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Bonnie Rotten interview

More and more people are finally appreciating the kind of woman Bonnie Rotten has become. She started out as a tattooed enigma, but now is one of the most popular and successful women in porn today. Her win for AVN Female Performer of the Year was no fluke. She brings in loads of crowds at the clubs where she feature dances. Her sexual performances are incredibly ballistic and raw. And, now her hard work and professionalism has allowed her to direct and star in the parody version of Cape Fear. I bet after seeing Bonnie on stage, Cape Fear's Max Cady would say " Mmm mmm, hot as a firecracker on the fourth of July."    
Hi Bonnie, it's a pleasure to interview you. There is a lot of anticipation for your upcoming directed film Cape Fear XXX. How did you get hired to direct the film? Could you describe the experience being in the director's chair and being in charge of the entire production?

Hi! Thank you. I am looking forward to it as well! I came up with the idea for the movie and approached them with it and they said to have a script written, get all the details together, and they will consider it! So, I got it all together, they loved it, and then, my work began. 

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I like the cast of Alec Knight, Chanel Preston, Jodi Taylor, Luna Star, Evan Stone, Tommy Pistol, and others in this film. Could you describe how pleased you were with their amazing performances?

They all were amazing actors and actresses! (Most of why I picked them aside from being hot and great performers) I was so pleased with everything. It was a difficult script and they all nailed it.
How did it feel to play the main villain in Cape Fear XXX since in the mainstream versions it was played by male actors Robert Mitchum and Robert DeNiro? You must be pretty creepy right?
It was really cool. The role was challenging...to maintain the southern drawl and the creepiness. I am still a girl with a high pitched voice eventhough I look bad ass, I don't always sound it. So I worked hard to keep that bad ass appeal. 
Since having won AVN Female Performer of the Year in January, your career has definitely gotten more busier and with more responsibility. Could you describe how you felt when your name was called that night for this award?
The way I felt was overwhelming. It was a really special feeling and I am still so honored to have the title. I work so hard and it's a really great feeling for it to be recognized in such a way.
How did you begin in the adult industry?
I was a dancer and did pin up modeling then started in fetish and then moved to hardcore porn after shooting a couple of scenes.
I know that your fans adore you. They must get pretty excited when they meet you. How do you feel when you meet them? Are there any very memorable moments that stick in your mind when you and a fan met?
Absolutely. Too many to count. I love meeting people. I am constantly on the road representing my toy line with Pipedream and feature dancing so I have a lot of opportunities to do so.
Do you think by winning AVN Female Performer of the Year that a lot of tattoos on female performers are becoming more acceptable with the fans? You are a good role model.
I think it has had a little influence on that. I think it made the "mainstream" porn community find comfort in hiring talent with tattoos. 
Many adult performers love animals. Do you have any pets?
I have a cat. His name is Gallagher. And he is a rescue.
What makes a woman sexy? What traits of a woman do you admire?
The smell and attitude of a woman are very important to me. 
What makes a man sexy? What traits of a man do you admire?
Teeth, eyes, and a big back and chest...... Yummy!
What are your hobbies and interests?
I love traveling, music, shooting, dancing, hiking, beaches, and I love food. 
I have always felt that tattoos are a state of mind and being. It's a shame that many people get distracted by the ink and are unable to focus on the beauty of it as well as the woman who is wearing it. Why do you think that tattoos have become so popular nowadays?
I think tattoos have been taboo for so long the world has started to accept them because we are in a mood to rebel and be different. I hate that too.
What is your shoe size?
Size 8. 
What surprised you the most about the adult industry when you first started?
The ability to grow and make it more of a career if you want it to. 
Are there any websites, programs, or any other things that you would like to promote?

My website is relaunching soon !


My toy line is out now 

I am dancing all over so check my schedule on twitter 


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