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Meiko Askara interview

A newcomer who people should take notice of is Meiko Askara. Her intense no holds barred performances show signs of a future gonzo queen. She has a high threshold for pain and a high eagerness to put out incredible performances that gives the fans a memorable viewing pleasure where they will be mouthing "Whew!" If her work for Kink.com is any indicator of her upcoming career, then it is going to be quite promising and successful as she will continue to impress everyone on her high intensive gonzo work.  
Hi Meiko, how long have you been in the industry?

I entered the adult industry pretty much out of high school since turning 18 back in October 2013. My first scene was with Kink.com, a famous BDSM fetish site. It was a hardcore four-guy Gang-Bang with double penetration and anal. I shot with some of the pros in the biz. I shot that scene in I think in November 2013 or maybe it was December 2013. Not sure but I know I had a blast.

How did you get started in it?

I've always had a voracious sexual appetite and always wanted to know what it would be like to be in a porno. I'm a bit of an attention whore so I figured why not give it a try. I was pointed in the right direction from someone I know who had some legit industry connections so I figured why not. The money was an added bonus.

I like your work for Kink.com and your scenes with Chanel Preston, Evi Fox, Xander Corvus , Tommy Pistol, and Lorelei Lee. They are definitely intense. Will you be working for them again soon?

Actually yes. I've done four scenes with them so far. About one month since starting my career. The staff and talent are awesome. Kink really does a great job making me feel safe, both emotionally and physically. The producers and directors have said really nice things about my performances and I consider them part of my extended family. Kudos to Lorelei Lee and Princess Donna they're awesome.

You must get psyched up to handle those rough scenes right?

Actually ......NO. It's comes too natural for me. Not sure if that's a good trait. Haha

What has been the biggest surprise for you about the adult industry since you have started?

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I guess one of the biggest surprises is how long a porn shoot actually takes even for a 5-10 minute scene. Between make-up, wardrobe and the crew setting up equipment, it can be an all day affair. It's a lot of work. Porn talent both male and female get underrated. We work our butts off not just getting it in our butts. Male talent gets extra props. I'm glad I'm a girl. I don't think I could keep wood for eight hours.

What did you do before you entered the adult film world?

I was a full time college student and worked part time at a hot dog place. Hmmmmm......hot dogs wonder if there is a connection. I still go to school thou.

What makes a man sexy?
I like a man with pretty eyes and a good personality, not a tool whose arrogant. A big dick helps too. I don't judge by race or age just a man who knows how to handle a women and isn't shy about it.

What traits do you admire in a man?

A big cock ! ! ! ......wait i said that already.

What makes a woman sexy?

Confidence. A women who knows what she wants and goes for it.

What traits do you admire in a woman?

I'm a bit of an ASS girl and boobies come a close second.

Could you tell us the first time that a fan recognized you?

I was at my first AVN EXPO in Vegas this year with my agency and some old Asian guy came up to me speaking to me in Mandarin and broken English. He was the sweetest thing. I gave him a kiss on the cheek. I think he blushed better than giving him a heart attack. I hooked him up with some of my panties too for being so sweet.

How were you as a kid?

I was the quite loner type. Sitting all by myself. Always plotting and getting into trouble. Oh wait that's me as an adult still.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I paint. I like to get into my own world and create the world as I see it in my own mind not necessarily as it is in real life. I am an avid gardener as well. I also collect stuffed Alpaca's in all different colors. Hint hint....my Amazon link is on my Twitter.

Are you a cat or dog person?

Cats are cool, but I have kitty allergies unless they're human kitties. I love dogs. I have a little toy Red poodle named Coco. He's my baby even though he's 6 which makes him 42 in people years. He acts like a baby though maybe he's having a mid-life crisis kind of like some grown men I know.

Do you have any pets?

Besides my toy poodle I also have two aquariums full of fishes. I love my fish especially the shrimp and my water froggy. I have to feed the stupid frog by hand though.

Are there any particular adult stars that you want to be paired up with in the future?

Hmmm.....all of them. Not sure. I haven't given it much thought, but I think a three way with Alina Li and Cindy Starfall would be smoking hot. I'm sure our fans would agree. That would be some AVN Award winning material right there.

What is your favorite thing about being an adult performer?

It's not the money which I'm sure a lot of people would say. It's the self-
confidence building and being able to push myself to the edge. It's very rewarding personally for me. Ok ....yes the money is nice too. I'm not going to lie .

What does your family think about you being an adult performer?

My family doesn't know. But if they did find out, I'm sure they wouldn't necessarily approve, but because I'm a very independent person they also would know I make good safe choices and wouldn't put myself in harm's way. They would love me just the same.

Is it easy for you to make friends with other adult performers?

I actually have more adult performer friends than everyday normal friends outside my job . I do consider all my fans my friends. They are very dear to me. Without them there would be no me.

What is your shoe size?


Are there any films that you are working on right now?

Two actually from some major producers, but I'm not allowed to talk about it under threat of a double anal. It will be worth the wait though... I promise.

Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote?

Pretty much the same answer I gave to your previous questions. Being so new a lot of my material hasn't been published yet and I have been asked not to talk about them. You can see a lot of my BDSM work thou on http://kink.com

or google me or follow me on Twitter @MeikoAskara. Shout out to My OC Modeling family too. You guys rock!!! Thank you for having me. I plan on being around for quite some time.

Interview by Apache Warrior

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