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Top Ten Titles for Women & Couples in 2007

Every year we write these lists there are so many great movies to pick from that it seems hopeless to come up with just the right balance for women and couples to enjoy but every year we keep coming back to give you a starting point with movies most ladies and couples can enjoy together.  Working with the feedback we have received over the year from those of you tired of such lists limited to watered down, vanilla porn, we expanded our frame of mind to remember that diversity is the spice of life, reminding all of you that our main porn list and personal reviewer pick lists will have even more selections you might find appealing.  Women make up more than half the population and have been under served as a market so it's about time we took charge of what we want and let the studios know it.  This is our latest attempt to encourage them to give us what we want and if the sales slump of 2007 is any indication of the future, they'd better listen up!  Enjoy the list and let us know what you think about it, Ravyn.

1) Mouth:  When ambitious news reporter Kelly (Kirsten Price) uncovers an unusual 'cult' rumored to be connected to strange food addictions and oral sex, she goes undercover to discover the truth.  Her trusty field producer (Barrett Blade) helps her penetrate the secretive and unusual group and their leader, Melvin (Eric Masterson) in hopes of earning a promotion for the both of them. Things quickly get out of hand as they discover the reality of infiltrating such a strange and bizarre organization.  Orgies, blow jobs, blackmail, and strange side effects are just part of this duo's hilarious adventures as they uncover the story of their careers!  The antics on and off set are enough to make you want to bust out laughing. Between Blade, Evan and Eric these  three men never miss a beat. I couldn't remember a time when porn was actually fun to watch. Don't get me wrong Kristen has her  fair  share of witty comebacks but for me the men stole the show  before and after the sex.  I liked the concept of the newsroom and the  reporters for Eye Witless News as well.  The entire storyline based mind altering tofu, special skittles for men and recycling human gas to run the  complex was unique something that only  could come from the mind of David Stanley.

2) Coming Home:  Brad Armstrong stars as a military reservist that is called to active duty, goes off to serve his country as so many heroes have before him, and through a quirk of fate, finds himself on the wrong side of a lost relationship. I can't speak for other critics but having served myself, including time in the reserves; I've seen some of the issues the movie used all too accurately, making me think Brad had some help when writing this one up. The back cover said it like this: "When Brian Parsons (Brad Armstrong), receives a letter calling him to duty in Iraq, his life in a sleepy little town is shaken when the unthinkable becomes reality. Girlfriend Sarah (Kirsten Price), is distraught when she hears the news. In an effort to soothe her, Brian enlists the help of his best friend Jimmy (Barrett Blade) to keep an eye on her while he's away. Multi-award winning writer/director Brad Armstrong brings you this year's most anticipated adult drama. An unforgettable 3-hour epic ripped from today's headlines, Coming Home is extraordinary movie making." If this sounds like a movie you can get into for the plot as well as the sex, you will probably find it to be worthy of your time, money and seed. The extras were solid, the acting was substantially better than average, and but for some pacing issues with the story, it might have been the best story line presented by Wicked all year long.

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3) Lascivious Liaisons:  This was one of the hottest erotica releases of the year and even our friendly professor of porn enjoyed it like the hardcore gonzo he seems to favor.  Jana Cova was the lead this time but the stylish direction of Celeste made it something truly special as the technical aspects blended in with great performances to make it something we can enjoy on our own or with a special loved one in the comfort of our home.  Some titles are great for a rental or two but this was a movie that ages real well, getting better with time as the all star cast seems to be there more to be involved for the sexual activity and not the pay.  It was especially good because it lasted over two and a half hours with none of the filler material most companies use for this type of project.  I also liked it because the open exploration of sensuality that is too often missing in adult movies was present in spades, showing less of the male dominated hardcore than usual but not letting us off so easily by watering it down either.  As Don said:  "In short, Lascivious Liaisons was a solid combination of creative talent on both sides of the camera that many of you will find to be passionate, energetic, and very much appreciated so pick up a copy."

4) Roxy Loves Pain:  Roxy Loves Pain by Club Jenna really surprised the hell out of me. With so many other companies not daring to go to the extreme Club Jenna has. Roxy went from one extreme to the next in search of that inner passion and desire she could only learn as both submissive and as a Domme with a sub of her own. I liked the fact that in the beginning it was expressed by the Domme that if you are not comfortable or sure of what is excepted you can say No. Which I applauded being that a "safe word" was not given by the subs. Everything about the entire title amazed me and enjoy how well it was done. Consideration was always taken and the use of the floggers and other toys were used in care. There haven't been to many fetish titles that have impressed the hell out of me but this did. If you enjoy the S&M aspect of the BDSM lifestyle then this is a title I would definitely Highly Recommend. Between the toys used and the fact that lube was used in a few scene instead of spit which was a major plus in my eyes, and other various apparatus used to tie the performer down by the end of the movie I seriously needed a cold shower! Totally Awesome!

5) Babysitters:  It was a lot of fun as a stroke flick.  It replaced some of the more artistic visualizations of the director's other works in favor of a straightforward approach he seemingly had left behind him years back, but showing enough creativity that it would not be fair to say it was shot on autopilot. The gals all looked extremely appealing and the two best scenes, by far, had either Jesse Jane or Teagan Presley as the focal point; each gal showing why they are so popular these days.  The extras were better than the company usually provides, if still a bit light, but the movie itself seemed to show a more collaborative effort than the other titles released this year by the company and who can argue with the appeal of such fine looking babysitters as displayed on the cover?  Don calls this the "flagship" title by Digital Playground for 2007 and appreciate that he sent me his copy for this article, knowing full well he'd never see it again.  In addition to his comments, let me say that Nautica Thorn and Shay Jordan were great too, looking more like real babysitters I'd never trust my husband alone with, so if you want some hot fun, pick this one up.

6) Out of Control:  In a world where the women fight hard to control what is going on in they normal every day lives and relationships, Out of Control takes us down a erotic and sinful path were all control is lost and we give into our inner most fantasies, lust and desires.  Riley Shy is the woman who is all work, forced to do her bosses bidding with no play until she goes to an Underground club in L.A. and finds herself stuck in a bathroom stall listening to the moans of passion of others driving and stirs her own juices.  Penthouse this time had the Indie band Uriah doing the music and featured two excellent music videos, the better of the two being "Letters in Blood" and are licensing their music to several new Penthouse films due out in 2007.  Each couple brought out the best of the other in each scene showing the intense passion and electricity between them.  Something which you rarely see in any adult film.  Director Kelly Holland took the mundane life of a normal every day career woman and brought her fantasies to life. In the real world we find many of these women who would trade places with her in a heart beat. With an excellent story line and the a wonderful cast, the Indie band Uriah, and including the Drag Queens which I wish I could have seen more of. This is definitely a winner in my book.

7) I Dream of Jenna #2:  The story had Jenna returning in her role as a genie with Steven St. Croix and Randy Spears as her master and his best friend.  The homage to the mainstream television series was clear but also enhanced by Jenna looking especially good surrounding herself with a host of hotties that were popular when the movie was shot.  The back cover said it like this: "Five years after the raging success of I Dream of Jenna, this witty, sexy sequel finds our magically delicious heroine bored by routine and desperate for a little action. Inspired by the saucy writings of a 19th century Marquis, she sets out on a mission to enchant her master and his friends into the most delectable gratification they've ever known."  I Dream of Jenna 2 was a great deal of fun as well as a very strokable fuck flick that proves comedy porn can be sexy and funny at the same time. The levels of replay value and the plethora of pussy provided some superior levels of fuck for the buck that can be enjoyed by anyone; women, couples, or pervy old reviewers that have seen too much porn.

8) Crescendo 2012:  Directed by David Stanley is the story of two close friends played by Kirsten Price and Randy Spears who believe that December 21, 2012 will mark the end of the world as we know it.  David Stanley didn't just make that date up, its based on the ancient Mayan calendar.  With Kristen and Randy's character they bring together a huge group of people together with David's help for an all out orgy before the end of days.   As I sat watching I realized that this is not your typical porn and it has a wonderful cast that bring out the best in the other.  I loved the chair hanging from the ceiling which Randy and Kristen used.  The classical music used in certain scenes had me wonder why the director chose the particular piece and had me laughing as well.  It had many comical moments especially with the choice of classical music pieces that were used. The sex wasn't off either.  Each couple did their best in making it work.  For me it was the music that distracted me from what was going on being that I love the pieces which were chosen.  I have to say this is the first adult title that had me laughing and enjoying the music as well.  For those that are fans of the beautiful Kristen Price this is a must have in your collection.

9) The Devil Wears Leather:  Daniel Dakota writes and directs a tale of a geek and nerdy guy (James Deen), who enlists the assistance of "Luscious"...aka Lucifer, to teach him the ways of being a charmer with the ladies...and with the woman his dream, Ava Rose (shown on the cover) who has always been unreachable to him.  The extras are also fun to watch including the bonus scene from Fleshbacks.  Temptation Has It's Perks and we all have been greatly TEMPTED at one time or another.   The question is ... would you sell your soul for sex?  The idea of selling ones soul to the Devil for any kind of personal gain has and is always in the back of ones mind.  A story line which has been done repeatedly but this time with a sexual twist. The sex scenes are very nicely done with a excellent story line that ties in nicely.  This being my first Ava Rose title and hearing and reading so much about her, ook forward to seeing her in other titles.  Steven St Croix is a nature playing the Devil himself and enjoys the role and the ladies.  This is a perfect movie for those looking for a adult titles to watch with your girlfriend , spouse or significant other.

10) Broken:  It has a lot of twist and turns and has to be watched closely to understand what Dave Navarro and Sancho are trying to get across.  With all the artistic methods he used in every scene, this is not your typical porn. The sex is very intense and through out the entire title there is  a lot of hypoxyphila (choking by partner during  sex) which I will admit isn't  so much  of a turn on to me.  Consensual S&M is not only pain that initiate pleasure, but violence--or the simulation of violence--to express love and acceptance.  There is a method to his madness and even after a second watch it leave me wonder how much pain would one take to  get that  sexual high that becomes a true addiction. Both director and producer managed to get that point across and leave even me thinking.  In Broken the amount of pain one  person  goes through  physically and mentally can restore to  some  kind of break down and  regain total  control.Endorphins are released by pain experiences and can be perceived as pleasurable and possibly psychologically addictive.  Like a mathematical equation Broken breaks down to the simplest of forms; sex+ pleasure+ pain= pleasure rush.  With a very complex story line and scenes within scenes, Broken makes for a title that is a must watch  twice to really understand and enjoy what is going on.  Great sex+ good storyline + good music/soundtrack=  X-Critic Pick!

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