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Inside the Life of Rikki Six

Before I could even fire off my first question to Rikki Six, the blonde starlet asked me with such a sweet tone in her voice, “so why did you want to interview me?”


I was not prepared for her question, and I said the first thing that came to mind: “well I have seen some of your work and I just think you are extremely attractive.” After a brief face palm (even though she seem flattered) I said, “Here is the thing. There are so many interviews out there that follow the same script; ‘how did you get started in the industry,’ ‘who do you want to work with,’ ‘what’s your favorite position’ … I am more interested in what you are all about as a person. You are more than just an adult film actress, and I hope to show that through this interview.”



But I would be remiss if I didn’t start off my question asking about her recent nominations for this month’s AVN Awards held in Las Vegas (January 18). “You are nominated for a few awards this year,” I asked. “Which one would mean the most?”


And without hesitation, Rikki responded, “well Best New Starlet of course!”


Rikki faces some stiff competition in this year’s category, which includes nominees such as Christy Mack, Casey Calvert, Melody Jordan and Mia Malkova, among several others.


“I am just thankful to be nominated,” said Rikki. “There are some big names on that list, so I don’t want to get my hopes up high, but it would be a great award to win.”


And it was at this point in our conversation where Rikki opened up, without hesitation, about her journey in the industry over the past year.


“I’ve learned more in one year about myself and the industry,” said Rikki. “(The industry) is completely different than I thought – good and bad.”


What I didn’t know, and what the average person may or may not know, is that the average shelf life for a female adult film star is three months.

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“When I start something, I want to finish it,” said Rikki with such a conviction.


And it is that same conviction that has fueled Rikki to grow into the star/person that she is today. A major change for Rikki this past year was a decision to cut ties with her former representation. “If I want to wear my hair a certain way, or dress a certain way, or be a certain way, I am going to do it.”





Midway through our conversation, I thought to myself, wouldn’t it have been nice to do this interview with Rikki in a Starbucks? She is just that type of person with such an endearing personality that you can enjoy having a cup of coffee with for an afternoon. In case you are unaware, Rikki is a HUGE fan of Starbucks.


And when I say huge, I really mean it.


“Oh my god, I have to have it every day!” exclaimed Rikki.


“Ok, so let’s have a little fun with this,” I playfully said … “What is your go to drink?”


“Are we talking Holiday or Regular?” Rikki fired back.


I knew I was dealing with a pro, and I firmly stood my ground stating Peppermint Mocha as the king of all holiday drinks.


“Oh no! We do not agree, it is all about the Caramel Brulee Latte,” said Rikki.


So how is it that Rikki looks so perfectly skinny after consuming the sweet goodness? We all know she looks good with all of the selfies she takes of herself with her drink in hand while driving.


“But if we’re talking about regular, then it’s a Venti Chai Tea latte, sugar free and with non-fat milk,” she claimed.




If there was one thing I learned about Rikki, it is her warm and refreshing down-to-earth personality. You won’t find her in Los Angeles very often. She resides with her husband, MotoCross legend, Derrick McClintock, away from the hustle and bustle of the bright lights. “I think if I stayed in Los Angeles, I would lose that sense of self and family,” said Rikki.


She models her on-film personality of how people think she really is: a ditzy, dumb blonde.


“I am completely the opposite of that,” Rikki quickly claimed. She even joked that she “is the most boring person you’ll meet. I am more of a home body and I don’t like going out.”


I quickly pointed out that we all are boring to some extent in life.


A day after we spoke, we were on the phone with each other going over the interview, among other items, when she confessed that she was cleaning her house in a pink silk robe and Hello Kitty slippers. I just had to laugh and at the same time picture that scene. But that is who she is – someone that can just talk for hours on end (she is well aware of this) about the quirks of marriage, hanging with friends and dealing with horrible customer service with a phone company.




What’s not boring is Rikki’s newly expanded full sleeve tattoo. What started out in June has turned out to be a nice work of art.


“I don’t think I thought it through completely (when I started the tattoo),” admitted Rikki. “It was uneven, but I made it a Candyland theme and added some cupcakes to make it fun!”


She even added a rainbow and said that she has one more session to go.


“How has the fan reaction been to the piece?” I asked.


“There have been some mixed reviews," she explained. “Some of the older fans aren’t as receptive.”


But that is not going to stop Rikki from being the strong woman she has transformed herself into over the past year.


“I took some time off (from social media, among other life chores) which made me realize that I don’t need people to push me around or make me into something I am not.”


I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.




Follow Rikki at: https://twitter.com/rikki_six

Vote for Rikki for Best New Starlet at:http://avnawards.avn.com/voting/category/7

Be sure to keep an eye out for her new website (still under development)



- interview by D C


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