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Romi Rain Is On Fire!

By Rob Perez

Romi Rain was one of the biggest draws at the Jules Jordan booth at AEE 2014, which tells you a lot about the gorgeous and exotic adult performer. Not only was that booth packed with several of the biggest A-list porn talent around, each with their own long line of fans, but after a year in the business Romi had her own line of fans wrapped around the Jules Jordan booth, all of whom have instantly connected with the down to earth performer. Romi, in my many years interviewing porn talent, comes across as one of the most approachable and charismatic girls I’ve spoken with, and her fans would agree with that for sure. And of course there are her exceptional performances in scenes for many of the top gonzo companies which have made her one of the most in-demand performers today. We see longer lines, bigger roles, and definitely more to come in 2014 from the biggest break through star of the year!

Tell me about attending your first AVN Expo. How did it go for you?

It was exciting. For me it was a very wide-eyed experience, I felt like a kid in a candy store. It was my first convention like that. I was a booth babe and all that fun stuff before but to be at a booth for the first time and people come up to me and knew who I was it was very exhilarating. It was nice that people actually cared about what I was doing and people knew who I was because I wasn’t sure. I was like, “Oh gosh, I hope people come and see me and that I’m not the least cared about person at the entire booth.” [Laughs] I’m pretty sure I was the newest girl there or probably the least known which is a real cool thing. I’d rather be the least known person at one of the better booths. And I was really pleasantly surprised that people came up with DVD covers, photos, and just wanted to chat. It was very gratifying. I was very grateful that the hard work was paying off. I really have been putting in a lot of work into this crazy little career so far. It was really nice. I mean this in a silly way but I was the first one there I’m pretty sure every day. I wanted to stay later because I was really excited to be there. It was my first year there so I was just geeking out as much as my fine which was a lot of fun.


My plan is to get out to the other conventions. The Sex Awards in mid October was the first industry event I ever went to. I’m brand new to everything. I’m still getting my feet wet which is why I was probably extra excited. I went to my hotel room every night and went to sleep. I probably should have but I didn’t go to any of the parties. Plus I was tired and wanted to be up super early and enjoy my thing all day long. Be ready and refreshed for my fans. It was a lot of fun. Maybe I’ll have even more fun the next ones I go to. I wanted to be on my game this time.

I loved the black two-piece outfit; it gave you a Mad Max sort of look.

I did too. I like to be a little tougher and grungier looking.

You have been in the sex industry since 18. Being that you exude a strong sexual aura do you feel you were born to do porn?

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Maybe. It was one of those funny things . . . I remember dating people before I entered the industry who said “It’s too bad we’re together because you’d be great in porn.” And it was actually something I wanted to do. I told another ex-boyfriend that if we don’t work out I probably will end up in the industry. So maybe just because I’ve always been a very sexual person, I never thought of it as too taboo. My mom was always very cool with me being bisexual. She would actually prefer if I was a lesbian. [Lesbian] but I think to an extent. I was always very comfortable with sex and men and women, I’m not very easily intimidated sexually and I just want to have a good time. So probably. I think I do have a very hyper-sexuality but I’m also very down to earth. So I think to an extent it works out very well for this industry because it’s still very much a business but you have to be hyper-sexual and a little crazy and a little wild. I do think I belong where I am right now. I’m pretty happy with this decision and I’m probably the most happy and healthy that I have ever been in my adult life. I think for right now what I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing and I’m very happy with it. The response has been good. I have no plans for stopping.


Sex was always freely discussed in your home?

Yes. My mom didn’t want there to be too much stigma. I was always very curious which is another part that ties in well with this industry is that I’m a very curious person; I like to explore my boundaries in other people and really see what’s going on in somebody’s head and what makes them tick, and what turns them on. And being, especially when you’re a female growing up and realizing that you are attracted to both sexes, that’s something I did need to talk about, and thank god she was very open.


Is it true your mother appeared in Hustler and if so, what issue and year?

[Laughs] She’s actually upset that I outed her. Yes she was in Hustler, she was in Score. I promised her I wouldn’t mention her name. I wonder if one day anybody actually finds her and puts us together. I won’t deny it if somebody actually finds her. She actually looks like me. She’s the whiter version I suppose. My father was very much Sicilian which accounts for my black hair. She did Score more, the boob cruise, she never did anything too crazy or hardcore like videos. She was more the international cover girl. She was more popular back in her day than I am now because she was traveling and shooting for a bunch of magazines. I have yet to be on the cover of a men’s magazine. My mother has me beat out. [Laughs] I have more DVD covers but I also went a little hardcore.

Would she consider making a comeback?

[Laughs] I don’t know. I totally joked with her about this not too long ago. She just shushed me and went, “No!” [Laughs] She’s a little vain too. She says, “I’m too old for that. I don’t have the body for it.” My mother is actually gorgeous. I posted a couple of pictures of her with me around. I’m almost surprised people haven’t put us together. She’s still a little hottie but she’s a nurse now. She helps people in other ways.

How do you feel about being tagged the “bad ass girl” persona?

Have I been tagged as a bad ass? That’s awesome! [Laughs] I like that. For a little while I was doing a lot of secretary-style stuff. I was in pencil skirts which I feel I looked really good in. I never wore them before porn so they’re a new look for me. So I think the more time goes on and I get to show myself off a little bit more I’d like to be a bit of the bad ass. I like very much intense sex so I can be a little bit of the raunchy bad ass. Not so crazy, I still like the beauty, playing, sensuality but when it comes down to it I like to fuck.


Tell me what your fans will find on RomiRain.com which recently became part of the PUBA Network.

PUBA is awesome. I love that they pretty much let you do whatever you want to do for your website. My website is more playful and sexy and borderline dark so I think what you’ll find on my website is a lot more me. Every single scene is brand new and everything is completely different. It has different sides of me like we have really rough gonzo scenes, very sensual girl/girl, teases, behind the scenes, interviews. Other styles I like to do like sex-tape style with me and some of my favorite performers. We have a couple already where we have sex in a hotel, just us and a Handy cam, or it’s at our house. So it’s a little bit of everything. You’ll find sex-tape style, rough stuff, BJs, girl/girl, BTS. Just everything. Hopefully you’ll get to know me a lot better if you’re interested in doing so. What I’m doing on there is exactly what I want to be doing.


You recently did your first scene for Elegant Angel in Bombshells 5.

Yep, that just came out. I’d love to do some more work with Elegant Angel. It was my first scene for them and so far the response has been pretty good. It’s another really sensual scene. It’s fun because it’s very gonzo but also very sensual. At first there’s a lot of teasing and eye contact. I’m wearing this very glamour makeup and I have these really pretty belly chains and rhinestones on. Then it transitions to a sex scene. It’s very rough and wild. Hopefully people end up liking that scene. I’m excited for it and for people to see it.

What’s one film where you performed in your best scene that you’re most proud of?

I don’t think I’ve put out my best stuff yet. Anything by Jules Jordan, my Brazzers stuff, Evil Angel stuff, my new scene for Elegant Angel. I really can’t say. There is no one scene I think. There are a few scenes I think are really good. I don’t feel like telling people what’s the best anyway. I’ve been doing too much lately and I still have a lot to do so hopefully I haven’t put out my best work yet.


Those were a bunch of gonzo companies you mentioned. Have you done much feature work, parodies . . .?

I have. I did Hot Chicks Big Fangs for Digital Playground where I play a sexy vampire. Perhaps my biggest feature was for New Sensations, Laws of Love, directed by Eddie Powell and Jacky St. James. I’m actually the star of that. I’m not sure when that will be out because we just wrapped. There were two days of just dialogue and I’m excited for that. Hopefully there will be a lot more features for me. I have done a lot more gonzo work so far but I’m also relatively new. But those are fun. Gonzos are great because you really just have awesome, amazing rough sex. And features are a lot of fun because you read lines, it’s a little more elaborate and there’s more to the day. They’re both different and good in their own way. In 2014 hopefully you’ll see me more in that spectrum. It was also a romance which I was a nervous about. My first big feature with a starring role and it was a romance movie. I’m not known for being super romantic. [Laughs] Hopefully people will respond to it. It was a little bit more sensual than the usual crazy scenes you might see me in. I have a lot of dialogue in that so I hope you’ll give me a good review on that. It will be my biggest starring feature to date.


For more on Romi Rain, visit her website at romirain.com, and follow her on Twitter @romi_rain.


Follow me on Twitter @RobGPerez.

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