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Kelli Lox interview

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My impression of Kelli Lox is that she is a free-spirited woman who can rock out by playing her own music. I'd say she is the tranny version of Stevie Nicks. I am so glad that more people will be exposed to her in the most anticipated transsexual release of the year, The Tranny Chaser 2: Confessions of a Poolboy.
Hi Kelli, it's a pleasure to interview you. I enjoy your performances a whole lot. How was your experience in the film The Tranny Chaser 2?  Did you feel any added pressure since the first film was so successful?
Aw, thank you! Working on Tranny Chaser 2 was a great experience. Buddy Wood is so fun to work with, and I really enjoyed the character I was playing. I actually had no idea the first one was so successful - good thing, or else I probably would have been more nervous!
How did you begin in the adult industry?
Well, I used to model in college, for art classes. I would get paid to hold poses in various drawing classes. A few years after I moved to the Bay Area, I realized that I missed it. So, I made a modeling profile online. That's when I started doing photo and video shoots. After a few months, some of the gigs were definitely starting to get X-rated, so that's when the name Kelli Lox sprang into the adult industry. 
I like that you are from the Bay Area. I live in Northern California too. When I was a kid, I loved going to the San Francisco Zoo and Bodega Bay. What are some of the reasons that you love this area?
I like how it doesn't get too hot or too cold here... like, ever. And we always have that wind coming off the Pacific Ocean. There's also really great places to eat, lots of plays and concerts, and dance parties etc. to go to. And it's fun and safe to be queer or somehow gender-nonconformative, relative to other places, at least. I think it would be hard to live anywhere else after living here in the Bay Area. I'm basically spoiled because it seems we have access here to all of the best things in life.
How does it feel to meet your fans? Have you ever been recognized in public?
I love meeting fans. I've partied with fans. Yes, a few times someone has recognized me in public. Each time it was super cool!
What has been your most memorable on-screen performance?
On Rogue Adventures 38. My first hard core scene ever. It was super hot. The scene was with John Magnum, by Joey Silvera. It was exciting and fun and my hair and makeup looked really good in that scene!
In your personal life, do you like to date guys, girls, or both?
I date both girls and guys, and in between or whatever. Basically, if you're cute and really nice to me, i'll probably fuck you lol.
What makes a man sexy? What makes a woman sexy?
At the end of the day, the characteristics that make *anyone* sexy are probably: compassionate, affectionate, and stylish, with a vigorous sense of humor.
What are your hobbies and interests?
I like music and drawing. I play soccer sometimes at the park. I was super bummed when I moved recently and I drove by my old house and they had ripped the mulberry trees out. I had planted 4 mulberry trees and they had grown up really nicely and they just ripped them out. Up until that happened, I was into growing mulberry trees.
I am impressed that you are musically-inclined? What instruments can you play? Is your family quite musically talented?
I can sing, write, play piano, guitar, and drums. Recently, I've been messing around and making music on the computer. It's on my soundcloud.com/kelli_lox page.  Yes, lol everyone in my family sings and plays some kind of instrument. And I've been in lots of bands. The last time I was in a band was a ska-funk band, in which I played drums at first, and then keyboards later. But now, who has time to be in bands? lol. Well, I miss being in a band. Let's start a band!     
Many adult performers love animals. Do you have any pets?
No, I don't have any pets right now. I like dogs, but I travel too much to have a dog. If I could have any dog I want, it would be a Norwegian Elkhound mixed with a black Long-Nose Chow-Chow or white Samoyed.
At what age did you first know that you wanted to be a transgender?
I always knew I was supposed to be a girl. But, it wasn't until several years ago, when I moved to the Bay Area, that I felt brave enough to actually transition. I never wanted to be transgender, though. I wanted to be female. And now, I am.
How were you as a kid?
I was always in trouble !!  hahaha
Are there any websites, programs, or any other things that you would like to promote?
Thanks so much for the interview, George. To the readers out there, make sure you're following me on twitter !! I also make music and silly videos and stuff too. So, check it out !!  kisses xoxoxoxox ~kelli
Interview by Apache Warrior

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