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Courtney Cummz Interview

If I were to ask our male audience, what are the things you look for in a perfect woman; I would bet that a few of the responses would go like this: someone that can watch football, drink a beer or two and hang with the guys. Well, I think we found our perfect woman: Courtney Cummz. With 10 years of experience in the industry, Courtney is one of the most legendary and powerful figures in the business. She also loves watching football, plays fantasy football, stays in amazing shape, works hard every day and is kind of a big deal on twitter. I think I am in love!

Where did you Spend Christmas this year?

I (spent) Christmas at my home in Tampa with one of my BFFs. I recently performed in NYC and Connecticut the prior two weeks, so I just made it home in time!

If you’re working out at the gym, what’s on your iPod?

Lorde, Katy Perry, Flo Rida, Bruno Mars, Imagine Dragons

Staying in shape seems to be essential in the industry. What types of workouts do you do/how many times a week?

I work out five days a week. I have a personal trainer and that helps out so much!  I also rollerblade, run and do plenty of yard work!

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You are an avid sports fan, and I think you (please correct me if I am wrong) and Lisa Ann are a few of the adult film stars that have appeared on Satellite Sports-Based Radio Shows. Where did your passion for sports, notably football, develop?

I use to play sports growing up. Many of my friends are guys, so I watch sports with them. I just went to the Tampa Bay/Buffalo Bill game yesterday. I love all sports, but I prefer the NFL and baseball. I can be heard each Friday during football season on the Tony Kornheiser Radio Show on ESPN 980 in Washington DC. I also do brackets for March Madness for Tony's show. I usually beat all of the ESPN experts.

Do you ever see yourself expanding your career into more mainstream media sports outlets, or other sports-type shows/podcasts?

I would love to have a radio show where I can talk about relationships and sports!!  I know several pro athletes and that would be so cool!!

You are a Washington Redskins fan (tough season). Why has RGIII struggled this year?

He came back from an injury in eight months from an injury that usually takes a year to recover from. He wasn't able to practice with his receivers during the offseason. He is still young and has a big future ahead of him.

And you play fantasy football?! Are you the perfect woman?

I run my own 20-team fantasy football league. With 20 teams, it's hard to pick up many players on waivers. I am 8-6 and tied for eighth place. I lost two games by one point which was painful. I think my fans love playing against me!  LOL

You were famously identified as standing in line during Bill Simmons’ book tour in Los Angeles a few years ago. Was that just a random thing you wanted to do, or do you have a love for the game of basketball as well, and/or Bill’s articles, etc.? What was the general reaction you received to that moment?

Bill had mentioned me in a couple of his articles on ESPN.com and I wanted to meet him.  He said that I was under appreciated at the AVN Awards in his articles.  Plus, I purchased four of his books and had him sign them as Christmas presents. It was fun that he talked about meeting me the next day on The Jimmy Kimmel Show.

I am one of your 310,000+ plus followers on Twitter, haha. With nearly 59,000 tweets, how has social media changed your career? Good, bad, etc…

The good is being able to stay in touch with my fans. I do have the best babies in the world!!  I am also able to tweet with other celebrities who I have Twitter affairs with. I was so happy when Michelle Beadle wished me a Happy Birthday tweet last week!!  I love her so much!!  I love it when fans tweet pictures of when they meet me at my appearances. I met one fan at a football game and I was happy to take a picture with him that he immediately tweeted and I retweeted! 

This question may be an extension of the previous question, but you seem to have a good connection with your fans, and you are genuinely are grateful for their support. Why do you think that relationship exists? What separates you from other stars on Twitter?

I have always tried to be fan friendly. They are the ones supporting my career. I really do appreciate them. I love the way they creatively tweet me and care for me. They know when I am having a great day or when someone pisses me off. I try to keep it real and I think that separates me from many others on twitter. I try to be creative. I was the first person to call it Wednesday #AssWednesday. Most believe it's because of hump day, but it's because of Ash Wednesday.

Sometimes I see you RT or tweet pro athletes. Have you ever gotten responses?

I have many pro athletes who follow me on twitter and tweet me!! 

You’ve had quite the career in the industry, and I am sure that you have seen a lot. Are there any new trends that you see emerging in the industry over the next five years?

It's now up to the performer to do their own public relations. The girls who stay connected and not depend on a company to make their money will be able to make it in the industry. It's a daily grind!  You have to be able change. Not as many companies are shooting now, so doing your own cam shows is becoming a must.

Are there things on the horizon in your career that fans can get excited about?

I will be appearing at Deja Vu in Tampa on December 31 and January 1!

Last question: What’s your perfect date night?

Go to a sports bar to eat and drink beer while watching a game.  Then take me home for a good fuck!!

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