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Jelena Jensen interview

Ever since Jelena Jensen has entered the adult industry, she has been hitting that iconic "spot" several times. Not only has she been a Playboy model and Penthouse Pet, but she wins for her webmastering skills. She's a beauty and a geek rolled up into one ravishing human being. Now, her fans can call her on her new Vivid radio show "Jelena Jensen: The J-Spot" every Wednesday at 5-6pm on www.vividradio.com, Sirius XM app and channel 791. She will make your Wednesday's more enjoyable. 

Hi Jelena, it's a pleasure to interview you. I am so pleased that you have your own Vivid radio show on VividRadio.com and Sirius XM. How did Vivid approach you in offering you your own show? What do you want your show to offer to your listeners? 

Thank you so much! After being a guest on a few different Vivid Radio shows, I was asked to be a guest host. I guest hosted four weeks in a row and then they offered me my own show. My show is called “The J-Spot” and airs on Wednesdays. Every week I touch on different topics and am hoping that I’m able to educate listeners as well as entertain them at the same time. Every week my show is completely different! 

I have always admired your webmastering skills. How did you become so fascinated in it? Does this mean that you are a "geek at heart?" 

I have always been very tech savvy but was never interested in computers. When I first launched my website in August of 2004, I had a webmaster, but we ended up parting ways six months later. I had Danni.com, Twistys and Playboy all wanting to take over my site, but no one would compromise with me when it came to the contract. Everyone wanted me to just hand over my site and my name and I wasn’t willing to do that because I knew I could make a career out of it. So my good friend Aimee Sweet and her husband got me set up on a CMS and gave me a little crash course and since then I've self-taught myself along the way. And although I didn’t know anything about running a website, I did go to film school so I understood the concept of most of it since I had to work with computers and software a bit in college. And yes, I am a geek at heart when it comes to tech stuff…I went to film school after all!


How did you begin in the adult industry? 

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Long story short, while I was in college I ended up working for a distribution company that sold adult dvds online. I started out as the product manager and then was their marketing manager. As the marketing manager, I was in charge of our booths at all the adult shows like AEE and Exotica LA. Every director and producer wanted to shoot me, but I didn’t want to do porn. I was still in college and wasn’t interested in doing something that may prohibit any opportunities that may come up. It wasn’t until AEE in 2003 that Vince Voyeur, who I knew well, suggested that I just shoot glamour and solo stuff since I didn’t want to actually have sex on camera. I was so surrounded by the hardcore side of the business that it had never occurred to me that I could work in soft core. Vince introduced me to Suze Randall, Scott St. James and Andrew Blake during the show. When I got back to LA, I did test photos with everyone and was soon getting booked. I only planned on shooting for a year or so to help pay off student debt since I was putting myself through private school. But my career took off and I just went with it. Here I am 11 1/2 years later still shooting and running my website! 

One of your traits is that you only perform with women on film, but on your personal website, you do perform with guys. Why do you have this personal rule? 

I have actually only performed boy/girl with my significant other, so technically only one guy. I choose to only shoot boy/girl for my website because I prefer to own my boy/girl content. This way I’m able to control it, own the rights to it, and also provide something to my website members that can’t be found anywhere else.


You have so many amazing highlights in your career. Could you name a few that make you very proud? 

Winning the 2013 AVN Award for Best Solo Girl Website was a huge moment, especially since I run my site 100% on my own. Also winning the 2010 Xbiz Award for Web Babe of the Year was a great accomplishment. It’s nice when hard work is noticed and recognized. Then, obviously the usual accolades like becoming a Penthouse Pet, shooting for Playboy Special Editions and making their Top 20 for Model of the Year multiple years, and becoming a regular cast member of Playboy TV’s “Totally Busted.” Gotta throw in being the interviewer for Twistys.com because after a long hiatus, I’m back doing them again. 

I know that your fans adore you. They must get pretty excited when they meet you. How do you feel when you meet them? Are there any very memorable moments that stick in your mind when you and a fan met? 

I love meeting my fans because if it wasn’t for my fans, I wouldn’t have had the career that I’ve had. It’s because of the fans, especially members of my site, that make it all worthwhile. It’s nice to finally meet fans in person that I talk to all the time online. I’m finally able to put a face and personality to the online persona. My most memorable moment was when a female fan of mine wanted me to sign her boob. I was so excited I filmed it and put it up on my site!


Since the name of your radio show is "Jelena Jensen: The J-Spot," what parts of your body make you quiver and cum the most when your lover pleasures them? 

The most erogonous area of my body would have to be my neck and shoulders. I love been bitten there from behind. 

Many adult performers love animals. Do you have any pets? 

Yes I’m a huge animal lover, particularly of giant breed dogs. I have a Mastiff and a Saint Bernard, both of which are rescues. They’re my whole world and I love nothing more than being a doggy mommy. But I’m very protective of them so I never post their names or photos of them online. It’s a part of my life I like to keep private. I also volunteer with Sunny Saints Saint Bernard Rescue here in LA. 

What makes a woman sexy? What traits of a woman do you admire? 

A woman that kisses well will win me over. Every time. I love natural boobs and I actually prefer smaller ones, considering I can play with my big naturals whenever I want. I can appreciate a nice perky set of boobs and a round ass anytime. And like most women that are into women, I like other women that are into women. But I’m very picky when it comes to those I’ll have sex with off camera. Personality-wise, a woman with confidence is always sexy. Intelligence and a kindhearted disposition will always get my attention. 

What makes a man sexy? What traits of a man do you admire? 

If we’re talking appearance, I love a scruffy man. I want a man to feel like a man so I’m big into hair. Not super hairy, but I don’t like when men shave all the hair off of their chests. And I do love an unshaven face. In terms of personality, I’m big into a sense of security. If a man isn’t secure with himself and the relationship, then he’ll never be ok with my job. Again, intelligence is a must and a sense of humor will go far with me as well. And a man who not only knows how to please a woman, but wants to is a keeper. 

What are your hobbies and interests?  

I’m a big snowboarder. Being able to board a couple times a week in Tahoe is the one thing I miss the most about living in Northern California (I’m an LA native but lived up north for 4 years). I also love to hike and go to Pop Physique. I love traveling all over the world and you can always find me in the kitchen cooking super healthy meals. 

I admire how you like to auction off your pieces of clothing that you wore on your shoots and performances. It's a nice way for your fans to own something of yours. What is your shoe size?  

I have small feet for how tall I am. I’m only a size 8 but I’m 5’10”!


You prove that the stereotype about adult stars being dumb is wrong. You are a good role model who is eager to broaden your horizons. What surprised you the most about the adult industry when you first started? 

I guess the only thing that really surprised me about the business when I first got in was how a performer could actually take control of their career and turn it into a brand. If you really put the energy and effort into it, you can go far. But you do have to work for it. 

Are there any websites, programs, or any other things that you would like to promote?  

JelenaJensen.com is my official site and I’ll be celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary at the end of August. It’s by far the most extensive collection of my work with currently 69,000+ photos and 800+ videos! Be sure to check out my Vivid Radio show by joining VividRadio.com, follow me on Twitter @jelenajensen and check out my Instagram @jelenajensen. Sometimes you can catch me on Streamate at jelenajensen.cammodels.com and you can find my auctions at http://www.abibids.com/index.php/page,userProfile/uid,2177

Interviewed by Apache Warrior


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