh Stone's series of films like I Kill It TS, Trans at Play, and TS Girlfriend Experience will bring a raise the quality of filmmaking to this genre. It's important to note that his fascination for transsexual porn was not sudden. He wanted to make this type of work years ago, but was discouraged in making it. Please check out the Trans500.com website and it's Twitter page https://twitter.com/Trans500.

Since you have been a very successful adult filmmaker already, why did you decide to enter another genre, transsexual porn?

I actually started to entertain this idea about 3 years ago. At that time I was being distributed by JSI and the owner did not want transsexual titles under their brand and did not think it was a good idea for me. I just felt I had went as far as I was capable of going in the straight market and wanted to take on something new. I felt the Transsexual market was a market that was on the rise yet still open for new ideas and fresh visions. I felt if I could apply some of the same techniques that worked for me in the straight market to the transsexual market, I could possibly bring something somewhat different and do something positive. Although this is a new studio, we've been working on this for about 2 years now.

Having already reviewed several of your trans porn films, I am a big fan of the I Kill It TS movies. How did you end up collaborating with Ramon for this series? I enjoy his signature motto "I Kill It!" after a performance.

Ramon and I have been good friends for about 8 years now. When I decided I wanted to take the step into the transexual genre, I understood that I needed to be able to bring something new to the genre that was not presently there. I think that's the biggest problem in all porn today in general . There's really not a lot of exclusivity. We all just pretty much shoot the same models, using the same format, only thing that's different is the location. Ramon and I actually first started the conversation about doing this 3 years ago. I think he as well felt he had went as far as he could in the straight genre and was willing to open up to something new. As for I Kill IT, believe this or not we had already shot about 50 scenes before we came up with the name "I Kill It TS" for the website. Him saying that at the end of every scene at that point was not to signature the website name. It was just Ramon being Ramon. He would always inadvertently say "Kill It" when he was doing a scene. I'd always hear him say that and thought it was funny, but it just went in one ear and out the other. I was going through a period for almost two weeks trying to decide on a name for that site. It seemed like every name I would think of was already taken. One day I was editing some of our scenes and I couldn't stop laughing at him saying "Kill It" during the duration of the scene. It was that day I realized that the name for that site was sitting right in my face. I Kill It TS.com.

For our readers, could you tell us how you got involved with the adult industry?

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This is a long story, but I'll try to make it short. Prior to porn, I played professional basketball abroad for about 8 years. During my time as an athlete, I was always thinking about what I wanted to do as far as life after basketball, and the adult industry always was of interest. I just didn't know how or where was my place in this industry. I can still remember going to the AVN conventions as a fan and buying tickets and sitting out in the audience during the awards show. One day I met a girl who told me her ex-husband was a porn director. She introduced us and he invited me to come hang out on set. That turned into about a year of me basically being his assistant/intern. I use to write down all the equipment I'd see on the sets and go buy the equipment not really knowing how to use any of it. At one time, I had about 25k worth of equipment and didn't know how to use any of it so I started taking classes on videography/photography and probably read every book I could get my hands on about lighting, exposures, etc. 

From being on those sets I began to meet a lot of the talent but more important I learned how to be a director. I started shooting my own content with really no direction or path to what I would do with the content. Through being on the porn sets, I also saw that companies needed locations so I began to rent out my condo to some of the adult companies. One day I rented to a company and the female talent for the day and I met and exchanged numbers. She had never been to Miami and wanted me to show her around. I took her out that night and the next day she flew back to LA. Three months go by and I don't hear from her, but out of nowhere one day she calls me and tells me she had a guy by the name of Justin Slayer that she wanted me to meet and I should give him a call. I called him and we had a brief conversation but nothing really came of the conversation, but he told me if I was ever in LA to look him up. Seven months later I'm in LA and I can remember me and Asante Stone sitting in the car contemplating if I should give him a call or not. I just felt Justin was really just being polite by allowing the girl to have me call him, but really he had no real interest in meeting some guy that wanted to get into the porn business. We eventually decided to call Justin and to our surprise he invited us to come meet him on his set that same day. We met and really hit it off well. We knew some of the same people and to be honest, I don't think we ever discussed porn one time in that meeting. Justin was on his way to Brazil to shoot and invited us to come along. A month later we're in Brazil and from there I was able to be on set with him and learn from another perspective. Finally , we sit down and had a conversation about the industry and I asked Justin to preview some of the content that I had accumulated. He liked what he saw and told me that he was in the process of possibly starting his own distribution company. About 5 months later, I was signed to JSI .

Since you started out as a performer, why did you decide to be the one who had more control of a film and be a director?

I get that question all the time, but in reality I've never been a performer. When I first entered the business, I think I did like one scene and I immediately realized that was not where I belonged. Being a male performer is very difficult and I have a lot of respect for those guys who are able to do it.

What kind of reception have you received from the adult trans community such as fans, other directors, and performers?

I've made some really good friends with several of the TS performers not only in America but all across the globe. The way they have welcomed me as well as Trans500 to the genre I'm really thankful. The fan response has been great as well . I think a lot of the fans as well as the performers can see what we are trying to achieve here and rooting for us to be successful.

How did you arrive with the name Trans 500 for your studio?

I was actually in Spain when I came up with the name. I had been deadlocked on the issue for about three days and finally I was laying in bed one night and Trans500 came to my mind. It just felt right so I ran it by my partners and we went with it.

I enjoy seeing escort situations in films. Thus, your series TS Girlfriend Experience is a perfect example and turn-on for me. I especially enjoy seeing the trannies put on their outfits. Why did you decide to make this type of film?

Having this type of girlfriend experience is something I think every man has experienced at least once in his life. I try to make this as realistic as possible with showing both points of view. The john on a mission for that ultimate experience and the escort understanding it's a business, but on the other hand delivering that experience to the client. As a director, I plan to expand this line even more as we move forward.

Ramon is such a fun-loving and driven performer. Could you tell us why he is one of the best male adult performers ever?

Ramon is a very unique one of a kind individual. He and I have traveled all over the world working on this project and I must say I have been surprised on how recognizable and popular he is all over the world. We've been in the streets of Brazil, Colombia, Asia and people just walk up to him wanting to take pictures and get his autograph and the crazy thing is these aren't just Americans approaching him. These are guys from all parts of the world that are fans of his. Being incognito trying to shoot porn with Ramon you can forget about it. Aside from the monster cock, there is something about Ramon that puts a smile on your face. Normally , in straight porn we don't really give a lot of camera time to the male performer, but with Ramon that rule doesn't apply. Most of the time, he has more fans watching the scene to see him than the girl. Not many male performers in this business can say that.


With Ramon on the set, the atmosphere must be very fun, right?

Absolutely. If I had half of the behind the scenes moments on set with him on camera it would make for a funny reality tv show in itself. I keep saying I'm going to start having a backup camera on set just to film him and his antics. He and I have worked together for so long I don't have to do anything but just hold the camera. He knows exactly how I think and what I want to achieve during a scene.

What are your impressions on the growth and future of trans porn?

I think TS porn is definitely on the rise. Even in the short amount of time I've been involved it has grown. I've even had some conversation with a few mainstream outlets that in the past would have never even entertained.

Could you tell us about your Trans 500 website? What can the fans expect?

At Trans500 you can expect to see as much exclusivity as we are able to obtain. You can expect to see some of the most beautiful new transsexual models from around the world as well as some seasoned vets. A good example is Vaniity. She has been a well known performer for many years. We shot a excellent Halloween scene that will air on the site on Halloween Day where she took on Ramon and Castro Supreme who is also well known for his monster cock. It's a first of its kind for her.

Our site will offer senerios that are entertaining, funny as well as hardcore action. We want to offer content that caters to the bi-sexual male as well as the straight male.

What films and projects are you currently working on? What can we expect in the forthcoming future?

Right now, I'm concentrating on building the Trans500 brand and trying to keep the fans happy and excited about Trans500. As far as future projects, we are planning to put out a feature film that we hope will be another highlight to the genre fans can appreciate.

Interview by Apache Warrior

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