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Top High Definition Porn of 2007

The Best of the Best

In 2007, the porn industry finally got involved in the high definition format wars.  As mainstream companies picked sides on either the HD-DVD or Blu-Ray factions, porn was initially excluded from Sony-led Blu-Ray, making the point moot until Vivid found a way to get Debbie Loves Dallas Again released in the advanced format.  The added costs of the format proved prohibitive to large scale production though and for all of 2007, HD not only dominated the pack but it was the only game in town.  New pressing plants are scheduled to open for both formats though and the first major Blu-Ray release of 2008 is supposed to be a remastered version of Digital Playground's Pirates; perhaps the best selling porno of all time.  While we here at Xcritic agree with the mainstream media that porn will not likely play a definitive role in the final outcome of the format war as it has in the past, we are dedicated to bringing you as complete coverage as possible on what takes place and offering the most detailed reviews on the titles as they come in.  With that in mind, we take a look at the best high definition titles of 2007, acknowledging that many companies are still preparing to release their first such titles later this year:

1) Island Fever 4 HD: One of the most visually appealing vignette series in porn for years now is the lush tropical outings of Digital Playground so it makes sense that their last volume of the series would be such a continuing hit with consumers and critics alike.  Led by hotty Jesse Jane and the rest of the contract stars employed by the company, director Joone and cameraman Robbie D. combined forces to enchant the masses in the almost hypnotically beautiful paradise of Bora Bora with twenty scenes of erotic sexuality.  Jesse was joined by beautiful Jana Cova, Teagan Presley, and Sophia Santi as the quartet of top talent roamed the beaches and waterways of the exotic location.  That the series is among the most imitated in the field proves that the formula is the kind that draws in not just porn aficionados but serves as a gateway title for a far larger general audience; exactly the kind of movie to top our list.  Unlike many other converted HD titles, Island Fever 4 HD also provided a huge package of extras just like the original did when it came out, truly adding value that went beyond the enhanced visuals and audio experience fans have adored.  Now serving as a time capsule of erotic heat, the movie is the first that comes to mind when discussing HD upgrades, rumors of plans for a fifth volume circulating already.

2) Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre:  The first true HD title released by the industry came early in 2007, a comedic spoof of the mainstream horror genre directed by Jonathan Morgan for Wicked Pictures.  While only mastered in 720p, the upgrade helped make this a fine example for the benefits of high definition releases, also keeping most of the extras from the original three disc set and adding a few new ones for good measure.  The star power of the title alone drew substantial praise as Jessica Drake, Stormy Daniels and Keri Sable proved that looking good and having great sex did not have to mean they lacked acting chops too.  To this day, the movie is considered by experts to be the best horror spoof ever made by the industry, serving as a template for others attempting to bring in a whole new set of fans in a time when sales are faltering for generic gonzo. The addition of a fourth disc of bonus scenes, trailers, and added goodies sweetened the pot as well but Camp Cuddly Pines stands on its own as a movie too; a testament to the strength of Jonathan Morgan's ability to pornify mainstream titles better than anyone else in the field. In short, there has been no stronger comedy made in HD than this one even since its release a few years back.

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3) The Sunny Experiment:  Sneaking up on us last week was a title that literally came out of nowhere and impressed us as being something special.  Starring beautiful Sunny Leone and directed by the infamous B. Skow, this was a vignette fueled solely by the heated sexual fantasies of the contract star with a variety of situations meant to take advantage of the enhanced visual elements of the HD-DVD format.  While sacrificing some of the generic extras of the SD version, the three hour movie showed how Vivid has been courting a newfound dynamic as demanded by fans everywhere, emphasizing a lot of tease and foreplay in scenes lasting well over thirty minutes in most cases.  The sexual tension was not downplayed either as the ladies, particularly Sunny Leone and Monique Alexander, were given free reign to explore their desires in full 1080p HD, never letting up until the movie's final credits rolled.  2008 will be the year Sunny starts doing men on camera as part of her sexual repertoire to so expect to hear a lot more about her as well as the unique talents offered by B. Skow to invoke the best possible performances from his cast of leading ladies.

4) Cockasian:  As part of their December wave of HD releases, Digital Playground provided this one to the major fanbase that loves Asian ladies of all sorts, something the title provides more than any other high definition release to date (unless you want to count pixelated Japanese titles of questionable merit).  The title is a play on the term used for white people (Caucasian) that took scenes from a broad spectrum of time to offer up some of the best single disc value from the company in recent memory.  If you like Asian gals, there were some from all sorts of backgrounds and body shapes, marking a change from the usually white bread world the director seems to spend the majority of his time with.  In terms of general quality of action, I like this one more every time I watch it, the HD version getting an even higher score for replayability as a result.  Director Robbie D effectively provides just what the fans wanted and the humorous nods to stereotypes combined with the almost three hours of 1080p fun were the icing on the proverbial cake many of you will definitely appreciate. 

5) Babysitters:  This was 2007's flagship title for Digital Playground in the absence of Pirates 2 and is heavily favored to win a score of awards thanks to the presence of contract stars like Jesse Jane, Shay Jordan, Teagan Presley, Sophia Santi, and the rest of the well picked cast.  While extremely light on plot (to the point where we don't consider it a feature at all), the nod to babysitters say well with our team of reviewers when they saw the screen captures in our reviews.  The 1080p resolution enhanced the look of the ladies enough that their fans may simply have to bite the bullet and buy an HD-DVD player to see the reality of their small screen sweethearts but the dominating theme of youthful babysitters enjoying all sorts of carnal activity with their employers and boyfriends was so cheerfully presented that a sequel may already be in the works to fully utilize some of the new contract ladies the company has wisely picked up in recent months.  Seven scenes, four contract gals, and more than two hours of chemistry filled sex in glorious high definition sums this one up nicely.

6) Stood Up:  This movie was subtitled "The Unreal Life of 'The Reverend' Bob Levy" as the Howard Stern regular portrayed a comedic version of himself in this weirdly amusing title that used hotties like Lanny Barby and Savanna Samson as flings along the pathway of his misshapen life to date.  For whatever flaws this B. Skow movie had, the sex was well shot and enhanced by the HD-DVD mastering so the life on the road aspect of the adventures the guy had were minimal parts you can appreciate or skip depending on your needs.  The cover suggested it like this:  The sex comedy Stood Up is the almost true, slightly embellished, okay, fictional life story of real-life comedian "The Reverend" Bob Levy (known for his outrageous stand-up act and appearances on such shows as "Kidd Chris" and "Miserable Men").  One night in a comedy club, Bob tells his tales of woe to a beautiful fan (Moni Michaels) who can't believe her ears.  It's a sad, albeit, funny story of his life, relationships and career.  Things always seem poised to take off, but a series of misadventures -- many thanks to his evil agent Sammi (Savanna Samson) -- Bob is always one step from greatness and is constantly getting Stood Up.

7) Curse Eternal:  It is a story about a mummy that comes to life as played by Kaylani Lei and the archeologist (Jessica Drake) that gets caught up in her attempt to revive a past lover and rest in peace.  It had a lot of fuck for the buck, solid extras, and perfect casting to combine for a rating of Highly Recommended for anyone who likes feature porn. If you'd rather enjoy a disposable gonzo flick, there are many to pick from in any given week but Jessica Drake and Kaylani Lei were both superb as they provided some fine entertainment (sexual and as part of the story). I'm pretty sure that this will be one of the titles on everyone's short list for various awards later on in the year for all it had to offer, never skimping on the sex or story, allowing fans to see both or skip ahead if they so choose.  The 1080p version of the movie helped enhance the scenes in the darker portions of the movie, much of the sex taking place at night, and the fact that it won so many awards as a standard definition version, even getting the nod on our previous top porn lists, made this a natural choice on our first high definition list of top picks but ultimately it is the movie itself that shows the kind of care and quality Wicked Pictures is known for that earned it a spot on our list.

8) Pinup Perversions with Lela Star:  When we were told that Club Jenna was jumping into the high definition market, our team seemed kind of skeptical given the track record of the company to really push the envelop forward but this one proved their worries to be unfounded as the movie showcased contract starlet Lela Star in a series of vignettes all taking a retro look at the cheesecake attitude from generations ago, updated with some hardcore sex that really looked good in the enhanced 1080p resolution of HD-DVD.  The back cover said it like this: "At the fringe of your imagination lurks a sex kitten who'll leave you smitten.  Club Jenna's first foray into pinup couture features pixie-petite Lela Star, whose bombshell style smacks of dirty martinis sipped in the jazz clubs of Old Hollywood.  Explore the seedier edge of glamour - a hunger rooted more deeply than ordinary seduction. Let Lela draw you into her web, and you'll discover the agonizing bliss of being sucked dry by Club Jenna's newest femme fatale."  Lela and her peers provided some exceptionally heated pairings with a lot of chemistry and energy backing them up, making the movie a lot better than expected thanks in large part to director Laurent Sky's ability to switch gears from his previous works and shoot for the harsher realities of high definition.

9) Jack's Big Ass Show 1:  This was another focused offering in HD to come out last year in time for this list set between Jack's Playground 28 and 29.  The show lacked the comedic value in most cases of the regular series but made up for it in providing a lot more fuck for the buck than the series tends to do these days.  If you like seeing booties shaking, gyrating, and otherwise getting into the mix, you're going to like this one as much as we did.  It was one of those rare times when I'm glad the show coursed away from the usual formula of a series in order to provide some serious fuck for the buck stroking material.  Most of the volumes in the series provide closer to 90 minutes of footage and even that is split up by the addition of the comedy bits.  That makes the nearly two hours of straight up fucking, teasing, and other sexual elements a huge bargain since so many of the scenes were solid in terms of replay value.  It sure didn't hurt that the lovely Jana Cova represented the contract team or that anal queens like Flower Tucci were on hand to offer up some great sex either but even the technical values seemed better than average this time.  Those of you who question the value of high definition on gonzo porn will likely find your answer right here though since the larger than life ass play certainly provided additional stroke value.

10) Girlvana 3:  We end this year's list with a lesbian flagship title from Zero Tolerance; the third in their series of gal pal play that has garnered plenty of positive press in recent years.  The movie is a double disc set released on HD-DVD and shows a whole lot of lesbian action with a variety of lovely ladies; the movie split into two sections where the blondes get to play together without toys on the first disc and the brunettes get to go wild with heavy toy use on the second.  The back cover said it like this: "It's the age-old debate that's perplexed man before the chicken and the egg: blondes vs. brunettes!  Both have juicy wet pussies, both have squeaky tight asses, and both have firm perky tits!  So how do you choose between the bangin' brunette babes and the busty blonde bombshells?  Don't worry cuz you don't have to... you get both hair-colored cuties uncensored and on two stroke-worthy discs!  Choose your chick and save the arguments for the jury!  Deep french kissing, intense hair pulling, seductive snatch licking, and sweet lesbo lovin'.  Join us as we journey to the state of Girlvana." The casting was well done and most of the ladies appeared to be there for more than a check, so you'll want to at least consider this as a possibility should you appreciate porn diversity in your collection.

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