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Anikka Albrite interview

It seems that Anikka has always been a natural whether it's her singing talents, her athleticism, and even her beauty. It's great that others and even herself have noticed them too. If she has a baby, her bundle of joy will be able to listen to her sweet lullaby voice while falling fast asleep in her warm and cozy arms. But, before that happens, Anikka still has a lot of porn stuff to thrill her fans to. She never rests on her past and is always looking forward to the future. This all-around smart performer is part of this generation's all-stars.    
Hi Anikka, you have had an amazing 2014. No doubt that you will garner a lot of award nominations later this year. Later this month your film "Anikka 2" will be released. As in "Anikka," you continue to fulfill "firsts." In "Anikka 2," you perform your first interracial anal and first double penetration scenes. Why did you decide to perform those now?
Thank you. I definitely had a lot of fun this year with shooting! I felt that the time was right to do those two scenes. It's something I felt in my heart; just like when I decided to do my first anal last year. I have been wanting to do my first IR anal and first double penetration for a long time, but it didn't feel like the right time yet. I am glad I did both of them in this movie. I loved every minute of both experiences!
Why is Mason an amazing director?
Mason is so amazing because she celebrates womens' sexuality. She doesn't view it as degrading or objectification. She's completely real about sex, and strives to capture the real passion between performers. She gets really enthusiastic when filming, and it shows. Mason is always trying to excel further, and improve herself as a director. She pushes the performers to do and be their absolute best. She really cares, and that's why her work is always quality.
As you continue to raise the "firsts" level of your gonzo performances, are you trying to be the gonzo queen of porn? 
I'm not trying to be the gonzo queen of porn. I just want to be my best self. My view on life is, there is no point in living if you don't continually improve yourself and seek knowledge on how to be a better "you". Life is about learning, & about living. So, live life to the fullest and be the best you can be.
Another noteworthy role that you had this year was being Sleeping Beauty in Sleeping Beauty XXX. How did it feel being that iconic character?
Being a part of Sleeping Beauty XXX was a wonderful experience! I loved playing the role of my favorite childhood fairytale princess! I really liked the dark twist to Sleeping Beauty XXX as well!

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How was it working for Axel Braun?
Axel is a brilliant director who I truly admire and respect. It was a tremendous honor working for him in this movie!
My favorite role of yours was in OMG...It's the Leaving Las Vegas XXX Parody. That film was pretty emotional at times. How nervous were you in wanting to not disappoint anyone in that role?
I was hoping I could convey a convincing character. I love having roles in movies that challenge me to go outside of myself and dig deep. It's an opportunity to grow as an actress.
How was it like acting and performing with Tommy Pistol?
Tommy Pistol is an extremely talented actor and so much fun to work with! He is so convincing with his character, that it is easy to let go completely and be my character as well.
How long have you been in the industry? How did you get started in it?
I have been in the industry for almost 3 years now. I had considered going into the industry for a few years before I made the jump. It wasn't until after a job change and I realized I wanted to save up for my advanced degree, that I realized it was a sign to join the adult industry. You only live once, right? I wanted to live in the now, do what I'm very passionate about, and save up money for my advanced degree. I'm glad I made the decision to get into the adult industry! Porn is a great avenue for me to be able to express myself and be accepted for who I am and what I love! 

What has been your most pleasurable moment so far?
I have so many favorite moments that I have experienced in this industry. I would have to say the most recent pleasurable moment though was my first double penetration scene with Mick Blue and Erik Everhard. The only way to describe that pleasure was that it was out of this world, overwhelmingly, powerful. It was such a beautiful experience! I don't think I have ever experienced something so pleasurable! I wish I could have it more!
What has been the biggest surprise for you about the adult industry since you have started?
I didn't think I would find love or find true friendship in this industry. I am so happy to say that I have found the truest friend I have ever had, and on top of that the most decent and loving man I have ever met! It's ironic; I found two of the best human beings in the whole universe...in an industry that many perceive as corrupt and unkind. I found my best friend Riley, and my husband Mick.
How were you as a kid?
I loved the outdoors, and my Mom raised me to know everything about the surrounding wildlife. That's where my passion for Science began. I was fascinated with looking at encyclopedias and books on human anatomy as a child. As I grew older, that fascination grew into a sexual fascination for the human body. I was very shy, and always in my own fantasy world. I dreamed of traveling to faraway worlds and being a part of other cultures. I was always a free-spirit. I loved music; I started playing the flute at age 10, and I was a part of a traveling girls chorus. We would sing all over the State at different events. I also loved sports. I started playing basketball at age 6, and I played on boys basketball teams. My parents believed it would make me tough, and it did; I grew a reputation for being really strong with defense. I also played volleyball, and ran in track and field.
What is your shoe size?
My shoe size is a 7.5. Sometimes it is an 8 with sneakers, but when it comes to high heels and boots, it's a 7.5.
You are so beautiful. What part of your body is your favorite and why?
Thank you. I like everything about my body. I don't mean to come across as conceited. It's just that before I came into the adult industry, I had a bad self-image. I thought my breasts were too small and I wanted to get implants. I thought my butt was too big and was always trying to lose weight. I thought my pussy lips were too big and wanted to get labiaplasty to shorten them. I didn't feel comfortable going out without makeup on. Once I joined the adult industry, I learned to appreciate myself more and be proud of who I am. I love my natural medium size breasts! I love my longer labia, and found they provide more sexual pleasure to my partners as well because there's more to play with. I love my butt and curves, and found many people love them too! I love my natural look now and love not having to wear makeup everywhere!
Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote? What are you currently working on film wise?
Please check out my movie "Anikka 2"! I'm really proud of it and enjoyed making every single memory of it! People can find me on Twitter @AnikkaAlbrite and Facebook atfacebook.com/teamanikkaalbrite, as well as on Instagram @alotofbritesmiles
Interview by Apache Warrior

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