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Dale DaBone interview

Dale DaBone is a stud. He plays in a rock band, performed stunts in biker films, portrayed Elvis and Batman on film, and got to fuck some of the most gorgeous women in adult history. I miss seeing him in porn. But, I admire the fact that he has found true love and left the industry despite still being in high demand. It's a pity that all those new younger and older porn starlets will never get the satisfaction of getting boned by this Hall of Famer.
Hi Dale, one of your talents that I admire most is your musical one. Were you musically talented as a child?
Yes, my real father was a great musician, and he toured all over the East Coast. He could play any instrument, and could sing like Elvis. Before he recently died, my dad had been an Elvis impersonator for the past 20 years, doing shows all over. I learned to play drums, guitar and piano, but it's the drums that I play the best. I have played in bands my whole life. I currently play in an 80's metal tribute show, and a Van Halen tribute act.
How did you learn to play the drums?
I was self taught on the drums growing up. I learned by watching Kiss and Van Halen videos. I would just mimic what i saw Peter Criss and Alex Van Halen do. In high school, I was captain of the drum line and I played quads. I got some good teaching from a great talented drummer, Geoff Griffen. My first real rock drumming teacher was Brian Smith from Greensboro. When I moved to Cali, Ray Luzuir (drummer for Korn) became my instructor, and close friend...playing drums and other instruments always just came naturally to me.
You starred as Elvis Presley in Elvis XXX A Porn Parody. How was that experience being able to portray the King of Rock and Roll?
As I said before, there king was always big in my family. Even my birthday is the same as Elvis...to this day, I can still watch that live concert, Aloha from Hawaii and get very emotional...Elvis was the greatest ever. I loved trying to copy all his moves and voice for this movie. Axel and I made sure it was all perfect.
Another iconic person you portrayed on film was Batman. How did it feel wearing the Bat Suit and acting as the Caped Crusader? You and the film looked amazingly like the television series
Batman was my big comeback movie. I had no idea it was going to be so huge. I knew I wanted to nail the part down, as did all the cast members. But the reaction I got from all the Batman fans out there was amazing. They all said I nailed it to a T. Even non porn fans loved me as Batman. Axel wants me to do Batman II...ya never know;) I really had no idea how much that movie blew up my comeback and made it such a huge success. Thank you Axel Braun, and all who were in the movie. They all made me be such a better actor on that flick.
You have a very cool tribute band. How was the band formed?
I was playing a show in Daytona for Bike Week...huge crowd, really big 80's metal show. As I walked to my drums from behind the stage, Jette Decker, the singer for the Trans Ams yelled out, hey!! DALE DABONE!!! whats up!!! he was a big fan and asked me to hop on stage with his band after I did my set. After that, he asked me to join...BOOM!!!! Now we play all over the East Coast.
I know that you are one of the nicest guys in the industry. How were able to stay a good person throughout your career?
Well, I am not always nice. I do try to be, but I have been known to have a really bad, and short temper. I am allergic to bullshit and there is a lot of it in porn. Let's just say, I try to keep a handle on it, but many folks can tell ya stories about when I didn't!! Just ask Evan Stone or Seth Gamble...they have many.
Why have you stopped performing in adult films?
Wow...great question....I met a woman who really wanted me to stop and live a normal life. It's tough but I am doing my best at it. Knowing huge movies and big paychecks are still out there waiting on me is a tough pill to swallow. But her and I make the best of it...although Axel has made it really tough to say no to coming back to do Batman II.
What makes a woman sexy? What traits do you admire in a woman?
I can find something hot and sexy about any woman even one others would find as ugly, but I do like dark hair, dark eyes, and a nice big fat ass is what I really like...big fake tits, I like as well...BUT, small boobs can be hot as well..sexy nipples are a must!! NO flat asses tho! and NO skinny, rail chicks...eat woman!!!...as far as my fetish type woman, I like, bodybuilder chicks with muscles are damn hot...AND TATTED UP WOMEN!!!! love huge tattoo's.
What are your feelings towards your fans? 
Fans are why we do it. I could care less about the sex scenes and all that bs. When a fan walks up and is really just happy and amazed they are talking to me, it makes me feel on top of the world. That's why I love being onstage. You get to see the people getting off on what it is you are doing. Fans are why guys like me like to be a good showman.
Who have been some of your favorite female partners throughout your career?
Janine, Jill Kelly, Sydney Steele, Savanna Sampson, Tori Black, Inari Vachs...I'm sure that I am forgetting a few, but they stand out the most. I wish I could have worked with all the women from the 80's and 90's porn scene. They were WOMEN! and they looked hot as fuck. I am not big on the teenager craze that's in the biz now. All they can converse about is weed and Playstation.
You are a big supporter of Hot Rawks. How did you first find out about this product and why should people use it to better their love lives?
Hotrawks is the supplement that got me through ALL my scenes...made me shredded in the gym as well. It is an all organic pill that shoots your sex drive and testosterone through the roof. So many scenes where I was just not into the girl I was working with...Hotrawks fixed all that!! Made me a machine and my popshots were huge because of it!! Go to hotrawks.com to order some..trust me, you will love it.
How did you get into the adult industry?
I was actually discovered by Adam and Eve in Greensboro, nc. They signed me to a huge contract The only male performer with a contract when I first started. People hated me when I first got onto sets..."you have not done shit and you get a contract? I have been in this biz for years! Fuck you!", they would tell me...oh well, they all soon got over it I guess.
How were you as a kid?
As a kid, I wanted to be a rock star. If there was a stage, I'd get on it. If there was not one, I would build one and get on it. My family called me, "hotdog"...enough said.
What are your hobbies and interests?
Everyone knows that I coached pro tennis on the ATP tour, and I toured the world with Team No Limit as a motorcycle stunt rider. Jason Britton and I did all the stunts in the movies Torque, and Biker Boyz...I have always been a thrill seeker.
Do you have any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote? What are you currently working on film wise?
Just stated my new twitter, @REALDaleDaBone and I need followers!! my old one had over 15,000...starred in a mainstream horror film, Sleep Walkers, coming out soon..check the youtube trailer out. Ya never know what may be on the horizon tho. The big thing I am promoting is hotrawks.com... go order some today!! You will get shredded in the gym, and be a god in the bedroom with these pills folks!!!
Interview by Apache Warrior

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