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Let's Get To Know The Real Jodi Taylor

By Rob Perez

Jodi Taylor is not only exceptionally beautiful but a girl who really was born to do porn. She may appear shy and timid but once her clothes come off her sexual energy really explodes on screen. She is not only exciting to watch but Jodi also displays charm and most importantly, charisma on screen which will definitely carry her far into the A-list porn world. Jodi can not only get us to blast a load but she is also a talented actress. She’s one of our favorite girls here at XCritic and her amazing talents, we predict, will be recognized. In the meantime we’ll continue to crank it out whenever Jodi stars in a new porn flick.


What are some current projects you’re working on at the moment? Any huge films you can talk about?

I have a couple of Mile High movies coming out that are the features that are going to be really awesome. I can’t wait for them to come out. I just shot for Digital Playground for the first time recently which was great. And then I shoot for Hard X again soon so it’s going to be fun.

Hard X, that’s a Mason production.

Yes. I think she’s the only one that shoots for Hard X.

Have you worked with Mason before? Why do you feel a lot of girls enjoy working with Mason?

I have. I did work with her a few months ago. Mason is great. First of all she’s really fun. She’s got a really good sense of humor. And also just because she’s—and most of the women that direct too—but she really cares about the quality of her work. I mean she works really hard to make it. I remember just with the outfit it took us forever to put together. So she’s just really passionate and she really has vision, and that is so much more fun to work with than someone who just wants to get the scene over with.

She also has a way of getting the girls to do their hardest stuff for her. Will you be doing hard stuff for her such as anal?

Yeah, I’ve shot anal with her before and I’m shooting anal again with her. But I think it’s because she’s a woman and we feel really comfortable with her so she can get girls to do really hard, dirtier scenes.

What other directors do you enjoy working for?

James Avalon, I really, really love him. Dana Vespoli, every girl loves her.

How long have you been in the adult industry?

It’ll be two years in August.


If you couldn’t be a porn star but another kind of sex worker, what would it be?

That’s really hard. I’m kind of interested in stripping right now but I don’t think I’ll be very good at it. I’m not a dancer. Probably an escort if I wasn’t in porn because I definitely need the sex part of it.


If you could have a million dollars or great sex for the rest of your life which would you pick?

So if I pick a million dollars I can’t get great sex?


Look at it this way . . . if you pick a million dollars you can buy great sex.

I don’t know. It’s hard because it’s not fun. I’ve never tried it. I’m kind of curious to. I imagine it’s not as fun if you buy it. [Laughs] I’ll have to take the great sex.


Are you pro bush or anti bush? What do you prefer in your women?

I’m pro bush. For me personally, I have a bush now just because it’s much easier than having to worry about waxing it and maintaining it all the time. I actually kind of like the bald look too with girls.


If you weren’t a porn star what would you be doing now?

I also PA (production assistant) once in a while. I’d be doing a lot more of that. I’d do that constantly is what I’d be doing, PA’ing.

Do you do that in porn films?

I’ve actually never worked behind the scenes in porn, I’ve worked behind the scenes for mainstream and I still take jobs occasionally now.

Has anyone from a mainstream set ever recognized you from a porn film?

Actually that hasn’t happened. My friends that usually let me know about the gigs, they know, but the other people on set they usually don’t. Maybe they do and they’re messing with me. [Laughs]

What’s the biggest film you’ve PA’ed for?

I’d rather keep it under wraps. [Laughs]

Do you mainly work on big budget films or independent movies?

Big independent films and I’ve done a few TV shows and reality shows.

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If you have to perform with a girl who has a bad attitude coming to set, how do deal with that?

Usually, if there’s a bad attitude it actually hasn’t been towards me so it’s usually not a big deal for me. It’s a big deal for the director. But if she’s really giving you a hard time, maybe talk to her. Usually just be as nice as you can and get the scene done.


What’s more erotic, sex in a church or sex in a cemetery?

In a church.


The first time you see your pussy and asshole up close on a TV screen, what was your reaction seeing your genitals up close?

My first reaction honestly was, "I need to start waxing." [Laughs]


What is your usual reaction when you see yourself having sex?

It’s usually just a critique thing. You’re just critiquing everything.


Does it ever turn you on watching yourself having sex?

It does especially if I remember it as being a really good scene. That will turn me on.


What scenes have you found too totally bizarre you refused to shoot?

I have never had to go on set to turn down a scene. Usually you know what’s going to happen before you show up on set. But I have turned down a few scenes.

What kind of scenes won’t you do?

There are certain fetishes that I don’t like. Anything incestual to the point of it where it’s actually suppose to be my real father, my real brother. Stuff like that I can’t do either. Step-brothers, step-fathers are fine but I can’t do the real stuff.

When did you realize your calling to become a porn star?

I actually wanted to do it when I was younger. But what really made me want to do it now was I really wanted to have more sex. [Laughs]


You weren’t getting enough sex before?

No, I really wasn’t. Not enough good sex.


Now that you are a performer do you get more sex off camera?

Not really. It’s really hard to find sexual partners. I’ve lived in LA for five years and it’s definitely difficult.

What’s the best thing about being a porn star?

The best thing is the fun we have on set. Being on set all day is really fun.

What’s the worst thing about being a porn star?

The worst thing is dealing with people outside of porn that have negative views of it.

How did you come up with your porn name?

I wanted a regular name. I wanted it to be not porny. I came up with Jodi just because I like that name and Taylor . . . I was just looking at a list of last names and just randomly selected that one.

Where would you rate yourself, looks-wise and body-wise, on a scale of one to ten?

Oh boy, that is a hard question. I would give myself a seven.


What would you say is your best and worst physical feature and why?

My favorite feature is probably my lips. My most un-favorite feature is probably my round face.


Are you a very dominant or submissive person?

Definitely more submissive, at least sexually.

Ever do a gang-bang on film or in person? Would you like to?

I’ve actually already done two gangbangs; they were Kink.com gangbangs so they were very hardcore. One of them is already out; the other one is not out yet. It’ll be out pretty soon though.

Do you masturbate often? Who or what do you think about when you masturbate?

I do masturbate pretty often usually once a day, sometimes twice. I usually actually don’t think about anything. I need to get off really quickly so it’s just to have a really quick orgasm. [Laughs]

What kind of porn movies do you like watching?

I watch a lot of Kink. That’s my main site. But I recently got into Digital Playground and the Mile High movies because I really do like that long, drown out scenario version of porn where there’s acting in it, a storyline and more complicated emotions. That’s my favorite.

What sexual fantasies have come true for you since you started working in porn?

The ultimate fantasy I had which was pretty much the reason I got into porn were the gangbangs on Kink that I saw, and those have come true twice and they were even better than I imagine. That was pretty cool. And then the two guys at one time. I never got to do that in my personal life and I got to do that in porn, so that was really pretty cool.

Do you enjoy being DP’ed?

Oh yeah. DP’s are fabulous when they’re done right and in a more aggressive scene, it’s amazing.

So you would recommend every girl try being DP’ed?

Oh yes, definitely.

Describe the hottest scene you’ve ever been involved in. Who did you perform with and for what film/studio was it for?

That’s hard. There’s a lot of them. I’d have to say the hottest scene for me that I got off the most and was really the most sexually fulfilling one was the first gangbang I did for Kink.com. It was with Mr. Pete, James Deen, John Strong and Danny Wylde. That was perfect. It was the perfect amount of aggression. It was incredible.

Was that one of your first scenes?

I did that scene after I’ve been in porn a few months.

Do you remember how your first porn scene went? Were you nervous or excited that day?

Yeah I do. I was really excited. I didn’t have any nervousness which I wasn’t expecting. My very first scene ever was with Amateur Allure. It was a very good scene.

Do you like being naked? Do you walk around naked in your private life?

I like being naked. I think it’s hotter, actually, in scenes when certain things are hidden then slowly revealed. I like that too in my personal life. But I mean yeah, if I’m in my house I’m always naked.


Have you ever had sex with a fan?

I have actually. He treated me like he was my fan. We were both people that were attracted to one another. We don’t like to have sex with people who are going to treat us like we’re different or that it’s a huge deal or anything. It’s a mutual attraction thing. And yes, it was great.

Have you had a one night stand?

Yes. [Laughs] Pretty much all my sex outside of porn are one-night stands.

Would you rather win an award for your acting performance or your sexual performance?

The awards I like the most are the ones that are between another partner. I love those best. Those and then the acting ones. Those are the ones I aim for.

As a woman how does the real you, not the porn girl, feel when you have guys tell you they masturbate to you?

I love it. I couldn’t do this if I didn’t like that. Now if they come up to me and try to make it like a harassment thing then that’s an entirely different story. But if it’s literally just a compliment, “I enjoy masturbating to you movies,” of course I adore that or I wouldn’t be doing this.

Where’s the hottest place you ever had sex in?

In a parking lot, in one of those big, garage/parking lot places. It was a quickie and I love quickies in places like that. So it was one of those.

What was your first experience with a girl like? Was it a good or bad experience?

It was pretty good. I’ve always had pretty fond experiences with girls. My first experience with a girl we were mainly experimenting.

What is your favorite sex act?

Missionary is a fun position, doggy is a fun position, blowjobs are really fun to give, especially if you’re really into the guy. All of it is great.

What’s one sex toy you can’t live without?

I don’t know what it’s called but it’s a little dolphin thing. It’s a dolphin and it’s made of the perfect material. It’s a rubbery material but it’s not too hard or too soft. It vibrates on the actual penetration part and it also vibrates on the clit. It’s perfect.

Which of your movies are you most proud of?

I’m proud of a couple of them. I’m proud of a couple that aren’t out yet. The Sweet Sinner one will be out soon, and I’m very proud of the Hard X scene that just came out. It was one of those that went perfectly. I’m very proud of my gangbang.

What’s one superpower you wish you could have?

I don’t know if this is a superpower but I always wished I could turn into a dragon. I think that would be a cool superpower. Breathe fire, have sharp teeth and be able to fly.

What does the future hold for you?

I definitely am going to want to get into directing and writing scripts for

porn. So that’s definitely going to be in the future. I’ve got a lot of features coming out so hopefully that will lead to more.

Anything you’d like to say in closing?

I really enjoyed doing this interview, so thank you.



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