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Nicki Hunter interview

Courtesy of Kink
It is great that Nicki Hunter has her own Vivid Radio show since this talented adult radio personality knows how to keep her listeners' attention and get them calling in. Her new taboo themed program will expose their "forbidden" fantasies and bring them out into the open. Since I love taboo material, Nicki's show "Mission Sex Possible" is going to be a routine activity on Wednesdays for me. I may even call in and surprise her. You should too.
Hi Nicki, it's a pleasure to interview you. I am so pleased that you have your own Vivid radio show on Sirius XM. How did Vivid approach you in offering you your own show? What do you want your show to offer to your listeners?
Vivid and I have had a long standing friendship and mutually beneficial working relationship for many years. The people at Vivid Radio are veterans in the adult radio world and are committed to bringing the sexiest radio to their listeners. I have had multiple shows in my previous years on various platforms, so when I expressed interest in joining the Vivid Radio lineup, we found something that would work for all of us. I'm now committed to Wednesdays at 5pm PST on www.vividradio.com, the SiriiusXM app and channel 791. I am overjoyed at returning to sexy radio.
My show is about random topics that push the limits. It's called "Mission Sex Possible: The Hunter Zone" and I am Special Anal Agent Nicki Hunter. Together, my listeners and I will dive deep into what's sexy, taboo, and where only the sexually brave dare to tread. So far we have talked about the true love of the ass and anal play, the fantasy of playing with the step-relatives, the best tits that were ever born or created, and about sex in the back seat of the car... And getting caught! Anything goes... Including virginities.
You are a natural on radio. What did you learn from your previous radio experiences that has made you into the very good radio host today?
Well, thank you for that compliment! I draw from all my experiences really. I learned timing, pacing, content, and how to delectably describe things from my mentor and partner in crime for many years, Christy Canyon. I learned vocal presence using inflections and host stylings from Guy Capo and the infamous Wankus of KSEX Radio and RudeTV. Time and practice and watching all of the greats on sex radio has made me who I am today.
You are a very good singer. Your performance in The Rocki Whore Picture Show was amazing. Did you sing when you were a kid? I know you love karaoke nowadays.
I love to sing! I was in a children's choir at 3 years of age. I've been singing all my life and even was trained classically. I host karaoke at Sardos every Tuesday night in Burbank now. I love the people and the fun atmosphere. Such a blast!
How do you feel when you meet your fans? Are there any very memorable moments that stick in your mind when you and a fan met?
I feel so blessed when I meet my fans. I love getting to know them and finding ways to make their day. Sometimes all it takes is a kiss on the cheek, a tequila body shot from my boobs, or letting them rub my feet.  Lol.
Oh geez... Memorable moments??? So many! I dunno. I like the shy guys. I also like receiving gifts. Chocolates. Roses. Paddles, whips and chains. You know. The usual stuff.
What have been your most memorable on screen performances?
Laughing hysterically with Randy Spears as we were making a spoof porn. We could barely get through the sex scene. It was so fucking funny! Off the wall, kooky, and totally bad acting, I will remember that scene for the rest of my life. My abs hurt afterwards we were laughing so hard. I love sets like that. I just want to have fun really.
In 2007, you were diagnosed with leukemia. How is your health now?
Btw, my health is fine! I'm in remission and am blessed to be living a healthy and fruitful life with an amazing family and am pursuing my dreams while making this world a better place. I couldn't ask for more.
I have always been someone who believes that most male performers get a bum wrap since they do not receive the proper recognition that they deserve. As you already know, it is not easy for a guy to be a reliable sex performer. It is hard work. Could you name a few of your favorite male partners who you have worked with in the past?
Randy Spears, Evan Stone, Sean Michaels, Dane Cross, Lee Stone, Chris Slater, Christian, Tommy Gunn, just to name a few. With over 2,000 scenes under my belt, that's a lot of guys. Sorry to those other 1,000 I didn't mention.
What makes a man sexy? What makes a woman sexy?
Men: Stop trying to prove your cool shit. Also, stop trying to pretend not to care. Be you. Confidence is sexy. So is knowledge. A woman wants to trust that she is taken care of on all levels. Make love with your whole body. That includes your heart. And always let her cum first. Unless it takes her forever. Then, just cum.
Women: STOP PLAYING GAMES! Guys are simple and want few things. 1) food. So learn how to cook. That's sexy. & 2) entertainment. That includes sex. Which is bonding for us, but in the entertainment category for them. Keep the boys occupied with cars, gadgets, sports, and as always, be good in the bedroom. Learn how to talk about those things too. Now THAT'S sexy!
Courtesy of Miles Long Photograpy
What are your hobbies and interests? 
Horses, gardening, cooking, travel, my leadership programs, outdoorsy stuff, being with my family more than anything else. I love roller coasters, eating great food, and experiencing life! I also love fire, so give me a campfire any day!
What is your opinion on AB 1576 (the mandatory condom bill) being defeated at the State Capitol?  
Tell the government to stay out of governing our industry. Stop pretending to care for our well being when we all know it's about money in the end. I honestly don't know much about what's going on anymore. Just got sick of the bullshit.
Courtesy of Kink
Many adult performers love animals. Do you have any pets?
Do I have pets? Ha! I used to have a ton of pets! I'm down to a normal household now with two dogs, a mini dachshund, and a mini dachshund mix, and a 9 foot red tail boa.
I know that you enjoy cosplay fun. What is it about cosplay that makes it so fun for you?
I get to be a superhero for a day! Woooooo!!!
How were you as a kid?
A total tomboy, but I loved long dresses and long hair. So deep inside, I wanted to be a Sleeping Beauty type princess, but outwardly, I wanted to fight dragons and travel the exotic places of the world!
Are there any websites, programs, or any other things that you would like to promote? 
Twitter... @nickihunter. Sardos... Tues night PornStar Karaoke on Pass Ave in Burbank. Come sing with me! And if you want to change your life, ask me about a program that will support you in asking the right questions to get what you want in this life!
Thank you for the opportunity to answer these questions. I pray you have a beautiful day and a blessed life!
Interview by Apache Warrior 

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