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Christy Canyon interview

The title of Christy Canyon's Lights, Camera, Sex! is so fitting since she has had so many "firsts" on film. Her incredible career will never be matched by anyone. She is timeless and priceless. Now, this legendary performer and well-established radio host can be heard on her radio show The Christy Canyon Hour weeknights from 5 pm to 6 pm on VividRadio Channel 102 on Sirius XM on her radio show. Of course, any true fan should visit and join her personal website ChristyCanyon.com to receive new photos and videos of her.
Hi Christy, I am so pleased at the long-standing success that you continue to have in this industry. How does it feel when you meet our fans? What would you like to say to them since they have been so loyal?
I have been meeting my fans throughout my career. Be it at a strip club, a bookstore signing, the market, etc. I say whatever fits the meet. For instance, at a strip club, I may say to them, "Would you like to grab my titties for a Polaroid?" yet that wouldn't be appropriate at a market where I may go the route more of "Are those cucumbers organic?" No need for them to know it's because I may shove it up my pussy.
Your Vivid radio show on SiriusXM happens to be the main one in the line-up since it airs everyday. You are the top face and voice of Vivid radio. How did Vivid approach you in offering you your own show? What do you want your show to offer to your listeners?
I want my radio show to offer a variety of things....sex games with my guests and callers, sex topics, getting my callers off. I have no format really. It just flows with the day and my guest. The more sexual my guest is, the more naughty and fun my show is!
Courtesy of ChristyCanyon.com
Could you tell us about your past experiences in being a radio show host?
Holly shit! Nine years on radio can NOT be answered in an interview! ALL my radio sex photos are on my website along with stories to explain what I am doing. But before Vivid Radio Sirius/XM 102, I was on Playboy radio for eight years.
Since you mentioned your very good friend Ginger Lynn, how did you first meet her? Did it take long for the both of you to become good friends?
I met Ginger Lynn in 1984 on a porn set for Paradise Visuals. Read my book Lights, Camera, Sex! for a whole chapter on THAT sexy lady and me!
In your opinion, how has the adult industry changed for the best and the worst since you first appeared in porn?
I love my porn era. It's changed for the best because it's actually legal now. I think we were flirting with breaking laws when I started. But to me, that's what made it more fun! THAT and I loved the close knit, family feeling of that era. It's so huge now! But as far as now, I love the variety of performer - we never had such a fun choice of girls to work with! And so many different styles to choose from.
How did you begin in the adult industry?
Goodness, I wrote a whole chapter in my book on this, but in a nut, I met a male performer Greg Rome in Hollywood while waiting for a friend to pick me up outside my apartment building. He told me I could be a "figure model" and the rest is history! But honestly, I go into GREAT detail on this in my book!
With the booming popularity of Milf porn, the more mature ladies are able to prolong their careers. What are your thoughts on this very nice phenomenon?
Hey why not! Like I said a few questions ago, I love the choices and variety of porn being shot and offered to our fans these days! NEVER in the 80's would you have MILF, BBW, fetish style porn, etc. The more the merrier I say.
Courtesy of ChristyCanyon.com
You have so many amazing highlights in your career. Could you name a few that make you very proud? Could you include a couple of your most proudest film performances too?
My favorite memories are ALL of them. That question is so hard to answer because so much of my sexual experiences were firsts on film such as G/G, three ways, orgies, gangbangs, IR and the list goes on. So every time I was fortunate enough to try out a new sexual thing it was one of my favorite moments. Then, on the other side of "favorites" being a Vivid girl is right there on top, my Vivid billboard in the mid-90's in Hollywood, Ca, all of my awards, life long friends I've met and etc...etc...That is a question that does not have one pat answer.
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I have always been someone who believes that most male performers get a bum wrap since they do not receive the proper recognition that they deserve. As you already know, it is not easy for a guy to be a reliable sex performer. It is hard work. Could you name a few of your favorite male partners who you have worked with in the past?
99% of the guys I've worked with are true reliable sex workers. Without any medical pills, shots etc. My male partners on film got it up and came on que like a true cocksman. Ron Jeremy, Peter North, TT Boy, Steven St. Croix, and the list prattles on. Sorry to hear other men have problems, mine never did. Except for that Nick E. I was one lucky girl.

Are there any of today's female stars who have those special qualities that impress you so much? Could you name a few of the ladies? Why do you think these ladies are so special?
Hey if they are fucking on film, they are all special. One is not more special than the other. Although I do admire a girl who can take two cocks up her ass at once. Now THAT impresses me.
Going back to your hosting duties, I have always been impressed on how personable and how much fun you are with your guests. Were you always this way even when you were a kid and teenager? I could see Cyndi Lauper's song "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" being your theme song back then?
HA HA! Yes, I was always in the popular group of kids in school. And in 9th grade I won in the yearbook Best Figure...go figure.
Interview by Apache Warrior

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