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Brittany Bendz interview

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Someone who is not afraid to speak her mind and be honest is new TS model Brittany Bendz. That same attitude comes across on film too. Her fetishy performances are intense. She is also a crossover performer where mainstream viewers can see her in HBO's "Looking" and in the June film release of "Black is Blue". I like that Brittany is an unique and versatile performer. 
Hi Brittany, how long have you been in the industry? How did you get started in it?
Unofficially, a few years assisting girlfriends (dominatrixes) and the like. Officially, about a year now.
What has been your most pleasurable moments so far? What has been your least pleasurable?
Well, obviously there are the shoots - fucking is fantastic! But mostly I love my fans (I know that sounds clichéd)! They support me! Every time they buy the videos, or send me gifts, buy me drinks in bars or even just comment on shoots in the forums, it really does validate me as a trans girl and sexual performer! As a matter of fact, I’m going to be launching my own personal “loyalty” program to reward the ones who go above and beyond! Lucky ones will get a date with me!
My least favorite would be idiots and the petty games they play to make themselves seem of consequence or intelligent! I don’t suffer them gladly! More specifically people who try to “shut me out” because they are threatened by me or to ingratiate themselves to those who are. It is transparent and pathetic.
What has been the biggest surprise for you about the adult industry since you have started?
The lack of $$$. Many of us struggle financially especially if we want to do porn exclusively.
What did you do before you entered the adult film world? 
Engineer and managing partner of my own consulting firm.
Your Crash Pad series performances with Kimberly Kills and Luscious Libby are hot. What is it like working for this incredible production company?
Crash Pad ruined me off all other companies. They treat you sooo well that it is unbelievable! It was like a dream come true! And if that wasn't good enough, I got my first pick for a scene partner. When you apply, they ask you to submit the names of some girls you'd like to work and Kimberly was right there. I'd seen (and cum'ed to) her several places before on the Internet. When I suckered her off, I closed my eyes and entered a state of erotic bliss few have ever known - it was as if time and everyone else in the universe ceased to exist. All there was, was Kimberly and I. By the same token, I thought t-girls had ruined me for CIS girls (let's face it, we're the whole 'package'), buyt Libby brought me home. There was just something about her soft skin and giving breasts that got me sooo hard, my pussyhole was actually in pain!! Seriously! Ask Libby or Tobi! And when she came, fuck! I thought she was whizzing on me! I mean I was cool with a golden shower, but we were on her couch! So I took my fingers, scooped it up to my tongue, aover to Libbt's as we make out!
By the way, I actually scened with Libby for Hand Basket Productions. I listed her Crashpad profile becuase that's the only real Internet presence she has. Crashpad has done so much for me, that I will be eternally grateful to them. They validated me as a performer and trans girl. I wouldn't be anywhere with out them!
What makes a man sexy? What traits do you admire in a man?
Generosity (aka money)! Duh! Guys always send responses to my personal ads (I’m on some lesbian sites) and they send pictures of their cocks! If you want to impress a lesbian, do it with the size of your bank account – not your disgusting dick!
I enjoy that you like to work with women. What makes a woman sexy? What traits do you admire in a woman?
I'm an absolute LIPSTICK transbian! So the more femme, the better. Slutty s bod!
Could you tell us the first time that a fan recognized you?
OH yes! I’ll never forget that. It was right after we shot Episode 4 of Looking! I was walking down Polk St and some guy jumps out a bar and yells, “OMG, you’re the “Looking” girl."
You had appeared on HBO's show "Looking" a couple of times. How was the experience being in that show and how did you get those roles?
Not that great. Porn has really spoiled me.
1. Most porn are shot a couple of hours. For "Looking", we did 12 hour days and my feet in 5 inch heels.
2. Porn pays hundreds per shoot. TV is a fraction of that although I got more for being featured.
3. With porn, I'm the star (or co-star) and with tv, not so much.
When I do porn, I'm the star. And top of everything else, they cut the scene where I spanked Frankie Alvarez with my riding crop!
What are your hobbies and interests?
Dancing - I loved to get slutted up with some girlfriends and see how mnay new girls I can bring back!
Cooking! I make a sublime rack of lamb.
I like shopping, computer games (like Civilization), running (I'll be doing Team in Training this year too), aviation (I'm a licensed pilot), learning (history and science).
I'm also a bit of a fashionista who designs some of her own things. I aslo just like watching TV and snuggling in my silk nighty with my best girl.
And fucking in the morning! Waking up with a t-girl cock down my throat is the best!
Are you a cat or dog person? Do you have any pets?
Dog. I just received a wonderful Chihuahua - Jack Russell rescue, Glucklich (German for lucky) that I love more than anything.
In your personal life, who do you like to date ... men, women, or trannies?

I'm a Transbian (so CIS girls and transgirls). Trannies is a term for part-time "girls" that I don't particularly care for them anyway. All things being equal, I prefer t-girls because only t-girls truly understands another t-girl. This may seem hypocritical coming from someone like me, but I gave up EVERYTHING for my lifestyle. Part-timers or cross-dressers give up NOTHING. My life goal is to be a housewife to a sexy and loving lesbian.


What is your favorite thing about being an adult performer?


I'm doing what I love. Fucking and being worshipped! Sometimes I miss engineering and science, but it pales in comparison to being validated as a woman!


Is it easy for you to make friends with other adult performers?


More or less, when you know you're going to fuck (or be fucked) by someone. But porn can be pretty clickeshe too. Frankly, the asskissing and backstabbing that is rampant with the LA companies is sickening (and pathetically executed), Some girls are intimidated by me being a transbian and some are turned on. There is a nice informal tradition that when you "pop your cherry" with someone new, you exchange gifts - I really enjoy that. And it can't be something that you buy. You must have already owned it. When I sue the sake set Libby gave me, I think of her every time. Regardless, reporters always ask me what is it like being a porn star, and my response is always the same - "Adored by thousands, loved by no one!"


What is your shoe size?


8.5. I'm little.


Are there any films that your are working on right now? Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote?


Well, I've always got a few things cooking. I should be doing some BDSM with former Kink.com girls! The Cheryl Dunye movie I co-starred in "Black Is Blue" releases in June of Frameline.org.


I'll also be performing with The Red Hot Burlesque (http://redhotsburlesque.com/upcoming) troop on 4/17 and 4/23 in San Francisco at El Rio and Supperclub respectively.


April 17th Taboo Fetish Radio - (@MsWhitneyMorgan @TabooFetishTalk)


April 11th Women Sex Talk Radio (http://www.womensextalkradio.com/)

Interview by Apache Warrior 













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