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Annie Cruz interview

Annie Cruz is an effective radio lead-off hitter because her personality is magnetic. She is fun to listen to as well as being able to make her viewers feel so comfortable that they are willing to open up sexually. It's these frank, genuine conversations that make her program "The Dirtiest Girl in the World" so intriguing to listen to. We get a good blend of Annie's sexcapades and her fans' deep down fantasies over the airwaves.      
Hi Annie, it's a pleasure to interview you. I am so pleased that you have your own Vivid radio show on Sirius XM. How did Vivid approach you in offering you your own show? I like your fun nature with your guests. What do you want your show to offer to your listeners?
The pleasure is all mine! Vivid asked me to come in to audition, so I did. I'm happy they did because having my own show is the one thing I look forward to doing every week. I want my show to offer what I feel it already does to my listeners, and that's:
- A fun time, when I share my erotic real-life stories of all my crazy sexcapades.
- A learning experience, when I discuss a particular topic of said stories.
- Ability to open up sexually, knowing that I will never judge anyone because I, myself, am extremely open-minded sexually.
The one thing that I love about people that participate by calling into my show is that more often than not, both men and women everywhere feel more comfortable with their sexuality knowing that there is someone out there (me) that is the same way as them. It's a very empowering feeling, when other women call into my show to tell me that they don't feel shame for being as sexual as they are after listening and/or talking to me and thus embrace their sexuality. That alone is enough for me to feel like I've accomplished plenty with my show because no human being should feel shameful for being who they are sexually.  
I enjoyed your radio co-hosting work with James Bartholet a whole lot. Your accent and fun attitude are so entertaining. How much did you learn about working on a radio show with him?
I only did his show once, so I can't say I learned everything I know from him. I was a recurring guest on several other radio stations, Playboy and Spice to name two, and I would say I picked up a lot from being on there.
How did you begin in the adult industry?
The story goes something like this: A sex counselor and my mother both told me I had a sex problem and to fix it, and thus I went into porn. I graduated high school only having had sex with two people. Within the first month of my freshman year of college - a private Catholic school - my inner whore was unleashed and so began my sex games of anonymous sex with strangers I met from the Internet and becoming the campus slut. Two of my friends gave me an intervention because my promiscuity was too much for them to handle. Long story short, I contacted an amateur producer in San Francisco, shot my first scene in October 2003 and eventually found my way into porn valley by March 2004. The rest is history.
I know that your fans adore you. They must get pretty excited when they meet you since you are so cute and personable. How do you feel when you meet them? Are there any very memorable moments that stick in your mind when you and a fan met?
I absolutely adore my fans! I could be in gym clothes and at the grocery store, and I still feel compelled to give a fan hug, when they approach me. Without my fans, I wouldn't be here. There are so many memorable moments with fans from getting recognized by traveling high schoolers at the Oakland airport to people yelling, "We loved you on Howard Stern, Annie Cruz!" in front of the House of the Blues on Sunset. I have to say that I love my female fans a lot, and one memorable moment would be when I was shopping in Union Square San Francisco at a kiosk with an older Asian woman, working the cashier. At first glance, one could easily judge this woman by her thick eye glasses, conservative clothes and thick accent as a nerdy housewife. She had this grin on her face the entire time I was shopping that by the time I went to pay for my things, she leaned in like a giggling schoolgirl and said, "I know who you are." My instant reaction was to immediately say, "I don't think we are related, Miss." But for whatever reason she had in that moment, she wrote on a piece of paper, "ANNIE CRUZ," and pointed to it then me and asked, "Is that you?" I was so completely taken off guard, all I could do was smile and give the woman a hug...this woman, who looks like she'd blush if you said the word, "Pussy," in front of her. When asked what of my work she liked, she answered: "ALL OF IT." Never judge a book by its cover.

What have been your most memorable on screen performances?

This is so incredibly tough as I have done a wide array of different things on camera from hardcore BDSM to vanilla features and straight hardcore gonzo to kinky bisexual MMF. In over 600 scenes, I would have to say:

Asian Fucking Nation 1 and 4 from Evil Angel
Crimes of the Cunt from Evil Angel
Squirt Gangbang from Elegant Angel
Annie Cruz and CJ for MenInPain.com
I have always been someone who believes that most male performers get a bum wrap since they do not receive the proper recognition that they deserve. As you already know, it is not easy for a guy to be a reliable sex performer. It is hard work. Could you name a few of your favorite male partners who you have worked with in the past?

Tommy Pistol
Manuel Ferrara
Evan Stone
Michael Stefano
Rocco Reed
What makes a man sexy? What makes a woman sexy?
Confidence, intelligence, great personality, open-minded, and sexually adventurous are all things that make both women and men sexy. Sexually Dominant and submissive additionally add to it as well.
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What are your hobbies and interests?

I'm a self-proclaimed Batman enthusiast, who loves collecting comic books and graphic novels, playing video games, and cosplay. I'm very much into the macabre. I love horror movies, horror in general, and I have a fascination with serial killers. Other interests include writing, art, making art, music, poetry, singing, dancing, and going to a punk or metal show.
What is your opinion on the political fuss about male performers wearing condoms on camera? Do you think that it will hurt the industry? I always thought it won't hurt it too much since guys want to see a gorgeous woman get screwed. It's the eye candy appeal of the woman that is the main attraction. 

I personally see no issue with using condoms in porn. What I do have an issue with is people attempting to control the industry with what we should and should not do. That aside, I feel like condoms just help promote safe sex. And there's nothing wrong with that, fantasy or not. Safe sex is still sexy. 
Many adult performers love animals. Do you have any pets?

I have two tea cup chihuahuas, Clitoris and Lucky, that are 9 years old and less than 3 lbs each. I used to have a house full of reptiles. Maybe one day I'll get another Colombian Red Tail Boa.
I know that you enjoy cosplay fun. What is it about cosplay that makes it so fun for you?

Who doesn't love to play dress-up? I love bringing my favorite characters to life, whether it be from a comic book, video game, or film. Putting together costumes is one of the fun parts of cosplay, and going to comic conventions is always a good time.
How were you as a kid?

Believe it or not, I was super shy, growing up. I always got good grades, never got in trouble, and I was even bullied in grade school. It was terrible. High school wasn't as bad, but I still would never re-live those days if I could.
Are there any websites, programs, or any other things that you would like to promote?

http://www.AnnieCruz.com - my only official paysite run by yours truly
Of course, my radio show called "The Dirtiest Girl in the World" with Vivid Radio on SiriusXM 102 three times a week, every Mon, Tue and Wed 7pm EST / 4pm PST
Interview by Apache Warrior

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