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Smith interview

In everyone's career, there is a role that becomes the role of a lifetime. In the case for Mr. Smith, it is the poolboy in The Tranny Chaser 2. It is his first leading role which happens to be in the most awaited transsexual release of 2014. His previous supporting work in films like Shemale Secret Service, Transsexual Babysitters 22, and Transsexual Cheerleaders 12 have proven that he is so capable in being the male lead. His respect for his on-screen partners as well as his fellow industry performers is much respected by his peers. On a personal note, one of the highlights for me at the 2014 Tranny Awards was meeting and chatting with Mr. Smith.
Hi Smith, your role as the poolboy in The Tranny Chaser 2 is your biggest one in your career.  What are your thoughts in getting this role? How was your experience in acting in it and getting to have fantastic performances with your lovely co-stars? Was there a particular scene or moment of the film that was your favorite?

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Buddy Wood and I talk about the role for a while before starting it up. I was excited to get the role and thank Grooby for the opportunity. The only acting experience I have is in the adult industry and I considered myself a costar or a supporting performer. The girls are the real stars. Favorite or particular moment that stands out in my mind. It has to be when I was going down on Jessy Dubai in the pool.

How did you begin in the adult industry?

Both Tom Moore and Buddy Wood asked if I was interested, and thought I'd do well. I started in the industry in 2010. My first shoot was with the beautiful Carmen Moore for Devils' Transsexual Cheerleaders 4.
What has been a few of your most memorable on-screen performances?
One funny memory was shooting with Eva Lin for Transsexual Cheerleaders. We were outside and during the shoot, she kept smacking me all over in weird spots like my side, my chest and the side of my head. I was thinking "what the hell...?" After the scene, I asked her and she said there were mosquitoes everywhere...lol. 
Do you get recognized in public?
Sometimes and it's flattering and other times if I'm with a date it can be awkwardish. Regardless, I still appreciate my small group of fans very much.
Buddy Wood is an amazing director. What makes him so good? I feel that he connects with his performers well.

He is an AMAZING director. He puts the models at ease and most of the time, he blends in so well you don't even know he's there. 

You and the beautiful Jane Marie have been in several hot scenes together. Could you tell us how it feels to be on the set with her? Are you guys quiet or joking right before a scene?

Jane Marie is a sweetheart. She and I are good friends off set as well as doing shoots together. We joke around a lot and I'm always trying to make her laugh.
What makes a tranny sexy? 

Their femininity. Most of the Transsexuals I know are more feminine than most genetically born women.
What are your hobbies and interests?

I'm really into photography and learning as much about it as I can.
For those male readers who have dreams to be a male performer with trannies, what are the most important traits that guys should have to become successful on film? 

Be able to stay hard, show up on time and freshly showered, follow the directions given and above all respect your scene partner. Treat them with the same respect you'd want in return.
Could you name a few of your favorite on-screen transsexual performers?

There are so many wonderful women in the TS industry it's hard to pick favorites. Off the top of my head a few of the ladies I've shot with that we had great chemistry would be: Jane Marie, Gaby, Nelly, Venus Lux just to name a few. 

How were you as a kid?

Very hyper, my parents had me taking gymnastics, martial arts and just about every other sport you can think of to keep me busy.

Since you like to promote the tranny club scene in LA, what are some of the places where admirers of trannies can go to mingle with them?

Here's a list of the current clubs
Tuesday - Hamburger Mary's in Long Beach
Wednesday - Oxwood Inn in VanNuys
Thursday - Cobra in North Hollywood
Saturday - Oxwood Inn in VanNuys
Saturday - 1st Saturday of every month Hamburger Mary's in Long Beach. 
Are there any websites, programs, or any other things that you would like to promote? 

Follow my twitter at @3ballsmith

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