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Top 20 Porn List 2007

2007 was a great year of transition for the world of porn. The industry started exploring the possibilities of high definition porn like never before as companies joined the format wars started by the mainstream world, numerous companies merged or changed distributors, and even your reliable friends here at Xcritic split off from our parent website in order to give you more of what you wanted.  In our continuing attempt to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision as to what is available out there, what people are praising as the best of the best, and simply a solid overview of the titles that caught our attention in 2007, we present you this year's Top Porn List as a starting point to find the kind of adult entertainment you might appreciate, knowing full well that we are all a majority of one in regards to our tastes. Enjoy!

1) Not The Bradys XXX:  Not only one but three of our reviewers found this to be one of the best titles of the year, so effectively parodying the beloved mainstream television series that the mainstream media cannot leave it alone, spawning numerous reports and generating the kind of buzz you just can't buy.  Unlike other top picks that used tremendous amounts of cash and resources, Not the Bradys XXX was a labor of love by the partners at All Play Media; showing the rest of the industry that creativity and planning still count for something more than advertising dollars.  With nods to the exploits of Marcia, Greg, Carol, Mike, and the rest of the family, the movie provides a comedic look at the show with all the adult situations you could hope for. Even now, sequels are being planned as well as spin off titles should the financing come through but you can read our reviews of the movie itself to see how the family, strapped for cash, comes up with various ways to pay the bills; from an impromptu car wash by the girls to allowing creepy old washed up rockers pay for sex to working in porn. Cameos by industry veterans and a music score that will cause you to stand up and take notice rounded out the jam packed offering to give it our ultimate squeal of approval. (Reviews by Don Houston, Ravyn, and Immoral Majority)

2) Upload: Director's Cut:  There's no doubt about it, in terms of science fiction appeal, dirty sex that went beyond any title offered in the USA in 2007, and feature elements that made for a great movie as well as a smutty stroke flick, Upload was the king of the year. Director Eli Cross stepped up to the plate yet again with all the resources of Sex Z Pictures to come up with another blockbuster that blew away anything in it's class; coming up with a futuristic tale worthy as a follow up to Corruption, the undisputed champion of 2006.  Starring Eva Angelina in her breakthrough role as a federal agent that answers to no one in her quest for personal pleasure as she hunts down a threat to the world. As one of the top cops in a secretive branch of the Department for Homeland Security called the DSA (which differs from the police in that they are above "the rules"), she stumbles upon a plot that involves goes far beyond her usual area of expertise, barely staving off a breakdown as she routinely succumbs to her sexual addictions. This being a case where the best man for the job is a woman, a very special woman at that, Eva finds herself embroiled in a plot so large that it will take everything she can give to save the day.  If you're looking for a hardcore feature with cutting edge sex, you will find nothing even close to this one so pick it up to find out what the critics and fans are raving about!

3) Robbie D.:  Every year, we try to pick a director whose body of work stands out from the pack not based on a single movie as most of this list glorifies.  This year, we selected the head of Handheld Pictures and lead director at Digital Playground, a man who was actively involved in dozens of top notch offerings that ran the range of erotic vignettes, hardcore gonzo, cute features, and some of the best comedic offerings of the year.  While most of the public accolades came from his works in the Jack's Playground titles and related spin off series, his growing attention to the edgier forms of his craft in titles such as Filth Cums First 2, his love of guns in Naked Aces 2, interracial such as Black Cock Slut, and push for high definition releases have made him an industry leader that lets his movies do his talking for him rather than engage in internet squabbles as others seem willing to do.  With a growing number of sub-genres covered such as POV, big tit titles, round ass work, and a growing number of incredibly sexy contract stars such as Stoya & Adrianna Lynn joining Jesse Jane, Shay Jordan, and Sophia Santi; we can once again proclaim Robbie D. as the real deal and a director to keep an eye on for all that he does at Digital Playground.

4) Jules Jordan Video:  Make no mistake, when it comes to fuck for the buck value, you simply will not find a company more consistently providing the sheer amounts of hardcore tease and sex as the directors distributed by Jules Jordan Video. Led by the man himself whose works often offer more than twice as much material as the competition with such releases as Buttworx, Flesh Hunter X, and Black Owned 2, usually going over four hours without any filler material and not including extras. Joining Jules is industry legend  performer/director Erik Everhard, his veritable second in command, whose releases such as A Sperm Load A Day,  Jailbait #4, Innocent Until Proven Filthy 2, and This Butt's 4 U #3, could go toe to toe with any other gonzo title on this list. With director Mike John providing titles such as No Cum Dodging Allowed #8, POV Pervert #9, and Racial Tension 2; newcomer to the mix Chris Streams starting off nicely with Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers, and an assortment of others filling out the ranks; there is little doubt that on average, the releases by the company are well worth the slight premium they charge considering the levels of quality gonzo stroke material the company demands from those it distributes; the overall dynamic being summed up in two words: "more" and "quality" that so many in the field have forgotten to provide.

5) Big Wet Asses:  One of our favorite series has long been this Elegant Angel offering thanks to the way director William H. Nutsack finds the best talent possible and showcases the ladies with a wealth of tease and hardcore sexual antics that start off with some oiled up goodness. Over the life of the series so far, many of our team of reviewers have remarked at how consistently hot the scenes are and the manner in which Nutsack manages to get the best performances out of such a wide range of performers that don't always fare so well with lesser talents at the helm. In 2007, we looked at Volume #10, where Don found the mix of established ladies and newcomers alike to be "fan-fucking-tastic!", Volume #11, where Rob found parts to be "impressive", and Volume #12, where we all appreciated how a cast led by the perfect Eva Angelina, led our man to say "levels of fuck for the buck, replay value, and strokability were so high that it almost earned the highest possible rating". Clearly when such varied varied reviewers find so many positive things to say about a series, there must be more than just a little truth to their words; the award winning series among the best offered by Elegant Angel for a very long time.

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6) Operation Desert Stormy:  There is little doubt in our collective minds that the multi-disc blockbuster titles from Wicked Pictures each year are contenders for all sorts of awards.  This time, they gave the budget to bombshell Stormy Daniels to make a cute send up to spy movies as the venerable lass goes to the Middle East to stop a villainous terrorist (hammed up by legend Ron Jeremy) from unleashing his missile on the unsuspecting masses while rescuing her boss from a hidden lair full of hotty harem girls.  Steven St. Croix provides another of his clumsy misfit characters to the mix and the results were such that a number of experts point to this as an entertaining romp people can enjoy with friends that aren't into porn as well as rub out a few loads on the side when no one's looking. The condom-friendly production pulled no stops and even with a tremendous amount of assistance from other directors at the company, our Professor of Porn himself went into great detail proving that Stormy was indeed at the helm of the production, wisely using the talents of her peers to make this one of the best of the year for Wicked Pictures.

7) InTERActive:  The virtual sex market has been led by two companies for years now but that has been changing thanks to the efforts of a director few of you may have heard of by the name of Q. Roberts. He only makes a title a year but each of them seem to show the kind of innovations fans have been demanding, last year's winner being Virtual Sex with Sunny Leone and this year the man providing a look at the curvy Tera Patrick like no one else has with InTERActive.  Setting the stage with a perfect Robert Deniro impersonator was get enough for the comedic aspects of the movie but going beyond the simply virtual sex formula to include performances by other ladies too gave this one lasting appeal; Tera herself showing the kind of acting chops she is best at in her seductive role of the neighbor in need of seed.  Both discs in the set provided some fun footage of the lady but the hours of interactive clips were far more engaging and Don pointed out that in terms of quality interaction, you simply could not do better than this one. Of curious note was the teaming up of Hustler and Teravision to make this award winner happen, showing the industry that there are great opportunities to be had for companies bold enough to look past their own corporate walls.

8) Brianna Love:  Though in the industry for a few years now, 2007 was the breakthrough year for lovely Brianna Love; the hotty showcased in three major releases bearing her name including Brianna Love is Buttwoman, Brianna Love: Her Sexy Fine Self, and Brianna Love Comes of Age, not to mention dozens of heated performances where the beautiful young lady not only showed how perfect her ass has become but also how sexually gifted her performances have evolved into.  Her superior looks and charming demeanor add to her appeal and it has become apparent that Brianna has become not only a fan favorite but a darling of the industry for how much effort she puts into making every scene a winner.  Her work for Jules Jordan, Robbie D., John Leslie, William H. Nutsack, and many other top directors has her booked solid as a result; her willingness to do it all even landing her in feature roles of late at companies such as Wicked Pictures where she proved her ability to transcend the gonzo girl attitude into a convincing role as a lust starved girlfriend looking for love in all the wrong places in the cute comedy Next by director Jonathan Morgan.  If 2008 is as good for her work as we believe it could be, look for scores of awards and even more attention given to the lovely lass; attention she truly deserves!

9) Janine Loves Jenna:  If ever there were two names in porn that fit perfectly together, these would be it as the two long time leading ladies hooked up to make a huge feature full of animation, special effects, and the two ladies at the peak's of the careers.  Jenna gets into an accident, kills herself in grief over the loss of a loved one and ends up in hell as a result.  She then tries to escape the fiery plane of existence with the help of Janine, having various sexual encounters along the way.  "Jenna commits suicide in her loft then is forced to journey through the underworld to affect her release. Along the way she encounters one depraved act after another, meeting Janine as well as the King of Hades. The sets are wild... like nothing I've ever seen before. This isn't heaven versus hell. This is pure purgatory... a dark, lush sexual dream-scape where any desire can produce both bittersweet pain as well as unimaginable ecstasy... where no desire, no matter how thoroughly pursued, is ever fully quenched to satisfaction." The end result was that the movie was one of the biggest productions to date by Club Jenna and a fitting tribute to the founder's appeal to a very large fan base built up over the years she has been in porn, augmented by one of the hottest contract players in history; earning it a place on this list.

10) Shane's World:  Just as previous entries for individuals focused on their contributions to the wonderful diversity of porn, so do does this next company. Known for offering the most "fun factor" and entertainment value out of any in the industry, Shane's World made 2007 a special time indeed by becoming a player in the distribution field for like minded companies that aren't trying to compete with the rest of the gonzo driven antics you see so often.  Providing spontaneity, youthful appeal, and a focus on porn not made for your father; the company was a leader in offering attractive performers touring the country in search of getting off, the drunken antics and wild revelry proving to be most seductive to our review team that all too often sees how generic the field has become these days. Serving as an antidote for generic, boring porn; Shane's World provides a true alternative where the cast has as much fun as the audience, the unpredictability adding to the mix with a wealth of extras showing how much care goes into the releases offered up.  It also doesn't hurt that they have lovely Casey Parker leading some of their their exploits but the idea of fun porn seems to have evaded the understanding of the competition; making Shane's World something special indeed!

11) Tease Me:  Starlet Lanny Barby and director B. Skow continued to prove they were perfectly matched as they generate substantial amounts of heat in this vignette driven offering from the folks at Vivid Entertainment.  Almost three hours in length, Lanny was simply stunning as she led a cast of other fan favorites in five scenes each devoted to the chase.  The strokability, replay value, and amounts of fuck for the buck came close to receiving a collector rating but what really set this title apart was something making an impact in the director's other titles of late, huge quantities of tease footage that used the sultry sexiness of Lanny to full advantage, eschewing the company's former formula of making a short scene with none of the trimming that gained the company a reputation that it has been struggling to strip away of late.  With this in mind, Tease Me proved Vivid was ready to once again become a force in the porn world by embracing what fans want and giving it to them in spades.  That said, this evolution brought forth by Skow is having lasting effects on the company that may well allow it to reclaim its place in the Porn Pantheon over time; recent award nominations from AVN seemingly supporting this claim too.

12) Debbie Does Dallas Again:  This was the biggest tribute to the popular porno made almost three decades ago, Debbie Does Dallas. Debbie is still a cheerleader but as in the classic mainstream title Here Comes Mr. Jordan, she has an accident and is given a second shot at life. Her goal to usurp the power of her cheerleading rival aside, Debbie's life centers on winning the national cheerleading competition; a goal that brings her back from the dead in the body of geeky Hillary Scott (at least made to look geeky). Along the way to her goal, the members of the squad and those she encounters have numerous sexual liaisons, ending in a macabre orgy that revisits another classic remake from recent years by the company.  The movie is also considered a first to come out in all three video formats (without the home made blu-ray disc of the other company making the claim); compatible with all the gear you will find at the electronic stores by the format neutral company. The SD version includes three full discs that offer a company of the original movie, a treasure trove of extras, and plenty of fun; Don suggesting the only perfect extra missing from the package was the Showtime HD miniseries that detailed the making of the movie with more behind the scenes drama than you could possibly imagine.

13) Annette Schwarz is Slutwoman:  It was the perfect showcase for one of the top anal queens in the jizz biz at this writing, Annette captured in five lengthy scenes of total depravity by the return of director Mason.  Lasting nearly four full hours, the clarity of vision that it took to make this stood out as something truly special, Annette already having an excellent year in a multitude of gonzo flicks where she proved to be the sexual equal of ladies like Sandra Romain and Belladonna; both long standing leaders in the hardcore, edgy smut that fans are demanding in growing numbers. Annette does it all here, playing roles she was created to play and showing a "take no prisoners" approach that showed she is not only beautiful, but also capable of playing either dominant or submissive with a flair reserved for those that seriously embrace their sexual nature.  If Mason continues to offer such quality offerings like this and her Brianna Love title in 2008, she could very well become the next director distributed by one of the industry leaders like Evil Angel or Jules Jordan Video.  Annette was something special here though and as one of the most underrated gonzo hotties in porn, she deserves the attention as much as Mason for the twisted antics so perfectly captured on video.

14) Pussy Cats:  Director Courtney Cummz seemed to fill her role with more confidence this time, adjusting some of the industry standard action of lesbian scenes to suit her own tastes. The result is a solid collection of lesbian scenes that really worked in most cases, some achieving the highest levels of heat due to the chemistry observed between the ladies.  The ladies were premium pussy, the action was far better than usual, the replay and strokability were greatly enhanced by the technical values (kudos on using an anamorphic widescreen process), and the extras sure didn't hurt either. In short, Pussy Cats was one of the best sophomore efforts by a performer/director that I can recall in a very long time, marking it on my short list for titles to direct friends into checking out.  I can't wait to see what the lovely lass comes up with next given the quality displayed here, a follow up reportedly ready for release any time now that adds even more stroke material but keeping the same dynamic in play as Courtney has offered in the past.  At any rate, she proved that she was in charge of the movie and not just a figurehead on the title but her fans have vocally appreciated that she also found time to jump in and have some heated sex herself.

15) Chemistry:  As a series that saw two volumes released in 2007, this was another one that improved like a fine wine thanks to the direction by seasoned "sex-ologist" Tristan Taormino, a lady that has admittedly captured our attention her at Xcritic for a long time thanks to her many efforts to spread the word about great sex.  On Volume Three, Don said: "one of those times that I knew she really hit the mark hard and consistently, providing the kind of replay, stroke, and fuck for the buck value that impressed me as something fitting of the young lady. Even forgetting her status as a famed author, the awards she has already won, and her intelligent lectures of all topics related to sexual practices, Tristan reminds me that she crafts the stage for the sex to take place more than directs, the final outcome a big, happy mess that so many of you will love" but even the Second Volume showed how well the lack of a formula worked so well; placing a group of performers in a house to essentially do as they please with whomever they pleased; capturing some POV footage in addition to what the crew picked up.  Our biggest complaint has been the rarity of the series itself, our collective desire to see this kind of energy and chemistry far more often in movies but with the kind of spontaneity Tristan seemed so apt at providing too.

16) G for Gianna:  Director Jonni Darkko is without a doubt one of the most talented directors at Evil Angel these days, his works showing great care in the often superb editing, the original music, and the manner in which he can bring out the best in so many women he shoots so it was with tremendous pleasure that some of us got to see the man spotlight one of the best ladies in porn using nine scenes that all proved worthy of the seductive Gianna.  As the majority of the industry focuses on women barely old enough to vote and scrawny enough to lift with one hand, visionaries like Jonni are wise enough to start trends of their own using curvy babes like Gianna who has starred in scores of big ass, big titty, and other titles this year devoted to women, not girls.  She was put through the paces in various settings, allowing each one to work for some sub-group while still offering up a lot of stroke value for the rest of us not into the narrowly defined niches catered to.  That this one provided more Gianna for the money is a given but the director should be commended for how much freedom he gave her to explore her sexuality in her playful manner; the end result being one of his best titles in recent memory.

17) Burnt Fury:  Was a comedy feature about two cops played by the mighty Evan Stone and muscular Tommy Gunn; two of the top male performers in porn at this writing.  They are on the case of a serial murderer who targets hookers, giving them ample time to sample the merchandise as a result.  While the dialogue was as over the top as you would expect from a feature relying heavily on Evan as the lead character, the sex was top notch all the way, especially for fans of the lovely Lanny Barby.  Here's what the boxcover said about it:  "When an ingénue heads to America to find fame and fortune in Hollywood, her mother does what any normal red-blooded European mother would do: she puts a hit out on a gaggle of porn stars to discourage her daughter from going XXX.  Join adult's hottest brunette bombshell, Lanny Barby, in "Burnt Fury", the new Vivid romp that's part police story and part "Story of 'O'."  Guaranteed to spring you, from wherever you are."  It was another solid hit from the director and a great showcase for the sexual talents of Lanny.  As we've told you in the past, the combination of Lanny Barby and director B. Skow is something we can't always put a finger on but we like it every time we see it, though the comedic aspects by the male leads proved to add some replay value for laughs this time too.

18) Filthy's Ass Obsession:  Was a title that used a tremendous amount of tease and gals with great big asses to elevate itself above the pack in the lengthy set of five scenes that lasted almost three hours long.  The back cover said it like this:  "Here at Filthy Films, we've always suspected that on the 8th day, God created booty. Big, round booty.  The kinda wiggle that'll have you so distracted you wander into traffic.  The kinda hump that makes that perfect slapping sound when you fuck doggystyle.  Well, look out ass-lovers, because we're here to feed your obsession!  These babies got lotsa back - and lotsa sex drive to match!  Watch every pound of prime rump take the pounding of a lifetime and lick up every second of it."  The cast of ladies was well chosen and the technical values did not hamper the heat but enhanced it, the passionate pairings showing a lot of replay value and strokability to satisfy even the most picky when it comes to value so I rated it as Highly Recommended. In short, Filthy's Ass Obsessionwas a great set of scenes with an all star cast of booty babes that were easy on the eyes too; the tease alone providing more stroking material than most titles on the market today.

19) Nice Fucking View:  Fans of ultra hardcore sex that uses the rough stuff to bring out the best in the ladies have long been able to come to twisted kink director Jake Malone for their latest fix of depravity so it came as no surprise that he had a bonanza year with this series; catering to his fans more than ever before with Volume One:  "The cast was a delightful group of gals for the tease they provided, the active riding skills they displayed, and the sheer amount of replayability leading to lots of fuck for the buck" and Volume Two: "had some of the best women in porn going for it, a lengthy running time, and technical values that only a guy with extensive experience could ever hope to offer up. The replay and strokability factors were solid and gave the movie tremendous levels of fuck for the buck compared to the initial volume, warranting a purchase for those of you wanting to be on the cutting edge of hardcore sex done with Jake's POV touch.  Keep in mind that this kind of porn is not for everyone but only the types that enjoy watching women that truly get off doing all the nastiest circus act sex tricks gonzo has to offer these days, Jake reaping the rewards of being true to himself.

20) Flashpoint X:  Wicked Pictures has long laid claim to the best movies starring industry legend Jenna Jameson and in terms of mainstream appeal this was one of the best of hers you will find, newly updated with additional footage in a four disc set that simply knocked out our lead reviewer; a noted Jenna fan for years.  The movie was sort of an adult version of the mainstream hit, Backdraft, with the cast acting as modern day firefighters trying to make a difference as they sought refuge in each other's arms.  Jenna was fresh and coming into her own, the extras section on the 4 discs gave great value, and in terms of a quality feature, the movie has clearly stood the test of time to make it a porn classic.  It would be easy to compare this to some of the latest technically advanced titles and show how it isn't in anamorphic widescreen or lacked in a few other areas but as much as I dislike double and triple dip releases, this is one of this year's highlights and well worth the upgrade.  Given the strength of the DVD set, our team even wondered what else the company has in store for us as we move into 2008; their back catalog replete with titles that could easily compete with modern blockbusters for those wanting lasting quality. 

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