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Ashley Blue interview

Where has the time gone? It does not feel so distant since Ashley Blue won AVN Female Performer of the Year. Perhaps, this Hall of Fame performer just continues to stay in the headlines. Her frank and honest must-read book Girlvert: A Porno Memoir allowed outsiders to get an unsanitized view of the adult industry. It's not a surprise that Ashley is on the radio with her own show titled Blue Movies. 
Hi Ashley, it's a pleasure to interview you. I am so pleased that you have your own Vivid radio show on Sirius XM. How did Vivid approach you in offering you your own show? What will your listeners be forward to when they tune in?
Hi Apache, thank you for taking interest in my Vivid Radio show. I'm still stunned that they chose me as one of their hosts. It was a big surprise to be asked and I'm very grateful to be included in this great group and project. I was sitting around one day, back in November of 2013, when I received a message from Farrell Hirsch. Vivid Radio was launching in less than a week, and would I like to host my own show? I was so excited! We were then on air in a matter of days. I'm still learning and trying to improve my radio skills, which were at zero on day one. But every week, I'm getting more practice and it brings me a lot of joy to be able to experience this.
My enthusiasm for the subject of porn movies is genuine and undying, which is why I felt like I was even worthy of having a spot on the Vivid Radio lineup. I collect and find porn (DVDs) to be fascinating, shocking, impressive, hilarious and incredibly interesting. I love being able to share what I see with more people. The performers themselves are a hundred times more intriguing and I'm eager to learn more about them as I get to interview them. Our industry is full of stories that need to be told. My purpose is to tell these stories to our listeners, leading by example, so that everyone listening will feel inspired to share too.
Your book Girlvert: A Porno Memoir is so filled with honest, candid, and explicit view of the adult industry and your life. Why did you decide to write it? It must had been very emotionally difficult to write it?
I wrote my memoir because I realized that my recent life experiences were crazy, and yet not that uncommon, especially to my fellow performers. That book was very difficult because it was revealing a lot of embarrassing things, but at the same time, that's the best part.
How did you begin in the adult industry?
I walked into Jim South's office, thinking it was a regular modeling agency. It took me an hour to get over the shock of finding out it was a porn agent, got my boyfriend's consent, and we were shooting for Ed Powers three days later. My first scene was a DP with Ed and my then-boyfriend, Trent. I just needed money to party and go to Coachella. I never had a master plan beyond that.  
I know that your fans adore you. They must get pretty excited when they meet you? How do you feel when you meet them? Are there any very memorable moments that stick in your mind when you and a fan met?
I love it when strangers come up to me and recognize me from porn movies. I feel like a cult movie star or a cartoon character that once did all of these daring things. The best time was when my porn recognition got me seated in the best seats at the Orpheum Theater seeing Mars Volta. The security guard was rad, knew my face and name and just escorted us down near the front row. I didn't even have to blow him! It was so nice.
What have been your most memorable on screen performances?
My most memorable performances have been all of the Girlvert movies that I did with JM Productions. Because I was their contract girl, I was completely absorbed in living as that character. I didn't have anyone to please except JM and I had no rules or limitations to conduct myself as anything else but the wild, bratty, mean, disastrous, foul mouthed whore that a Girlvert was supposed to be. That was the darkest time in my life and the finest result of my movie career.
How were you as a kid?
I was a total brat as a kid. I was fat until I discovered bulimia at age twelve. I liked to draw and started smoking, drinking and having sex at thirteen.  I got some good grades, but had a shitty attitude. The only person I respected was my high school writing teacher, Mr. Deardorff, because I was in love with him. He made me feel like a genius, even though I clearly was not. I can hardly even believe I made it through my teen years and graduated with the rest of my class, since I failed P.E., got suspended for having inappropriate clothing, Saturday school for smoking, drinking Vick's Formula 44 in my locker, summer school for failing math, etc.  Despite getting in trouble a lot, I liked school. I just had a fucked up home life.
What makes a man sexy? What makes a woman sexy?
Sexy men are cool and not flashy. They don't try too hard and let charisma just float around them instead of selling it to you. Sexiness is being strong and true and attractive to those that crave and admire it. I don't think that train wreck men are sexy, because I feel like the train wreck. There can only be one of us.
Sexy is so much easier to achieve for women. We have more tools and less clothing restrictions. Sexy women are everywhere and to several degrees of trashy, slutty, innocent, insecure, intelligent, demure, dumb, bossy, bitchy, beautiful and mysterious. Women can be sexy in any way. We have an edge.
What are your hobbies and interests?
I cook as a hobby. I draw and paint. I read magazines and books and worship my cat. I go out to concerts and dinners with my husband. I collect porn DVDs and rifle through them like Halloween candy. I love my city, Los Angeles, and frequent art museums and food events here. I rarely go out of the thirty mile zone.
I have always been someone who likes to give credit to male performers. Who have been a few of your favorite guys to work with on screen?
I love watching the male performers too. Rocco Siffredi, Nacho Vidal, Ramon Nomar, James Deen, Mr. Pete, and Lexington Steele never disappoint me as a viewer. They always meet my standards for depravity. Nacho is so unpredictable and that's the best quality to have as a performer, in my opinion.
It's harder to say who my favorite male performers to work with have been. Even the ugliest, smelliest, grossest, worst experiences are moments to look back upon and laugh at now. It's been so long that they're all dear to me now.
Many adult performers love animals. Do you have any pets?
I have a cat named Kitty and she is my princess. She's going to be eleven years old this December. She's a Himalayan treasure and my favorite thing in the world.
In 2013, you were inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame. What does this honor mean to you?
I am so incredibly honored to be in the AVN Hall of Fame. I love being included in selection for the AVN award nominee process as well. I am the first Female Performer of the Year recipient to ever be on the AVN Award committee. I get to use everything that I've learned and know about porn to further the recognition of others. It's such a great feeling to pay forward all of the accolades that were once bestowed on me in the same way, to new generations of adult stars.
What is your favorite thing about being an adult performer?
The best thing about being an adult performer is the richness of conversation that I can have for the rest of my life. Life is boring in so many ways. It's nice to have experiences that are so out of the ordinary. And of course, easy money is nice too. Getting paid to fuck is a huge ego builder.
Are there any websites, programs, or any other things that you would like to promote? 
All I want is for everyone to listen to my show on Vivid Radio Sirius/XM 102. Blue Movies airs live Thursdays, 1pm West/ 4pm East. You can also get it On Demand on Sirius/XM.
My book is available on Amazon and Kindle. It's called Girlvert: A Porno Memoir by Oriana Small aka Ashley Blue.
It's been my pleasure to share!  Thank you so much, Apache and everyone on XCritic!
Interview by Apache Warrior

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