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Joanna Angel interview

A major reason why Joanna Angel has had a successful career in the adult industry is her originality. She never went the route in being one of those glamour girls even though her good looks could have taken her there. This lady always wanted to be herself on film. Thus, her alternative punk rocker look and image remained. Her production company BurningAngel was created on account of Joanna wanting to make porn that other people were not making. She saw a void and filled it. Any alternative adult performers who are succeeding right now should give Joanna Angel credit for opening the door and showing adult fans that alt-porn can be fun, entertaining, hot, and even sexy.

Hi Joanna, it's a pleasure to interview you. I am so pleased that you have your own Vivid radio show on Sirius XM. How did Vivid approach you in offering you your own show? I like your fun nature with your guests. What do you want your show to offer to your listeners?

When I first heard about Vivid radio - I emailed a few people over there to ask about having a radio show. They had recently just hired so many hosts- I was a little too late to apply for the job! However, I was told that if my fans rallied for me they would give me a show. Christy Canyon announced on her radio show that if 10 thousand fans spoke up and said they wanted me to have a show, I would get one. Over a few days a combination of re-tweets, emails, phone calls, and hashtags - is what got me a show! It was truly a rewarding feeling and I look forward to doing my show every week.
Could you telll us about your past experiences in being a radio show host?  
I actually filled in as a co-host a few times on Loveline with Dr. Drew. And even though I was never a "host", I have been a very regular guest on the Jason Ellis show  for many years now. So I have been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time around the most successful people in radio.
How did you begin in the adult industry?
In the year 2002, me and my college roommate had this crazy idea to start a punk rock porn site, with naked tattooed girls and band interviews.... and well... Here I am today! A college experiment turned into an alt-porn empire. It all feels very surreal sometimes.
Your film Band Sluts is amazing. I enjoyed watching it during the AVN voting period in December. It was great to see it win for Best Comedy. You and Tommy Pistol are magic together. How did you first meet him? Why is Tommy so good as a performer and actor?
Thank you so much! It is my very favorite BurningAngel movie as well and it doesn't get as much attention as our parodies or some of the other bigger budget movies we make. So it truly makes me happy when someone has that as their favorite!

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Tommy and I met a really long time ago! Me and him both did our first scene together. It was both my first scene and his first scene so we will forever feel like a bizarro porno brother and sister duo. I can confidently say that BurningAngel could not be what it is today without him.
In 2005 I decided that BurningAngel should make our very first DVD. Until that point, the website only had photo-sets - and a few incredibly amateur videos we shot with girls and their boyfriends. It's so funny to think about that time because I was so incredibly clueless. BurningAngel operated out of New York, and I didn't have any friends at all in the LA porno circuit- or really in any porno circuit. This was before the age of Twitter where information is just so out there!

In any case, I knew I wanted to do a scene in our first DVD, and I had no idea who my scene partner should be. I asked a few um... booty calls of mine that I had at the time and they all said they were down to do it, but once they realized this was something I was actually going to go through with and distribute , they backed off. A fried of mine told me about Tommy - he was in a sketch comedy group with him and told me that he had sex with a girl in the background of one of their sketches, and had expressed interest of getting into porn. I said I would be willing to meet with him, so one night me, my friend and Tommy all met up at a bar. I clearly remember that Tommy's hair was slicked back with what looked like an entire bottle of DEP gel , and he told a series of knock-knock jokes, and talked to me extensively about the various options I had in regards to his pubic hair and how much or how little of it there should be in our potential first scene.
At the end of the meeting, I told my friend that I wasn't interested. 

However, Tommy incessantly followed up with me and over the course of several phone calls, well... lets just say he grew on me. His bizarre qualities became a very loveable charm. Several weeks later we did our first scene on one of his friends roof-tops in Brooklyn. A whole bunch of people who lived in the building were grilling hot-dogs and hamburgers and watched the entire thing. You can find this scene in "BurningAngel.com The Movie". He's been my porno partner in crime ever since!

I am really glad I got past his hair gel and broke him into porn. The industry needs Tommy Pistol! He is a true talent, and a wonderful person. He makes porn fun, and the industry truly needed a breath of fresh air like him.
You have so many amazing highlights in your career. Could you name a few that make you very proud? Could you include a couple of your most proudest film performances too?
When me and Tommy won our very first AVN award for Most Outrageous Sex scene in 2006. That had to have been my proudest moment. That was a real break out year for my company! We were so small at the time, and just being nominated in those categories with all the other big studios was incredibly surreal. It was one of those moments where I literally had to pinch myself because it all felt like a dream.
I know that your fans adore you. How do you feel when you meet them?
I love meeting my fans! They are the ones that keep my business going, and for the most part they are all incredibly respectful.
Many adult performers love animals. Do you have any pets? 
YES! I have an adorable dog who I am absolutely crazy about. Her name is Ramona, and she is a Shih Tzu.
What are your hobbies and interests?   
I like hiking, cooking, and on occasion, I enjoy making music! You can check out the two songs my uh "band" wrote. One of the songs was in Band Sluts! You can find them on Itunes- they are called "Gimme some Pants" and "Fish Food." The band is called "Joanna Angel and the Gigolos".
What is your opinion on the political fuss about male performers wearing condoms on camera? Do you think that it will hurt the industry?  
After the HIV scare last year, we went condom only for a few months. Now we are condom optional. We do get a few complaints from members about the condom scenes, but there are also members who really like it. I just wish that the porn industry could make this decision without the influence of any government. I want the performers to do what they are comfortable and what makes them feel safe, I don't like the notion of a law being forced upon me by someone who has never been on one of my sets.
What is your opinion on the Chase bank action on closing accounts of adult performers?
It's ridiculous. I really can't believe that a bank can legally do that. I sincerely hope other banks don't follow suit. I just feel like every time I turn around another powerful organization is trying to fuck us over, and it's so incredibly frustrating. I just want to do my job!
Are there any websites, programs, or any other things that you would like to promote?
Please check out our newest release- Vampire Cheerleaders! It just came out and it's a very funny and very sexy movie. And follow me on twitter/ instagram at @JoannaAngel. And please buy my Fleshlight! The direct link for it is www.Tinyurl.com/JAFleshlight And of course, please listen to "Lewd, Screwed, and Tattooed" on Vivid Radio every Wednesday from 3-4 pm PT or from 6-7pm ET.
Interview by Apache Warrior

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