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Mistress Dee Severe interview

I and many of her fans enjoy watching Dee Severe in control. You know that she is in her element in that role. It's a big reason why this sexy woman is a great Mistress. Mistress Dee loves it. Currently, her newest film "Treacherous" from her successful production company Severe Society Films is available now. This collaborative effort with her friend Aiden Starr will be nominated for Best BDSM Release. It is the best movie that Dee, Jimmy Broadway, and her kinky pals ever made.   
Hi Dee, you and Aiden Starr wrote, directed, and produced the film "Treacherous" and it is going to be one of the main contenders for Best BDSM Release this year. How did the concept and storyline of this film develop?

I originally got the idea after Measure B passed, that whole disaster reminded me of the porn classic Café Flesh so I had this vision of a modern take – sex is outlawed and people gather at an underground club to witness freaky sex acts.  I am also a big fan of Kink.com’s Public Disgrace site and have always wanted to do a gender reversal of that – a guy getting abused and degraded by a bunch of women, and I had the perfect guy for it, Slut Bottom Chris.  (That came to fruition in Treacherous’ “ladies’ lunch gangbang” scene).  When Aiden came on board, she developed the plot line of the club’s owner and managers in a power struggle, and wrote the script outline.

The cast in this film is an all-star stellar one. I am so impressed by it. Could you tell us why Aiden Starr, Caroline Pierce, Dana Dearmond, Nikki Darling, and Kiki Daire are so good in this genre?

Aiden is a GREAT Dominatrix, she has advanced skills and attitude (and awesome boobs). She’s the total package.  Dana DeArmond is just so witty, and her turn as the latex nun in the strap-on gangbang scene gave it another, kind of humorous dimension. Which was awesome because the action was often really brutal. Nikki Darling is so gorgeous and edgy and was the focal point of the big “BDSM orgy” scene, both as a sub to Tim Woodman and hot boy/girl with Mickey Mod.  We’ve worked with both Caroline Pierce and Kiki D’Aire a number of times before and they also are great at that crossover – they can go kinky and they can go mainstream porn, which is perfect for our “kinky sex” approach.   

The same can be said for Jimmy Broadway and Mickey Mod, from the question below.  It’s hard to find guys who can pull off an authentic fetish scene AND a well-timed cum shot, they’re really pros. Tim Woodman is one of the few male Doms we use regularly – we’re more of a FemDom studio --  because he has great BDSM skills. And Chris’s butt is just a national treasure – he’s made it his mission to be the most extreme anal performer out there, and he succeeds.

Could you tell us why Tim Woodman, Slut Bottom Chris, Mickey Mod, and Jimmy Broadway are so good this genre?  (Answered above.)

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The ability to handle a lot of pain must be a big factor in being a very good BDSM performer right? 

It helps, but there are a lot of other factors, too.  For work on camera (as opposed to lifestyle BDSM) you need to be able to act, too.  Make the audience believe you really are helpless and humiliated.  (Since we like to hire performers who really are kinky, this is harder than it looks. One of my most frequent lines as a director is, “okay, pretend you don’t like this."
When did you first meet Aiden Starr? What did you think of her?
I first met Aiden when she was a production manager for David Aaron Clark’s “Pure,” for which Jimmy Broadway did lights and I got recruited to be an extra in the fetish gallery scene.  I thought she was really nice and well organized – and then I met her again at an AVN party when she was all dolled up and it was like, damn, she’s nice and organized and really fucking hot too.

Your on-screen persona is of a sexy yet wicked BDSM Mistress. When did you first learn that you enjoyed watching and participating in BDSM activities? What is it about being a Mistress that makes it so much fun for you?

I always had a dark sensibility.  When other little girls had their favorite Disney princess, my favorite character was Maleficent.  She wore black!  She lived in a castle and had minions and power.  I thought she was awesome.  And starting in my teens, my sexual fantasies always had a power exchange quality to them.  I dabbled around in BDSM in my early 20s, but then I had a vanilla marriage that didn’t last.  When I got divorced and moved to L.A., I decided I was going to “come out” as a kinky person.  Best decision I ever made.  I think I’m hard wired to be kinky, it’s just what I am, and it’s the core of my sexuality.

What qualities does one need to be a very good Mistress?

In a pro Domme dungeon setting: Technical skill (whipping, bondage etc. require education and practice), confidence, and the ability to read your submissive psychologically, to be able to control their journey into subspace.  On film, add the ability to make the audience understand the above.  And looking great in latex doesn’t hurt. 

What qualities does one need to be a very good submissive?

Dungeon: To not “top from the bottom” and to not be obnoxious and pushy. And to tip well.  (On film, covered in above question about BDSM performers.)

I also like that you add fetish and kink play especially role playing into your films. Could you define what fetish and kink are to you? As for role playing, do you think that it's an important thing that real couples need to use in their own relationships?

Your fetish is anything that is the real hot button that gets you off. And it doesn’t have to be super out of the ordinary. For instance, guys who are into big boobs have a boob fetish. If sex isn’t as good when [your hot button whatever it is] is absent, that’s your fetish. For some people that’s more important than for others. For me, if sex doesn’t have a BDSM element, there’s definitely something missing. As for role play, it’s a great way of spicing up your relationship if you’re an open-minded, adventurous couple.


How did you get into the industry?

Kind of by accident. Jimmy and I were in a non-adult short film collective, everybody crewed on each others’ projects and shared equipment and resources. So were getting a lot of filmmaking experience. In the meantime, I was trying to break in as a mainstream screenwriter and getting really frustrated – your script gets optioned, you’re happy – and then you have to rewrite it like 2,751 times until you can’t stand it any more. And then your producer’s deal falls apart and you have to start all over. So at one point we needed extra cash so I got a part time job as a dominatrix. Turned out the dungeon owner wanted to get into the industry, had made a couple movies he wasn’t happy with, so we took that over, and learned all about fetish porn (and running Clips4Sale stores) on someone else’s nickel. 2 years later, we went out on our own.

Your production company Severe Society Films is one of the most successful and respected organizations in the industry especially as you deal with BDSM work. When and how was your company created?

Thank you, that’s so nice. We originally created the company while we were still working for the dungeon, Passive Arts, but were having a lot of creative differences with our boss and were taking steps to go out on our own. We also were still doing mainstream work – Jimmy in production, I was still freelancing as a writer – and we wanted to keep our fetish entity and mainstream entity separate.

Of course, Jimmy Broadway is a vital part of Severe Society Films. How did you meet him? Was it love at first sight?

I met Jimmy through Alt.com almost 16 years ago. And yes, it was love at first sight for both of us. He showed up with a rose for me and rawhide bones for my dogs and we’ve been together ever since. Literally. Moved in together 6 months later and got legally married a couple of years after that.

Could you say something about yourself that people may be surprised about if they saw you during a regular day without all of the BDSM stuff going on?

We have 4 rescued dogs including one who has a Twitter account @LittleDudeClyde ; and are advocates for animal rescue and animal rights.

Are there any industry people (actors, actresses) who you have not had the opportunity to work with yet and want to very badly and why?

There are many. We rent out our studio to other productions and I get the opportunity to meet a lot of talent. I wish we had worked with Bonnie Rotten while we could still afford her; she’s amazing. She shot her directorial debut in our studio and I was so impressed with her energy and how hard she worked, and how passionate she was about everything. I definitely want to work with Tommy Pistol, who’s a really, really good actor, Veruca James, so hot and such a genuinely kinky girl, and Skin Diamond, who’s gorgeous and has such an awesome attitude, really professional, and always in a good mood. And Dahlia Sky because she’s so pretty and looks a lot like Kaley Cuoco and I’m a huge Big Bang Theory fan.

What are your hobbies and interests?

Honestly, I don’t have a lot of spare time. Most of the time I am directing, editing film, authoring DVDs, doing DVD cover graphics, planning shoots and managing our Clips4Sale stores. And walking our dogs and driving them to doggie day care. I do like to play pool, go to the gym, and play computer Risk.  Every once in a while, Jimmy and I go to a non-porn movie or a fetish party.  That’s about it, we’re pretty much workaholics.
Going back to relationships, I would like to know if any of your fans have thanked you for fulfilling their own lives by watching your films and thus, incorporating the BDSM and fetish lifestyle into their own lives? What does that mean to you when you hear that you have been a big influence in their lives?

I don’t know that we’re a BIG influence, but I think it makes kinky people feel better to know that there are other kinky people out there who understand them and share their sexuality. Most of the comments we get are from guys who are jealous of the performers in our strap-on videos and wish they could be the ones getting pegged. So it’s great to know that they’re able to see their ultimate fantasies in our films.

Interview by Apache Warrior


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